it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

more garden photos

butterfly house


broken vessal
ruppel's clematis clema'tide


Meems said...

Love the butterfly house... do they actually find it and use it?
As you probably know we don't grow clematis down here but I love seeing everyone elses.

Your dog photos are great too. Your fenced in area is going to be really nice when it grows in. I started most of my veggies from seed and for the first time ever I'm growing a few varieties of flowers from seed. It's lots more fun than I imagined. Never had the patience for it in the past but this year put them in places where it didn't matter if they weren't successful so I thought "what do I have to lose". To my surprise they have been successful and so it has been fun.

MLM said...

Welcome to blog world! I like the broken lovely on its own but also so poetic in metaphor!

marmee said...

yes i could have said just as easily self-portrait!
can't wait to see ya'll in a couple of weeks.

marmee said...

I'm not sure about the butterfly houses but i thought i would give it a shot. i'll let you know. this is my first attempt in tn with seed too. but i found it very intriging.
my dog subjects are great they let me fool around with them all the time and they are just so cute i have to photograph them.