it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

walking into october

most of the colour we have around here is added in the autumn decor.
the weather has cooled down...enough to take some nice walks.
the leaves are just starting to change but as i said before it will
probably be a fairly colourless autumn because of the harsh summer drought.
this week my darling hubby and i went on such a walk.
last week i was delayed while driving when three huge buffalo were
crossing on my street...escapees from a neighbours property.
well this afternoon...this is what we encountered on our walk.
a horse drawn wagon with the most wonderful
clip~clopping coming at us.
it was invigorating.

you just never know what you are going to see in leiper's fork, tn.
we normally walk in the woodlands behind our acreage but
because it is so dry they haven't cut the very long grass and
it's quite brittle and pokey. so we choose the road instead.
we live on a long windy wonderful road. it attracts motorcyclist and bikers.
it is a beautiful place.
there is only a handful of houses on it and they are quite picturesque.
i love the cows stopping to see us passers~by.
especially the three white faces in a row.
i only wish i had my telephoto lens.
i have always been fascinated with the country and all it's charms.
this singular black cow and the dead amazing.

i am drawn to old rusty things and this being red...i love it.
a well kept barn with hay bales...classic country.

this is the cutest little tiny house on our road.
buster brown and dh on our walk.
this is pretty much right out our front door....i feel blessed
to live in such a beautiful countryside.

i have been busy adding fall touches here and there.
finally got around to planting some black pansies.
along with some ornamental peppers.
putting out all sorts of gourds and pumpkins including this blue pumpkin.
it is a great time of year to enjoy the out of doors.
happy autumn.


ShySongbird said...

Such a beautiful place to live and walk! Autumn is a lovely season but it seems to have arrived too soon here, Summer came and went in a flash.

Happy Autumn to you, Marmee :)

Teresa said...

You are lucky to have such wonderful scenery to enjoy every day. Love the horses.

Darla said...

You do have beautiful scenery at every turn don't you?

Mom Taxi Julie said...

It's sooo beautiful there!

Shirley said...

How wonderful, the things you come across on your walk from the horsedrawn carriage to great barns to terrific scenery. You are truly blessed to live there. Happy Autumn!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Marmee. What beautiful scenery and a great place to walk. The horse drawn carriage is just an added bonus for a beautiful walk. Your pictures are so gorgeous!

Lola said...

Heaven on earth--that's where you are. It's so pretty there you are so fortunate. I love the rolling hills in the country in Tn. In fact any place in Tn.

Lisa said...

We too comment on how wonderful it is to live in the country w/ all the beautiful sights. We never tire of watching the cows.

I need to decorate so bad, but have been down with what is believed to be pneumonia and now what may be pneumonia induced asthma. Waiting to see specialist.

Lisa Q

Susie said...

You really do live in a gorgeous area. I wouldn't mind walking/running or going bike riding there.

Happy weekend!

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee, stunning images. It is wonderful to live breath and feel the countryside. It restores our tired spirit and feeds the soul.

Enjoy your weekend, and your wonderful landscape.......

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Your scenery is amazing--and to think that's what you get to see when you walk out the door! I often wish we could live out in the country...but don't think that will happen anytime soon--if at all! I can't imagine seeing Buffalo crossing the road--that would make the local papers here! I am afraid we are not going to have much 'color' here, either, due to our hot and dry summer.

Meems said...

Oh, Marmee,
With each autumn post you tempt me to hop in the car and drive north. Seeing all those beautiful vistas makes me yearn for an autumn change of scenery. I DO hope the leaves surprise you and make a glowing show for you despite the preceding bad weather. At least the air is cool and fresh. And oh my... that winding road of yours is as picturesque as any painting!!!

Just beautiful around there...

marmee said...

thanks everyone...i do feel especially blessed in this place i find myself living. the weather is in flux around here today feels like late summer. we are painting porches so that is good.
happy autumn.

Rose said...

Such a beautiful area you live in, Marmee--you are indeed blessed! Thanks for sharing your walk with us. I, too, am a country lover and thankful to be surrounded by the beauties of nature. And you might be surprised by the fall foliage yet--I thought the same thing about the dry conditions this year, but the trees here are just beginning to put on quite a show after all.

marmee said...


i would be delighted if we were to get more colour than i am anticipating. i always enjoy your visits.
happy autumn days.