it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i believe...

...with my whole heart that spring is arriving.

i don't know about you but green is my new favourite colour...
i have missed you my dear sweet hope~filled friend.

i hung this sign up for christmas but it has reminded me time and again
to just hang on till spring gets here...we are finally seeing signs of spring everywhere.

little white violas have started blooming amongst the evergreens.

the sky is blue more days now.

and looking up though what still feels like barren branches ...

beauty and life are emerging.

we have had an unusually wet winter and spring has started with many rainy days too.

with such a cold winter we still have plenty of might just have to be used up on
the fire pit...outdoors.
okay by me.

there is so much work to be done...where does one start?

we have put up a few new bird houses...the martins are going to love
their new apartment living quarters.

i am still looking for the perfect spot for this red and white house.

of course no matter what i am doing outdoors i always have
eyes on me.

rowan(ethan's huskey) and lylah (jesse's aussie).
always wondering what the crazy lady with the camera is up to.

stuffing for nesting has been put out in the
natural bird houses and many little takers come.

with new signs of life/green is time for some pruning.

sprucing up...a little here and there.

buds are almost as pretty as blooms.

lilacs are budding nicely...i need more of these.

even a yard full of dandelions and clover doesn't distress me because it's alive.

as spring is working hard to emerge...abbey is hard at work
on her newest ballet...a midsummer night's dream.

she has lots of practises each week.
performances are in april.

....with my whole heart i know that spring is arriving.
i am renewed, i am thankful...i am full of hope.

i believe.


Cheryl said...

Hi to, full of hope and anticipation of what is to come. Hibernation was way too long this year.....

Your bird boxes are beautiful......your feathered friends have been very well catered for.
I always put Nella's fur out for the birds in the does not stay around long, makes a nice lining for their nests I should think.

I have felt the same, standing in the garden, where on earth do I start. I have never had so much damage.....snow and rabbits are not a good mix. We are nearly out of logs, cannot believe how many we have used.

Have fun my friend, enjoy the new growth.....

Cheryl said...

Forgot to say Midsummer Night's Dream....good luck Abbey.

Darla said...

Nice is an exciting time of the year!! Kudos to Abbey and many wishes for great practices and an outstanding performance!

Susie said...

It has definitely felt like spring here the last couple of days. I've been seeing some bumble bees and wonderful green growth emerging from the ground.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm seeing buds swelling here too. So much to luck forward to.

Bill S. said...

You are right - spring is about here and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Lisa said...

Hi Marmee,

It is so warm here today no one wants to be inside. We have had too many fiercely cold days and we are ready for Spring!!

I am ready to see the hummingbirds buzz by. The chickens are already noisy and enjoying the warmer, longer days.

We have so much to do to get the garden ready. Like you, where do I start.

Happy Spring!

Lisa Q

marmee said...

hello my friend cheryl,
it is so nice that spring is with our reach...even if we still have some cold days.
i never thought about how great dog hair would be to put out for the birds but i will certainly do it now...thanks.
i did get started today with some new plantings and a little bit of a trim on some things.
i haven't been feeling well so i was just taking my time. how fun it was to have my hands in the dirt.
hang in there we will both be enjoying the weather very soon.
happy springtime.

marmee said...

thank you...everything is waking up and it feels glorious.

marmee said...

i have seen hover bees and that's about it. abbey ran inside today to tell me she saw the first butterfly...i missed it.
happy springtime.

marmee said...

what a great time to enjoy new life coming forth. it puts a spring in your step.
happy springtime.

marmee said...


me i was planting and taking my boys kayaking. loving every minute of it too.
happy springtime.

marmee said...


i really didn't know if i could take anymore of those freezing days. i just spent a week in fl and it was great therapy.
i saw many hover bees which are really hover flies. that was so exciting...with every little sign of is getting closer.
happy springtime my friend.

tina said...

Spring has surely sprung. It looks most wonderful in your neck of the woods. Cute dogs. They just adore you so much.

Gail said...

I do believe it's spring, too...The wet year last year and then this year are pretty wild. I'm sitting here listening to our not gentle rains! But the shrubs I planted are happy to get a big drink.

Good luck Abbey~I've not seen this ballet, but I expect it's quite lovely with all the fairy costumes!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marmee, You all are ALOT ahead of us when it comes to spring. Our Crocuses are blooming--but so far, that is all. The Daffodils are beginning to show life --so hopefully they will be blooming soon. BUT--nothing else yet!!!!!

Love all of your bird boxes. Hope you enjoy the Martins. I've read that they keep mosquitos away...

Congrats on another upcoming granddaughter... Esther is a beautiful young woman.


joey said...

Oh yes, swelling buds and a budding ballerina, how glorious! Beautifully posted, Marmee. Happy Spring :)

Femin Susan said...

That is a very nice collection of photos.I also see a few changes here as sigm=nals of the arrival of spring.

Lola said...

Glad you had a break from the cold. Things here are really beginning to look like Spring. We haven't had a day {I think 101} that has reached 80ºyet. But it won't be long.
Most of my veggies are up & looking good. I'm still sticking seeds where ever I can find a space.

Meems said...

Oh, Marmee,
So happy your part of the world is starting to look so cheery. All those signs of new life just make you want to rejoice with gladness. It never fails. It comes every year. But sometimes it's hard to remember in the deep of winter. Love all the images... cheering (you AND) me as I view them. Beautiful.
Glad you're back.
Happy spring and lots of hugs**.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Spring is showing her lovely skirts! Our weekend snow has melted and I too see buds. The daffodiles are just beginning to bloom. Spring has arrived. The birds will be nesting in your nesting boxes any day.
Abby looks so very grown up.
Happy Spring,