it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

what a lovely eve'n

we invited some long time family friends over for dinner.
somehow it was just the inspiration i needed for clearing the
last of the christmas hanger~on~ers i hadn't put away yet.

it also inspired me to try a new recipe i have been wanting
to make...pistachio poppy bread.
it turned out to be yummy and very delicious.
my hubby made a raspberry crumble cake.
sometimes i am resistant to bringing out the next seasons
decor because i love looking and remembering all the
memories made in the last season but it is february...time
to move on from christmas.
nandina berries in a hobnob pale pink vase set in a wooden pedestal
bowl with marble red hearts made the centerpiece on the dining room table.

a vintage square cloth laid diagonal with frames in hot pink, white and black placed flat
with various things that remind me of hearts, flowers, birds, butterflies, & candles.
my oldest daughter rachel and her family were there too.
with help from most everyone we had a lovely meal and
lots of good conversation.

the kids had their own table with candy hearts candle,
gingham heart doilies and hearts, flowers, and button confetti.
it's always great when you have good friends over and you
can just relax and eat and laugh and talk.

we were celebrating the beauty of family and friends.
i haven't been able to throw away a couple of
my lovely white pumpkins from i
dressed them up with hearts and a ribbon.

february is definitely the month for all things to do with LOVE.

happy february, happy valentine's, happy love month.


Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee.....your home is full of love and your interior design elements reflect this.

Being with friends that we have known for a long time is just the best. Eating, talking and just being together for an evening is such fun.

Happy Valentine to you and yours.
I am sure you will be spoilt.....


Darla said...

Everything looks so festive and cozy. Sounds as if everyone had a grand time.

marmee said...


so good to hear from an ole' feels comforting to hear your voice.
my intention is to create a place where people feel loved and at home (even if it isn't their home.) we did enjoy our time of gathering.
happy valentine's to you.

marmee said...


thank was wonderful.
happy valentine's to you.

Lisa said...

Sorry I haven't been by to visit. Our computer with all my blogs on it I visit went down.

Love the pictures!

Lisa Q

ShySongbird said...

So nice to visit again Marmee and to share your wonderful gathering, everything looks so cosy and welcoming and I'm sure your guests enjoyed could they not? :)

The pistachio poppy bread sounded delicious!

The photo at the top of your family is lovely too :)

Have a very happy February!

marmee said...


technology is both wonderful and awful at the same time. i hope you have it all straightened out soon.
i always appreciate a visit from you. thank you.
happy valentine's.

marmee said...


i was thinking of posting the recipe for the bread, soon. it was really good. something i will be making again and again.
i love the feel of it is something i am always aiming for especially in these cold winter months.
hope you are well.
happy love month.

Meems said...

Recipe please! I am so stealing some of your design elements. What a treat to see your creativity at work. I am in awe of how you whip up the most amazing tablescapes!!! Sometimes we need a little urging to get us in gear. But wow... when you do it is a work of art!

marmee said...

thank you meems,

i will send you the recipe. it was so good.
i always need extra urging in the winter months.
so glad my friends could oblige me.
i am honoured you would use my designs for anything you put your hand to.
hugs dear sister.
happy valentines.