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it's that time of year

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Monday, January 2, 2012

playing with light & bits of fun

my two beautifully ripened meyer lemons have caused
me to be inspired and play with my new camera.

a canon T3i

these two are perfect specimens of yellowy goodness.
i must say i am quite proud of these beauts.

i bought the meyer lemon tree in the summer knowing full
well i would have to bring it in the house to overwinter...if
i wanted it to survive.
i am not so good at the house plant watering thing.
but to my surprise and delight i have nurtured these beauties
and three more lemons i haven't pulled off the tree quite yet.

since you need a bowl full of lemons to make lemonaid or
most any recipe...i am now in conflict as to what exactly,
i should use these most precious of meyer lemons for.

i just have the five of them.

any suggestions?
so for now i am content just to let them awaken me to
the possibilities of my new canon.

it has been fun today to just change the settings and see what
comes from the same shot from the same angle.

backgrounds can be dark and set off the brightness of the
rose petals or you can encompass the whole picture and give
the viewer an idea of the way the flowers are an integral part
of the overall view.
i love contrast.
i am into contrast.
i used black and white film for years.
so in my decorating, gardening, even in my choice of puppies i love differences.
opposite as it were.
unfortunately for vivian...i can never quite capture her cuteness & expressions
the way i really want to....especially when it comes to inside photographs.

she is so cooperative and the cuteness factor is just there.

my preference is to be outdoors and take lots of photos
in the twilight hours of the early evening.
but what photographer or girl gets what she wants all the time?

for one thing i am still sick but feeling somewhat better.
for another it is a blustery very cold day, not so good either.
also i need to just plan play with this camera until i feel comfortable
in most situations. inside i never really feel comfortable taking photos.
but you have to for so many occasions...therefore i am forcing myself to
try it all.

as you can see outside the window, the first shot is in the day
and the next one is at night with the candles actually lit.

i like the clearness of the first one with shadow from the outside light
but i also like the bit of amber on the nighttime make the colours
blend together nicely.

i am also working slowing(being ill since christmas) to take down
all the seasonal decorations. why is it the moment christmas is
over it all seems so crowded and overdone?
i want to just enjoy it but the greenery plus the tree is usually shedding,
somehow i feel a bit claustrophobic with all the extra stuff i just had to put up.

i tend to go clean and minimal once the holidays are over.

these white sprays were in the tree but i love the wintery
vibe they give off by their-selves with the idea of the owl
perched on some snow laden branches overlooking the gathering room.
i found these wire baskets at an annual christmas pre~view
party i go to at my local gardening center every year the
first week in december.

when i saw them i knew instantly they would make the cutest
nest for eggs and birdies.
i was fortunate enough to find metallic eggs in these soft hues i love, crinkly brown
paper for the nesting material and these sparkling golden birds added the final touch.

i loved them in my christmas tree but i don't want to tuck them away just yet.
what gardener doesn't love to bring the things she loves indoors for winter?

again the lighting has everything to do with the ambience of the photo.
i am not sure which one of these i like more. but that is the fun of
it...being personal about what you share, what you love, what shows off
what you are feeling at that moment right then.
i am looking forward to this new year we are in "2012".
also to see what life's adventure holds for my family and i.
here's to taking lots of photographs, doing lots of gardening,
enjoying a life well lived with tons of family gatherings.

i hope that you have the happiest of years this year...for you and your families.


Meems said...

Dear Marmee,
I loved every. single. photo. Use the lemons as you would any other lemon. I have one left on my tree outside and I seem to be leaving there as if I'm saving it. :-) I like to squeeze them on my salads. They sure did make a lovely object to photograph. Congrats on the new camera. Have fun playing with it. Great indoor shots still elude me.
hugs, meems

Abbey said...


thanks meems, that means everything coming from you.
for some reason i don't feel like these are just any other lemons to be randomly used at will. but if i don't get to it they might not be at their optimum.
ethan goes through lemons everyday...maybe i will just let him use them.
i am going to explore with this camera and take lots of shots. after-all it is digital. i still have a film mentality sometimes. trying to get the perfect shot the first time and only time.
love you,

Lona said...

I have the Canon T1 so i have had my eye of the T3. Your pictures look terrific with it. Indoor shots give me fits with all of the shadows but your look great.

RURAL said...

New camera's are always so much fun to play around with. And you are taking great shots with it already.

I saw a recipe for preserved myer lemons on A day in the country's blog the other day. Worth checking out.

I have a precious little bag of 4 of them, can't wait to try the legendary lemons.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

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Wendy said...

I'm glad to know your lemon is doing well b/c I ordered one and i'M also not great at the watering the houseplants thing. Your littlest one looks sooooo much like you. she's adorable.

Unknown said...

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