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it's that time of year

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

reaping the rewards of my lil' potager

"Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself."
~ Henry David Thoreau ~

" The first gatherings of the garden in May of salads, radishes and herbs made me feel like a mother about her baby - how could anything so beautiful be mine. And this emotion of wonder filled me for each vegetable as it was gathered every year. There is nothing that is comparable to it, as satisfactory or as thrilling, as gathering the vegetables one has grown."
~ Alice B. Toklas ~

i couldn't have said it better myself.
between what is growing in our vegetable garden, what we can
get at the market, and from our very own local farming co~op @
( it has been such a great experience knowing our local farmer and having input into what they do.)
...we are well supplied with all the good things you could want for summer fixings.
including a dozen or so herbs...purple basil is one of my personal favourites.
both to look at and to use in various recipes.
so far our cucumbers have been plentiful, very tender and sweet.
our tomatoes have been very flavourful and delicious.
scallions, green beans, onions, and beets have been in small portions but really good.
we have more than enough loose leaf lettuce...we just go out cut what we want
and make a fresh salad for one or for a dozen or more.
peppers have been a great addition to many meals.
the blueberries are tart and sweet at the same time.
not a whole lot make it inside.
even the compost is in the giving mood.
we have this volunteer (squash) i believe.

having a potager is like having a little baby to tend to...constantly
checking to see how it's growing, seeing what new things it can do...looking for
signs of maturing.
the watermelon is flowering and upon closer inspection...
has a little melon growing on the vine...isn't it just the most
beautiful little watermelon you have ever seen...for me it is.
when you are growing flowers and vegetables...the most wonderful thing
happens. you get so many critters checking out what you are doing.
the ladybugs/beetles are mating in the corn stalks.

i love to drive by a field all planted with corn and watch it glisten
with the sun behind it...or watch it sway when a warm breeze blows thru.

i love the long green leaves bending down and making crevices for insects.
they are just beautiful plants to me and especially seeing them
growing in my own little field is such a blessing.
this beauty did me the favour of a visit while i was checking on the corn.
i always have at least one companion in the garden... most of the time
more...this time buster brown is keeping a watchful eye on me.
our boys have been doing well with their own little raised beds.
of course dad and i have been helping with the watering when needed.
and giving a little bit of advice here and there.
their abe lincoln tomatoes are ripening.

my humble thanks to my pollinating friend on the cantaloupe.

lima flowers and soon some beans.

the leaf from the beets is so pretty...don't you think?

one of my loose leaf lettuces flowering out.

we have planted as you know, lots of companion flowers.
the orange marigolds add such a sunny deposition to their little corners of the garden.
the boys planted this unusual flower amongst their veggies.
is this coxcomb? i love the colour.

miniature vining red morning glory is a spot of just the right
colour, as well as the lavender morning glory and the vining black~eyed susans.

when my dh finally tilled around the front yard picket fence...i
didn't have much time before leaving for a trip to fl to i
did what any gardener might have done...i sprinkled it with various seed.
i am getting things popping up all the time now and i really
am not sure what some of them are...maybe weeds for all i
know...but it is attracting little green flying creatures.
~click to see better~
and interesting heads like these.

i am a bit surprised at the green envy zinnias...i wish they were
a little more green...but i like where they are planted.
the purple zinnia seeds and bud turned out to be rather pink.
don't you think? i am still glad they flowered.

this might be early buds on poke weed...but the buds
and it's shadow caught my fancy.

i am not quite sure why the sunflowers give me so much
anticipated pleasure but they do...i check them regularly.
i planted more variety this year and in many different spots around the yard.

i also have had many self sown sunflowers this year.

blooming is all sizes and colours...they never cease to amuse me.

from the moment they show their petals... the lasting moments of attracting lots of various bees...

...they delight me.

the hostas and oakleaf hydrangea are blooming profusely...
i love every stage of the hydrangea...right now up against
my red house they are really standing out and grabbing the attention.

summer is such a wonderful time of the year...i love it.
i am greatly rewarded.
summer blessings to you all.


ShySongbird said...

So many lovely things there Marmee, your fruit and veg look wonderful. I grow herbs but not vegetables but my brother does and is very generous with them and it is very special to know that everything on the dinner plate is homegrown! I love your Sunflowers, such cheerful blooms and of course the birds love their seeds.

Susie said...

Marmee I really enjoyed this post. I could just feel the happiness in your words. Your veggies look so good. I'm so happy you got such a great garden.

That one little blue blooming flower you mentioned came from seed looks like Borage.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a neat post, Marmee. I can tell how proud you are and how happy you are with your beautiful flowers and all of the fresh veggies. Life is good in Middle Tennessee... Right?????

Have a great weekend.

Re said...

So much abundance everywhere in your garden. Wonderful.
Thank you for commenting on The Chicken Daily, we haven't got long to wait now to see if we have any new additions.

Darla said...

I so have veggie garden envy now! Looks so wonderful. Your red morning glory looks like Cypress Vine and the little yellow flower with the dark eye is Black eyed Susan vine I'm pretty sure.

Gail said...

Marmee, Your garden photos are splendid and I can see the bounty of the potager and your life...Have a wonderful weekend...gail

Roses and Lilacs said...

Love those dark sunflowers. I hope when mine bloom they are as pretty. I understand what you mean about eating the food you've planted, tended and harvested. It gives you a feeling of being connection to the land and to the food.

Cheryl said...

Hi well you and your family have done with your space.

I cannot believe your abundance of vegetables, so very satisfying.......and so many beautiful blooms.....heaven on earth I think...

The pretty blue bloom is England we put the little flowers in ice cubes and add them to summer drinks.....they look really pretty......

I love to see wonderful to have some growing on your grounds.....and just love your visitors....bees butterflies and dragons......

Enjoy your weekend.......I know that you will.....

Lola said...

You are so in tuned with nature. You said it eloquently. Many people would love to be where you are at now. Soul & spirit together to give the peace that is within.

Mary said...

Oh what a wonderful garden!!!

Teresa ~ Gardening with Souled said...

Wow! You have so much going on in your gardens. Makes me want to go eat some veggies right now. Your flowers are abundant as well as beautiful. Nice job!

marmee said...


that's great that you can experience homegrown goodies without all the work...although the work is very rewarding. we share a lot of our veggies too.
i am loving the sunflowers and i love the fact they become food for the birds after they give us so much delightful colour.

marmee said...


i am so glad you can feel the joy i have gotten from gardening this has been a long process of preparation and now the rewards are great.
thanks for all your kind words and the id on the borage. i love that little fuzzy blue flower.

marmee said...


i do feel very proud and satisfied with our garden and the produce it is giving us. that quote said it all.
i am loving our life here on the farm in tn. who knew i would adapt this well. dh says i was made for this kind of living and i am in my element.
enjoy your summer weekend.

marmee said...


can't wait to see your new little ones.
we are being really blessed here with all the great produce.

marmee said...


you really should try some veggies with all the crew you have around there. they would love the taste of a homegrown tomato. it's soooo rewarding, too.
thanks for the id.

marmee said...


we are so delighted things are producing so well. i love going to the garden for supper.
we are loving summer and all that it brings.
hope you are having great summer days.

marmee said...


that is exactly the way i(we) feel. a wonderful connection to the land, life and the ability to be free to do the things you love.
the sunflowers in the dark reds and oranges are very beautiful and they are at about face it makes it nice to check on the little bee...eating and resting at night.
it will be fun to see yours blooming...can't wait.
have a great summer weekend.

marmee said...


one day i hope my wildflowers look as good as yours. it is a work in progress...i like that about it. every year brings something a little different.
we feel so very blessed at our the outcome of our veggie garden...having plenty and plenty enough to share. it's our little patch of heaven for sure.
thanks for the id on the borage. it is such a pretty little thing...all fuzzy and blue. i will try the flowers on ice. i have been putting any edible flowers in our salads.
after all these years of loving corn have our own corn is just the best. to know it is home to the creatures we love makes it even better.
enjoy your summer weekend.

marmee said...


it seems you completely read me and i thank you for that. i have found a tranquility to this new life style...i think my dh knew all along this is what would suit me. how wonderful that i am still young enought to really enjoy it.
happy summer weekend to you.

marmee said...


thanks and thank you for visiting
"things i love."
hope you are enjoying your summer.

marmee said...


thank you...i think you should run right out and eat some fresh veggies. that's a habit we all can afford. it's great fun to have the different seasons of flowers...don't you think. sunflowers just speak of summer.
have a great summer weekend.

Elaine said...

Your garden is just lovely! I live in the Desert Southwest and mine has all but shut down for the summer. I'm just holding out for autumn when I can start back up again. LOL I certainly enjoyed looking around yours. :)

marmee said...


it is interesting to see what is happening in different parts of the states/world. for us in tn this is a great time for flowers and of course vegetables are harvesting right now.
summer seems to be flying by so before you know it fall will be here.
thanks for coming by "things i love."

Meems said...

So many wonderful rewards, Marmee. I love it that you are loving all aspects of your beautiful gardens. All the critters, flowers, veggies, herbs are beautifully portrayed here. I know you and your family are enjoying all that yummy goodness that's going on the table daily ... nothing better than from the ground to your kitchen.

I'm missing my garden foods and you are in the plentiful bounty of yours.