it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Thursday, June 30, 2011


deep in the forest of the golden hills in ocala, florida
was an all girls clan with the princesses of the pretty feet.

this all girl clan was very close.
there were many things that they liked to do together.

there were little girls called the "youngers."
and big girls called the "olders."

and from the youngest to the eldest...

there were many things to be learned as a clan.

taking care of the babies is an important part of learning
how the whole tribe works well together.

one of the star pupils of this life lesson is definitely gwyne.

but all of the youngers were doing a really good job of helping with
the beautiful baby, garnet.

also learning the fine art of colouring was a huge
part of what was being passed on to the youngers.

learning the latest technology was a must in this society of girls.

lots of photographing is neccessary to document all the
learning processes.

so as the olders were striking a pose....
the youngers were observing closely.

like daughter.

being close is also a necessity of the clan and can be
observed quite often.

one of the almost lost arts in the all girl clan is
the art of the shoppe of the tar~gchet.

it is very important for us olders to show the youngers how
to hit the bullseye and find the bar~goons.

no one is too young to be taught this valuable lesson.

another ancient technique that has to be learned is the

art of tye ~ dying.

this type of dying cloth has been taught
for centuries and must be passed on for the true
hippie~sense of self to be explored.

the tools of the trade are assembled by the olders.

then the lesson begins to the youngers...

to which they pay close attention.

experimentation is key to enjoying the experience.

contemplating is also part of the artistic process.

being able to wear the art is truly the end~all of the moments we have had together.
so until the next time we can all be together we have a symbol of our love and our bond.
this will help to remind us of how special it is when we all can be together at the same time.

the good thing is the next get together will
be just around the corner and more life~lessons will be
taught and learned.
and so goes the clan.
and so goes the princesses of the pretty feet.
and so goes the next generation.

happy summer moments.


Lola said...

Fantastic. I'm so glad you all got the time together. Memories in the making.

Meems said...

So much GIRL fun to be had by all the PRETTY princesses. I wish it would have worked out to join you... next time.
Hugs & love, Meems

Lisa said...

What a wonderful time! Beautiful girls!

Lisa Q

marmee said...


thank you we had a wonderful visit together...making new memories and relishing in the bond of girls.

we missed you time.

happy 4th to everyone.