it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

autumn life

on the way home from a vet visit with our oldest dog, maggie, i was driving slow so she could enjoy it.
she has been blessed with sixteen years of life. she doesn't really want to go for rides anymore but she and i were taking it all in the other day on the back roads of tennessee. we absolutely live in a gorgeous place and i so appreciate that about my life.
i haven't really been blogging much this summer or fall. in may my youngest broke my canon so i have been camera~less since then other than my little cool pics and my iphone. 
i used my iphone straight from the car window on not to bad.

             driving around on the back roads of tennessee is like therapy to me.
             it calms me. makes me slow down and really breathe in the beauty.

 i love the wide open landscapes that are an integral part of what makes leiper's fork such a beautiful place to live and in the fall it just couldn't be any more lovely.
so happy to be in the season of autumn.


Janey said...

Hi Marmee,

I hope you're having an awesome week! I thought you might like this infographic I helped build about the health, mental, and financial benefits of gardening (

If you think your readers would like it too, please feel free to use it on the Things I Love blog. There's code at the bottom of our post that makes it super easy to post on your blog. It's all free (of course). If you have any questions about posting it, let me know and I'll try to help.

I don't know where else to contact you so I just posted a comment here. :)


~ Janey

koralee said...

Such beauty all around! I love farms and autumn..especially on a nice sunny day. YOur images are lovely. Have a great day and thanks for visiting me! xoxoxox

Q said...

I think of you and yours often.
I send blessings. You live in a very beautiful part of our country. I remember driving through the hills of Tennessee and thinking how gorgeous they were...
Have a safe and
Happy Halloween,

Rose said...

Such beautiful images, Marmee--I've always thought you live in such a beautiful part of the country. I hope that Maggie is doing well and enjoying these lovely days of autumn with you.

Anonymous said...

I have not blogged much either; just too busy

It only takes a drive around here to remind me how blessed we are. Fall was gorgeous and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Hope you all are well.

Lisa Q