it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

peony blooms

this simply is one of my favourite flowers ever.


Darla said...

I'm going to try growing these, very nice!

Susie said...

Very pretty for sure! They don't do well here so I have never tried them.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I agree, peonies are one of the most perfect of flowers.

I hope you have dried out after all that rain. I haven't heard any more about the flooding in Tennessee.

ShySongbird said...

They are beautiful. I always love the blowsy look of paeonies! I have one which has a beautiful apple blossom scent.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee.....I love the single blooms. Of course, white speaks volumes to me. It is indeed a beautiful flower, enjoy, they do not stay long.....

marmee said...

these are the single bloom variety. there are ones that look like roses with many petals.

i never grew them in florida but have ever since i lived in tn.
they are gorgeous.
happy may.

so glad you agree. i only wish they would stay around a little longer.

no you haven't heard about tn. we haven't gotten any major news coverage. there are parts of nashville still flooded. so many people have lost everything. billions in damages to downtown nashville. the people around here aren't complaining they are just getting out and cleaning up.

marmee said...

they are very fragrant flowers. i didn't realize i had the single bloom variety but i really love them. still showy.
happy may.

marmee said...

good morning cheryl,
i do so wish they lasted a bit longer. i am loving the single white blossoms too. they are big and "blowsy" like jan said. just perfect.
happy may.

tina said...

Your peony is gorgeous. Isn't spring great this year?

I hope your area is drying out by now and that you all are safe.

Lisa said...

I love these!! Just beautiful. God's creation is just amazing.

Lisa Q

marmee said...


we are fine but supposed to get heavy rain we will see what that brings.
spring has been beautiful(other than last weekend.)
happy may.


yes God makes everything so beautiful and for our enjoyment.
happy may.

marmee said...
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Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I hope you have a very blessed Mother's Day.
Your peonies are beautiful. Mine are also in in bloom. Early for me.
I cut dozens for bouquets for the house. Mine have the most delicate of scents....

marmee said...

peonies have the most wonderful scent...i love having them around.
i did have a wonderful mother's is coming to a close right now. i am a most blessed woman, mother, wife.
i hope you had an equally wonderful day today on mother's day.
happy may days.