it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Monday, September 27, 2010

it's beginning...

to feel a lot like autumn.

mums and leaves changing are synonymous with fall.
we have a little of both happening here on dash home farm.

the leaves are suffering because of our severe drought.
i am not sure what this will mean for the normally
beautiful fall colours in october. but it can't be good.
this is the time of year when pumpkins, gourds, squashes are
brimming over at all the local markets.

my dh offered to take me to a little market he had seen
in an out of the way kind of place....of course i said a resounding "yes."

reed's produce market and garden center is a place i somehow missed.

there was an abundance of corn stalks, straw bails, mums,
pumpkins, pansies and all things festive and fall.
we had a lovely time walking around and picking out just
what we wanted for decorating the farm house.

we chose the creamy antique white pumpkins and what they
call "blue" pumpkins. also, some very large squash and gourds.

there are a few things blooming as the
weather cools off just a bit.

i just love to have these colours added in and around the garden.

we found these huge pots of red mums with ornamental
grass growing in the middle...why hadn't i thought of doing
that before?

as most of my regular readers know
we have several dogs on our farm and i
get a kick out of how they love to follow me
around especially when i am decorating or
taking photos. this is lylah our australian shephard.
she is watching me intently. that's okay with me
because usually she is underfoot.

happy autumn everyone and have fun decorating
with all things fall. this is my favourite time of the year.


joey said...

You are certainly in the spirit of all things beautifully autumn, Marmee. Hope it's contagious 'cause I'm havin' a hard time swingin' into fall :)

koralee said...

Love your images today...I am so off to get some white pumpkins soon....happy new week to you.

I too love Fall!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Love your Fall colors --decorations and flowers, Marmee.. This cooler weather makes me want to decorate FINALLY... It's been so hot that I haven't been in the mood... Now--seeing your pictures helps me get in the mood.

Have a great week.

marmee said...


i am making myself get in the mood. i love this time of year but not when it is so hot still.
happy autumn.

marmee said...


so glad you came to visit. it reminded me to go look at your beautiful blog. i am glad you are getting into the spirit of fall.
happy autumn.

marmee said...


it is hard to get into the fall feel with the heat but it has been a welcomed relief the last two days...being somewhat cooler.
happy decorating for autumn.

Lola said...

The full feel of Autumn may now be in the air just yet but seeing the pics of bloggers has put me in the mood of doing something. I just love this time of yr. I just love all the difference kinds of pumpkins that you have decorated with. Wish they had them here. Really too expensive for this area. Too hot for the real thing. Tn. does have a wonderful array of things for Fall. Love it.

Cheryl said...

HI Marmee, my favourite time of year to! It was wonderful to visit your garden centres, and see the wonderful pumpkin displays etc. So colourful. I am so glad that I experienced a little of autumn in the USA.

I really like the mums and grasses....inpirational!!

I have never seen creamy or blue pumpkins here....we just have the bright orange ones, which I love.

Happy autumn Marmee, enjoy the season.......

marmee said...


i am glad you are getting into the spirit of things even if it is via the blogs you are looking at. the last few days have been a turn for sure with northern winds blowing in a slightly cooler breeze. hopefully it will be coming your way soon.
happy autumn.

marmee said...


i love that you were here in my home country...but next time it has to be tn okay? i do love the mums and the grasses mixed together. it's fun seeing all the interesting varieties of pumpkins that are coming out.
happy autumn.

Meems said...

What a wonderful little market. You know we don't have anything like that here. Not sure why but we won't see anything resembling fall pumpkins and such until late October. Maybe because it's always too hot down here for anyone to believe it actually is autumn.

I always LOVE your fall decorations. You are so gifted at putting accessories together in just the most appealing fashion.

The new potted mums at the back walkway are just delightful and perfectly placed. I DO love that look with the fountain grass. I've tried it here a few times but the grass always gets too big - too fast and takes over the entire container.

[must make plans for a visit]
love and hugs,

koralee said...

Oh your blog is lovely..everything makes my heart sing FALL!!!!

Just got a huge pot of Fall mums and tons of white pumpkins. Off to do a bit of decorating.

Fall hugs to you....and thank you for visiting me the other day! xoxoxo

marmee said...


thank you for your sweet words of kindness. it is feeling more and more like fall around here. (yes a visit is a must) i really like living where the seasons change. it is so different than growing up in fl.
hugs dear sister.

marmee said...


your welcome. your blog is like a breath of fresh air. i really like to visit.

Q said...

Everything looks beautiful...October is my favorite month to decorate for too. All sorts of gourds and pumpkins and mums....a neighbor had a wood fire in his fireplace this morning it was chilly...the smell was intoxicating....

Gail said...

Marmee, I loved each and every photo in your post~beautiful and the market looks like a fun place to visit~gail ps still no rain!

Lola said...

Hi Marmee, I have a Purple Fountain Grass in a big pot & the miniature Wondering Jew just decided it wanted to grow in the same pot. So grass in the middle with Wondering Jew all around even falling onto the ground. Sure wish I could send you a pic so you could see. The grass has out done itself this yr.