it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

back from the brink of winter

it is so good to see things slowly but surely coming back to life.

i am in love with these hellebore's.
they survived the winter and my dogs.

note to self....add many more of these.

i planted these on the right day last week...bright and sunny.
the next few days were rainy and cool...the pansies...
are liking the combination.

one of my favourite plants is the oak leaf
adds colour in almost every season . buds are being thrown daily.

a single pansy planted last year has made a reappearance.

what is it about sun, warmth, springtime it all makes you want to spruce things up.
an energy is in the air.

it's time to change out the winter decor of magnolia leaves, evergreens,
holly branches intertwined with berries and pine cones.

lavender(provence), alyssum(white and purpe),
red and white pansies, and thrift(ballerina red) are planted instead.

large geraniums(tango dark red) are part of the fix up
around the antique apple orchard ladder.

it's also time to sweep the porches...rearrange
...add some easter inspired items.
cat grass....check
bird house....check.

calibrachoa(million bells red) adds a welcoming spot of colour at the back door.
this is the door we always enter.

nemesia(enchanting white) and verbena(homestead purple)
are placed in pots by the back door too.

the grass will be a great place to hide eggs on easter. shhhh!

alyssum shining in the sun.

time to clean out the birdbath and refresh them.

we have had our share of rain already
this was a very wet winter, too.


the flowers are flourishing in the bit of sunshine we have had.


i hope you are having a happy springtime.
i want to wish each of you a very happy easter.


Lola said...

Happy Easter. Your flowers are looking ever so pretty. Wish mine looked half that good. The cool weather that lasted longer than usual caused things to be late.

marmee said...

same here lola but i went to the nursery and planted some annuals for colour and slowly some of the other things are coming back.

tina said...

Your decorations are wonderful. Spring has been so good this year.

Gail said...

Happy Easter to you and your family Marmee~~Everything looks lovely in your garden. I want to sweep the proch, but know that soon it will all be covered with pollen! gail

joey said...

A glorious time of year, Marmee. Lots of work but lots of reward. Easter Blessings!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Marmee, wonderful photos. I like your antique ladder and hanging planter and the lawn cart.

We need some of your rain up here. Maybe Saturday.

Enjoy your day.

Q said...

Happy April!
You are so right about wanting to get everything all spruced up. You have done a wonderful job getting things ready for Easter. Spring, especially April, gives me added energy! Your flowers are lovely. I love the combination with the lavender. I never can have enough of it.
May you and yours have a Blessed Easter.

Renaissance said...

Quail eggs pictures at The Chicken Daily as requested! Have a very happy Easter.

Rose said...

You have been a busy lady, Marmee; your home looks so beautiful with all the new spring decorations. We have been fortunate to have a beautiful spring so far, but I'm not putting out flowers, other than pansies, just yet in case it turns colder. I'm looking forward to possibly the first warm, sunny Easter in a long, long time--perfect for an Easter egg hunt with the grandkids! Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter, Marmee.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

It is definitely looking like spring at your place! I love your spring decorations!

Happy Easter!

marmee said...

spring has been great and i am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. happy easter.

marmee said...

wishing you a happy easter too, gail. it looks like we will be having a spectacular day weather wise on sunday...i am so glad.
happy springtime.

marmee said...

thank you sherry,

it is easy to be inspired in the spring...and our weather has been lovely for a few days now.
i just came in from cutting grass for the first time so far in the season.
i hope you and your family have a blessed easter holiday.
happy springtime.

marmee said...

dear re,

thank you ever so much for that beautiful photo of the quail has been a long time since i have seen any. they just oooozzze spring to me.
happy easter to you friend.

marmee said...


it seems so long since i have been able to do anything productive in the is just so exciting to be out there. after such a dreary long winter i had to add some colour on the porches and patio. it was necessary for my well being.
i hope you are well. happy easter and blessings to all.
happy springtime.

marmee said...

thank you.
happy easter to you robin.
i hope you and your family enjoy this holiday.
our weather should be great for all the outdoor activities.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marmee, Looks like Spring is springing all over TN.... Don't know about your area today, but it almost feels like Summer here on the plateau.... This weather is helping things to bloom up here.

We had a rough winter---but that makes Spring just that much better. Right????

Have a wonderful Easter.

Sandy said...

Hey Sharon, It's been awhile since I've been on your blog and your photo's are still amazing. Your love of gardening and the outdoors really comes through. Your shabby garden decorations are my favorite. My daughter and I have just started into the world of blogging and are enjoying it so far. Hope you all have a blessed Easter. Keep up the great work. Sandy.