it's that time of year

it's that time of year

a middle tennessee garden blog

finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Friday, June 11, 2010

discovering beauty

june sunset last night over the farm.
wonderful colours flushing out in june.

few raspberries are making it before the birds get them.
late evening beautiful sky through the garden bed.

blooming butterfly bush.
natural occurring wildflowers in the fields.
bee balm.
training mini cucumbers to grow on the wrought iron bed.
colourful swiss chard.
a few harvested raspberries for a late night snack in
one of my hand thrown pottery vessel.

living life to the fullest in june.

"we live only to discover beauty...all else is a form of waiting."


Darla said...

You are surrounded by such beauty.

Cheryl said...

June is a wonderful month. Full of everything we have been dreaming of during the long and cold months of winter.

I love raspberries, they are one of my favourite fruits. Their season does not last long, so I try to eat as many as I can. I love english raspberries......

The wrought iron bed is a very unusal feature. I love it. You have a style of your own, and that is special.

Have fun at the farm.......

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Marmee, It's great to hear from you. Your raspberries made my mouth water... Yum!!!! And I love seeing all of your pretty flowers... The sunset picture is fabulous!!!!

We've had alot of rain this week. George cannot even get the grass mowed.... Looks like rain again this morning.

Yes--I had Arthroscopic Knee Surgery last Thursday (3rd). I had struggled with pain for over a month --so after an X ray and and MRI, I had surgery for a torn meniscus. I'm doing better---but there's still alot of pain. It's just going to take some time. Thanks for asking.


tina said...

Your chard and veggies are looking so good. Love that wrought iron bed!

ShySongbird said...

Marmee, I am so sorry to have missed several of your lovely posts :( In my defence, I have had all sorts of trouble with blogger and the computer in general lately but also there seems so much to do at this time of makes it difficult to keep up.

I could almost smell the raspberries, I'm sure they are delicious! It was nice to see the garden bed make an appearance again :) I also love the beautiful live in such a lovely place...

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Marmee, I really like your bowl. I've always thought potting would be fun.

I'm still weeks away from fresh raspberries but my June strawberries are producing well.

The cucumber vines will look great climbing the old bed.

joey said...

Indeed, Marmee, it looks like you are living life to June's fullest (wish I grew berries)! Love the bed and the sunset is glorious.

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

Marmee, I can see why these are things you love. I love them too. See you in Buffalo.~~Dee

Q said...

I am enjoying catching up with you. I missed June in my gardens. Now I have a huge job trying to reclaim them after being gone a month!
Your photographs are so pretty.
Hope July is going well for you and yours.

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