it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

days of june

as spring is giving way to the brighter days of summer i am pulled into the light of the sun. 
the sun wraps it's arms of warmth around me and holds on tight.

this embrace is what i long for all winter.

i am a sun junky.  i need it, i want it, i can't get enough of it.
                           june evenin'

long work days give way to the golden rays and usually i am exhausted.

these last few weeks have been somewhat melancholy for me as we 
had to say goodbye and farewell to our long time companion, maggie. 
seventeen and half years was just not long enough. 

 she has been laid to rest on our farm underneath a golden desert ash. my amazing hubby picked out
this beautiful tribute tree and said it would always remind us of our golden girl, maggie.
the bark is an unusual amber colour and the leaves will turn the same hue in the fall. we have place it on a high point on the farm so we can see it standing there strong, tall in remembrance of our dear girl.

also i received this beauty, a black tulip magnolia for mother's day from my son, jesse. 
he and hubby planted it for me.

the days of summer are full. 
there is sheep sheering going on around here.
three of the sheep,  out of the four are done.
this is not an easy task.
we have all taken our turn and i have to 
say without a doubt dear hubby is the best
at it by far. 

ok wilma it's your turn next.
poor baby needs to be able to see.

we have had some very nice cooler evenings and so the firepit is always a great 
way to stay outside even into the night. 

the boys playing fire jenga.

 the animals around the farm are enjoying the sun too.
renny is awaiting dinner keeping a watchful eye out &
"the girls" as we call them, vivian and pearl like to hang out near me wherever that may be.

summer flowers are blooming and the wild strawberries are ripening. 

this handsome lad is our latest foster, tuxedo or tennessee tuxedo as my hubby calls him.
he will make someone a great friend...he is a real loverboy.

i have let the greens bolt and i am enjoying the fact that they 
are providing some nectar for the butterflies, skippers, and hummers.

our edible garden is somewhat confused with the flux in temperatures 
here in tn...some really warm days with cooler nights and some cool days with even cooler nights.

i still have lettuce growing but the herbs haven't really taken off yet.

this is a beautiful (new to me)  purple cinnamon basil. 
i am excited to try this in some summer dishes.

of course with summer days comes lots of pool time.
well for her at least. 

whatever this lovely purple stalky flower is came from seed but i am not sure which one.

my violas have just been spectacular this year blooming since the very early spring and just won't quit.

i love harvesting from the garden and cooking the freshest possible produce. 


summer foods are incredible not to mention lovely.

i do so love to be outdoors enjoying everybit of sunshine i can get. riding my tractor and cutting the grass is a real favourite of mine. it gives me plenty of sun, plenty of time, and plenty of comtemplating the artwork that is nature,  painted by the hand of God.

happiest of summer days to you.


Rose said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Maggie; it's always hard to lose a special friend like this. But I'm sure you have so many good memories of her, Marmee; I hope they bring you comfort and healing.

I know you haven't been posting regularly and I haven't been visiting everyone as much as I used to, but it's always such a delight to read one of your posts. Your images capture summer so beautifully!

marmee said...


thank you for your comforting words about maggie. we do have so many great memories.

it seems as if posting has become less of a priority. i seem to have less time instead of more. not sure how that works.

thank you rose for visiting. it is so good to hear from you.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Marmee :-) It's been a long time since I commented but I always enjoy my visits to you...BUT...for a long, long time now I only see your lovely photos, there is never any text!! It has only just dawned on me that perhaps it is because, for some time. I have used an IPad although I have never encountered this problem on any of the many other blogs I look at. I will look later on my laptop and see if that makes a difference and let you know. I really can't see what else it could be and it is obvious from Rose's comment that there is text!

It has also just dawned on me that I can read your text on this page :-) so that is some compensation to me.

Anyway, your photos are as lovely as ever. I get the impression from Rose that you have lost your lovely Maggie, I'm so sorry.

ShySongbird said...

So sorry, I wrote the last paragraph before the one before it!

ShySongbird said...

Hi again Marmee :-) Yes, it's absolutely fine on the laptop. I have no idea why it doesn't show the text on the iPad, every other blog I visit is fine.

Esther said...

I love the compilation of sun and beauty you posted. I LOVE sunshine as well. Its been raining for days here but I do enjoy that sometimes too. But when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds again, its a magical feeling of warmth. I love what you said about Maggie. She was a special, once in a lifetime kind of dog. I know you have other great animals, but nothing will ever replace her. Thats why I am so glad you placed a tree in reminder of her. I want to go spend time by the tree when I come again. Summer is welcomed down here as much as I can tell you have!

marmee said...


i am glad you were able to figure it out and thank you for coming and visiting me.

we did lose our dear sweet maggie. she was 17 and 1/2 years old and we have many wonderful memories with her. she is dearly missed.

hope all is well with you. happy summer days to you.

marmee said...


i am so glad you are enjoying your summer days even with the rain.
i can't wait until we are in the sunshine together in a couple of weeks.
maggie was a one of kind and i can hardly believe she isn't here. i miss her terribly. it would be nice for you to see the tree we put in to honour is lovely.
see you soon. love you.

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