it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

first frosty morn

our house faces the southeast so the rising sun floods it's light
into the antique front door window with the prettiest glowing hue...
hitting the staircase.

this particular morning monday october the 19 we had our first frost.
dh called it a hoarfrost...i had to look that one up.
this is what i found on many of the dictionary definitions.
Frozen dew that forms a white coating on a surface. Also called white frost.
i know some of you dislike winter...i am not it's biggest fan either.
but a frosty morn is a beautiful thing.
everything is covered in little tiny ice makes everything
look like it is dusted with a coating of sugar.

frosted zinnia......sugared coated spent sunflowers.

gama grass looks pretty all white.
it is sparkling when the light hits it.

one lone spider's web is striking all crystalized.

the grass beneath our feet was crunching as we feed our horse, dogs, cats, & bunnies.

there is something magical about a garden covered in tiny sugary crystals.

it's cold.....but beautiful.


everything has a dreamy quality about it.


these leaves give off the feeling they would be velvety to the touch
but it is frosted with ice not the silvery foliage know as lamb's ear.

the way the frost made the leaves of the morning glory
outlined in white made them a standout to me.
those morning glories were shut tight for a good while even
though the rays of sun were out.
the sun was therefore it didn't take it long for it all to melt away.
i am always thankful when the sun shines...especially when the temperatures
start gettting we had this october morning.


Susie said...

You guys really did have a frosty morn didn't you?!?!? Marmee you captured the beauty of wonderfully. I love the pics. The little ice crystals look so pretty on everything.

Noelle Johnson said...

I think frost on plants is kind of like icing on a cake. It just makes things more beautiful.

marmee said...


we did but thankfully we are back to a more fallish type of weather the rest of this week. cool evenings and wonderfully perfect daytimes of 70's.
happy october.


i agree "icing on a cake."
i never realized where they came up with sugared pumpkins and fruits but now i do...nature gave them the idea.
happy october.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee....hoar frost, the most beautiful frost but often cruel, taking the last of the summer blooms....
I love the hoar makes the garden look like a huge incredible work of art....

I look forward to winter. For me each season holds something new, something to look forward to. I tell Mr P winter is the pathway to spring.....he does not like winter. Life at its longest is short. We must embrace all that we have and hold including the short days of winter....I know that you do, my friend.

Your photographs show us all just how beautiful the seasons are......

joco said...

It is a full-time job keeping up with your posting :-)
Thoroughly addictive.
Thanks to GGW for finding us new friends.
That frozen spider web is another iconic photo. Never mind if it melts, it is in my head now.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful captures, Marmee! The spider web is pure magic and the arbor at the finish shows the masterpiece that is the morning light. We only had a light scattered frost, no hoarfrost just yet and now it has warmed back up for fall to continue. Just a brush of winter, we're not ready for winter yet. :-)

Lola said...

Magnificent Marmee. My sentiments too. I always loved the first hoar frost. Everything looked icy white, soft as cotton.

Roses and Lilacs said...

There is nothing more beautiful than the first glimmers of morning sun on the diamond dusted foliage. It makes the world look magical.

Rose said...

Beautiful photos, Marmee! I agree the frost paints a very artistic picture in the garden. I'm not looking forward to winter, but the cold does have its own beauty.

Bill S. said...

Wonderful pictures and great close-ups. Beauty is in the eye of the beholders and usually discovered by others. Thanks.

tina said...

You captured the recent cold snap awesomely. I am shivering just thinking of it. But the flowers do have a beauty for sure.

ShySongbird said...

Such lovely photos Marmee which really summed up the essence of a hoarfrost. Your weather sounds quite diverse as I see you are now back to daytime temperatures in the 70s!

marmee said...


i am learning how to embrace each season...i understand "life at it's longest is short" so i am looking at each season with new eyes. there is beauty in each one.
i think living in fl most of my life spoiled me in the winter months forever...the thing i need most is the sun shining. if i get enough of that than i am fine.
that frost was early for us but it was oh so beautiful. abbey and i were running around like giddy girls. she's delightful to share an experience with.
happy autumn.

marmee said... are spoiling me with your kind words. i love that we find new friends on ggw and blogging in general. i am glad you are addicted because i love getting such nice comments.

i did love the look of that spider was a peice of artwork made by our spider friend.

happy autumn.

marmee said... glad i am that it was just a brush with winter...i was hoping we had not skipped my favourite time of the year.
these last few days have been heaven. i planted today...always an exciting thing to do.
thank you and happy autumn.

marmee said... was so different with green things and flowers still blooming with all the white crystals on them...really something to behold. thank you.
happy autumn.

marmee said...

marnie....quite poetic aren't we.
i love the way you said that.
"There is nothing more beautiful than the first glimmers of morning sun on the diamond dusted foliage."
that could definitely be another quote...i would want to quote.
just beautiful. thank you.
happy autumn.

marmee said...


i am earnestly trying to celebrate each and every season. there is beauty in each one. the hoarfrost was so incredible that particular morning. it was a land of magical things. abbey and i ran around and were laughing and giggling.
loved the moment.
happy autumn.

marmee said...

bill s.
hey thanks for coming to visit the "things i love." when you get to share the beauty you behold it is a wonderful thing.
happy autumn.

marmee said...


thank you dear friend. it was quite to come and quick to leave. i am glad things are more like an autumn should be.
happy days of autumn.

marmee said...


thank you, that frost was an early one and now we are back to what feels more normal for this time of the year. the weather is definitely in flux. trying to get into the spirit of winter.
happy autumn.