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it's that time of year

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Monday, July 27, 2009


we've had some nice rain lately...which makes for good puddle
jumping...creek walking...splashing good times.

we have also had some very warm sunny days...just
perfect for new projects.

now that the horse fence has been finished...the next project on the
list is a walk~in~shelter for renny to get out of the sun, wind, rain, snow.
i am so grateful to my darling husband for his diligent hard
work...our boys also pitched in quite a bit.
thanks jesse, ethan, and david.
renny is very respectful of the electrobraid fence...the dogs are still learning.

we have had some yelping lately...they will soon learn.
i really like the way the braided fence looks very natural.
there is 30 ft between each post so you can see your horse very well.
dh has never built a fence before and it looks professionally done
i am very proud of you, dave.

he has never built a walk~in~shelter either but that didn't stop him.
on saturday...we had a few more helping hands.
thanks to eric, nate, canaan, rachel, and ellery.

it was hot but the crew worked tirelessly to get the shelter up.
well between texting(anyone who has teens knows this the
one constant in their life.)

i was on the tractor cutting our acres.

our sons friend nate found these stakes intriguing.

ellery enjoyed handing out the nails as needed.

it is a good thing we had a few extra hands for putting up the structure.

my parents used to say "many hands make light work."

it does make it more fun and lots of joking around.

ellery taking a break from the heat. cutie pie.
as the sun set the last boards were being nailed down.
i took these on sunday. i love the way it looks.
after some discussion we have decided to double it in size.

we used the same rough~hewn lumber that is on our barn.
it will weather to a nice natural grey.


Roses and Lilacs said...

The fence looks great as does the run-in-shed. Renny should be very comfortable with all that good grass and a place to get in out of the weather. I love the photo of the chairs in front of the pasture. Renny takes center stage;)

Brad and Esther Pagh said...

Wow, it looks great Mom! I am glad everyone helped and pitched in.

Love you.

Darla said...

What a fantastic job!! It looks adorable in the pasture.....your family is so very special.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marmee, Love the new shelter for the horse, and you are smart to make it larger... He'll appreciate getting out of the weather I'm sure. AND---your dogs will soon learn about that fence!!!!

Congrats to your hubby for a job well-done --with the fence and now the shelter. Looks like he had alot of great help.


Dirt Princess said...

Way to go DH!!!! Lovely photos! I want to come hang out with ya'll on your farm!

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee....what a hard working family you are and your parents were absolutely right 'many hands do make light work'
The fence looks wonderful and it is lovely that you can see Renny all the time.
The shelter fits in so perfectly.....what a wonderful job you are making of your farm.

Have a good week.......

Susie said...

Goodness all of y'all stay so busy. I reckon you gotta do whatcha gotta do to get everything done. You guys are all so talented.

marmee said...


that photo was my favourit too.
i think renny is adjusting very well to tn at our house. thank you.

marmee said...


it was great we had so much help. i think it will work just fine.
loveyou too b=day girl.

marmee said...


thanks! i am loving the way it looks and the way renny is so great to drive in and see a horse on our property.

marmee said...

thanks proud of the dh and all his hard work. he's one clever man.
the dogs are learning too. they are very wary now.
enjoy your new baby birds.

marmee said...

dirt princess,

come on up and hang with us. it's a great place to
i am so proud of my dh!

marmee said...


thanks so much for the vote of confidence. this place is a work in progress...always something to do and improve.
i love what dh has accomplished...he is just a very clever man with the ability to get it done. i am grateful.
it was such a blessing to have so many doing so much to help us. i love it when everyone pulls together like that. life on the farm is good.

marmee said...


you are right, "you gotta do whatcha gotta do." we have been extremely busy this summer...with nonstop things to accomplish. i think we are gonna take a break here soon. i like rainy forces you to slow down.
happy summer days.

Q said...

It is a rainy morning at my house.
Just perfect for catching up with you and your family.
Many hands do make for lighter work. Your farm is a work of love.
Your children are learning how to work together and how to enjoy each other.
I just subscribed to Mary Jane's Farm. A very fun magazine. It reminds me of you and your farm adventure.
Thank you for opening your gate to us.

Lisa said...

Everything looks great!! It is wonderful to work together to accomplish large tasks. We will be starting some in the near future once some of our land is cleared.

Lisa Q

marmee said...


glad you had a moment to catch up...summer is such a busy time.
we have had rain here all day and i have two of the grands. they are been playing nicely. i really love rainy days when you get to stay home and do cozy stuff.
i count to a priviledge to share a bit of our farm/family life with you and others. i love sharing and it helps me chronicle life's little happenings too.
enjoy your rainy summer day

marmee said...


hope all goes well with your new plans. we have a long to do list.some things get done while others keep getting overlooked.
happy summer days.

joey said...

Marmee, your life is indeed beautiful and you have the gift for sharing the joys. (Hugs)

Sue said...

Wow, you sure have been busy! I have gotten further and further behind in my blog reading. I thought I was going to get closer to catching up this evening, but our son and grandson came over, and stayed until 9:30.

I love that photo taken at dusk, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

ShySongbird said...

You really do get things done on your lovely farm Marmee, you all did a great job and it can't be easy when it is hot.

marmee said...

good day joey...i am a very blessed woman to have this beautiful life.
i have lived two lifetimes and believe me i know the difference of a beautiful life. i am so grateful.
thanks for coming along this journey with me.

marmee said...


i know how it is about getting behind...i just can't fit in all the reading of blogs that i like too.
i am glad we both got a chance to catch up with each other.

have a great summer day.

marmee said...

good day ssb,

i was trying to keep everyone hydrated with drinks and feeding them good home cooked meals during this process. i was so proud of the hard work my boys and hubby did. it is so nice to have a horse on the land.

l said...

Great job to all. It would be a pleasure to look out the window & see an actual horse in the pasture. Renny will enjoy the shed even come this winter.
The doggies will learn.
It sure is nice to read about a whole family doing chores together. That's the way it should be.

Lola said...

l aka Lola Hit wrong button.
Sure will be glad when I can see better.

marmee said...


it's alright lola.
we are all enjoying having renny here. it was hard work but i loved seeing everyone working together on a family project.

Tootie said...

I'm sitting here smiling. They make work look like so much fun. :-) You have an interesting blog. I enjoyed my visit and will be back soon.