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it's that time of year

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Friday, July 17, 2009

renny's arrival

renny arrived safe and sound on tuesday afternoon around 2:30.

brad, esther, and grace drove up with the trailer and "renny."

all at once we were living another one of our
dreams...having a horse of our own in our field.

as soon as renny got used to his new surroundings...riding ensued.

somehow in the excitement of bringing renny, abbey's saddle was left
behind but bareback will do for now.

you see renny is the ideal horse...sweet natured...laid back...well adjusted...

...all around a wonderful horse.

everyone wanted a turn.

grace has grown up around horses and all kinds of
animals...she is quite comfortable with them.

if only you could hear this little sweetie talking...she is articulate and
"unfallible" which is what she said in her own words.

what she meant was' infallible ' but come on she is only two.

It is something that cannot be proved false.
It is something that can be safely relied on.
It is something completely trustworthy and sure.

this is could be a very accurate statement of her.

she is our precious little granddaughter...who is a sheer joy to have around.

i wish they lived closer.

abbey was willingly taking her around.
see what i mean by comfortable...
we took a shade break and let renny eat some grass/clover on the
other side of the wildflower meadow.

big sis, esther is telling little sis, abbey all kinds of horse secrets.
there is always a flurry of activity around here...gwyne
was taking grace for a ride on the 4~wheeler.
ellery had been patiently waiting for her turn( with this question every
few minutes)..."marmee can i ride renny."
next came gywne's turn...
then jesse...
then ellery again...renny is not going to lack attention around here.

finally as the sun was going down the two big sisters rode
together...esther and rachel.
wow did that bring back memories of two little girls doing all kinds of
things grown with their own families.
we had another arrival...i hesitate to say...but we have another puppy.
i don't want you to think i am crazy...oh might be inevitable.
everyone meet..............."lylah"
while i was in florida this past may...these sweet little puppies captured
my heart...i was going to get one for jesse but they all got sold. so i said
it wasn't meant to be...besides we already have 4 dogs.
who needs another dog...c'est la vive (such is life).
a young couple from n.c. who adopted this puppy were
somewhat overwhelmed by the needs of delilah, the aussie puppy.
they wanted to know if they could return her. esther took her back.
as she was preparing to bring renny up here...we were having many
phone calls and emails she told me the story about delilah.
in esther's words...this is the best one in the litter and
very laid back...those are the words i like to hear.
so of course i had to ask dh...poor thing i am an animal are
most of my children. this is something jesse has been asking for
for a long have a dog of his own...the time is right and the right dog is here.

lilah spelled lylah is jesse's dog and is already bonding to him well.
she fits right in with the rest of the herd...dogs and people and of course with renny.
post script: grace and esther took a kitty home, heidi ella was the name grace chose for her.


Darla said...

How wonderful for your family. Never a dull moment around your place. What a pretty horse and new puppy!!

Anonymous said...

I was checking your blog daily since Renny left and hoping to see some photos and get some news. I did eventually call Brad's cell on Thurs. afternoon, but he just said things went "fine". Most men are not very descriptive....ha ha.
So glad that Renny was welcomed with so many loving open arms! I think he will be spoiled and loved daily with lots of kisses and hugs. Everyone looks wonderful in the photos and so happy including that sweet puppy! Thanks for giving Renny a loving home away from the allergens in Florida! Please feel free to call or email for anything in regards to him and I will look forward to more photos and news!

Lola said...

What a wonderful family. What wonderful animals. All loved very much.

Meems said...

Oh, that Renny is a beaut! So perfect in your field and on your farm... she just fits... just right. Everyone had a blast taking turns on her I know. It's been a busy summer for you all!

I'm not even going to say anything about another new dog. :-) Well, maybe just a few words... I could just as easily have fallen for those adorable pups when I saw them first born. I'm just too practical and talk myself right out of one. Besides I think you got every whimsical and fanciful gene in the family. LOL At least you have plenty of room for all the people AND the animals.
Hugs to everyone... Meems

Me said...

just found your wonderful blog
the pictures are gorgeous
Gr. Anna

ShySongbird said...

The more I see and hear of your delightful family Marmee the more I fall in love with all of you. I'm so glad Renny arrived safely and I hope that he and your other new arrival ;) will soon settle into their lovely new home. There will certainly be no shortage of loving hands and hearts to care for them. Do you remember the Waltons?..... ;)

Susan said...

What a lovely blog...I enjoyed being here- Ill be back!

Gail said...

Good news and a wonderful story Marmee...I imagine both Abbey and Jesse wake up and go to sleep each day filled with joy and thanks. gail

Cheryl said...

Dear is not good, I have to come and live next door. You and I would get on so well.

I am loving all the animals and children that all fit together like hand and glove.

It gives me such a warm glow, families are so important and often they are forgotten. Not in Marmee's house......

A beautiful post....tku for sharing......

marmee said...


we are always brimming with excitement around here.
both horse and puppy are doing so well.

marmee said...

dear karen,

i was trying so hard to post earlier but it was just so hectic with all the new adjustments and life comes first, blogging comes down the line somewhere.
i know what you mean when you ask a man to tell you what happened, or what someone else said, or how it went. it sorta eeeks out over time or not at all. lol.
renny is doing so well and no allergies so far. yipee! everyone around here is so happy he is here. my dh(darling hubby) seems to have taken a real liking to him and is out there every morning with him.
abbey should get her saddle today(it got left in the excitement of bringing him up here.) she will be so glad to ride with it.
we so appreciate you being so generous and letting us be the new owners of such a great horse. what a perfect first horse for abbey. we are going to be making so many wonderful memories with him. thank you karen.

marmee said...


i am humbled by your sweet words. thank you.

marmee said...


renny is like an old member of the family. he was just right to be added here. this summer has been nonstop...i can't believe it is so close to school starting again. i will only have one in school...that in itself is amazing.
those puppies were so adorable and beautiful...i thought i was glad they were all sold....until lylah became available again. she is doing very well considering she is the bottom of the pack. but it is a really cool thing to watch everyone take their place. beatrice and her are best buds. i thought beatrice was the most laid back puppy ever...well she has come to life with lylah. they play nonstop...which is the end of the day they are both worn out. that is my kind of puppy.
we are having a blast with all the creatures around it's
time for sheep...shhhh!

marmee said...


i am happy you came to visit "things i love."
you are most welcomed here.

marmee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
marmee said...


that's funny you should mention the walton's...recently we had an a/c repairman here and he was saying the same thing. i had never thought of it. we might be a far cry from that family. still i appreicate the sentiment...i used to love watching them.
we are certainly teaming with life around here. soon the kittens will all go to their new homes so that will make a difference. but i love it. i would like to add some farm animals too.
i am so honoured for you to have found my blog and love it the way you do.
happiest of summer days to you.

marmee said...


so glad you found "things i love." you are welcomed here anytime.

marmee said...


we are certainly in gratitude around here for having found so many wonderful animal friends. it is like a giant puzzle with all the right pieces just fitting in perfectly. (i guess i would have to say one of those puzzles with hundreds of pieces.)
both abbey and jesse are enjoying their newest companions. beatrice has found her new best friend with lylah. they are quite the sight together...seeing bea is about three times as big as lylah.
happy summer days to you.

marmee said...

dear cheryl,

well if you can swing it...there is this farm across the street...214 acres. lol. i think you and i would get along quite nicely. if that farm doesn't quite work out at least you could come for a visit. just be forewarned about the chaotic, wonderful way it is. i think i function best in a beautiful mess.
everyone is getting on so well. saying they fit like hand and glove is a great way of putting it. thank you.
my family is the most important thing to me and i try to create an atmosphere to nuture them in. maybe that is why they all come back at some point.
happy summer days.

Lisa said...

Sounds like our home; always something! Kids, animals, lots of love!

Lisa Q

Roses and Lilacs said...

Wow, Marmee, how exciting for both kids--a horse and a new puppy. Your daughter won't lack for things to do this summer.

I remember my first horse so many years ago. Wonderful memories.

joey said...

So delighted that your summer dreams came true, dear Marmee. Renny is lovely, a perfect addition to your beautiful family.