it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Monday, March 12, 2012


i know we are all feeling the need to celebrate spring.
the hope that it brings is so necessary to our well being.

on this overcast, drizzly day the evidence of that newness is all around us.

the first unfurling of the peony leaves are a masterpiece.

violas haven't stopped showing their beautiful colours all winter long.

our fields are covered with clover(i am not bragging)
i used to hate it but now i see it as a sign of spring.

it shows that growth is on it's way.

i prefer a world of colour, too much grey is not good for morale.

there is so much bursting forth with life.

my first ever camilla bush is going to be a stunner.

something about everything leafing out makes me giddy.

watching things awaken after a long winter slumber is
so exciting, rewarding.

even though there is much work to be done...somehow
with things blooming it doesn't seem overwhelming.

the birds are flitting around in anticipation.

seeds are a sign, there is more to come and new life will arrive.

we are dusting off the bikes to take some gorgeous
rides on the winding roads of tennessee.

i look around and see all the containers that need refreshing
and i can't wait to get my dirt therapy on.

my hubby, the narrator, brought home
some calla~lily bulbs that say i can plant them now...who knew?
of course, i love the contrast of black and white.

he also treated me to some beautiful tulips in shades of yellow, firey orange and red.

i love fresh flowers and these hues are cheery for sure.

what incredible beauty God has created for us to view.

i am anticipating a wonderful spring with many outdoor hours
that include plenty of gardening.

happy wet spring days.


Unknown said...

We are all anticipating Spring.....such a refreshing time of the year...

Dee Nash said...

I bet it's even more beautiful now.~~Dee