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it's that time of year

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

hidden treasures

one of the first things you notice about meem's garden
is that there are many pathways to hidden treasures...
...there are lots of curves in just the right places.

...all leading to lush green plantings.

pretty much you can look in any direction and see
impressive views...

...side to side...

to the scrub live oaks that help filter all that florida sun.

...down...and with a closer look...
glowing blue...

...peacocks...even though i could not do justice to the
captures of these creatures(pests)...they were scurrying
around and we were shooing them away...

...unfortunately to a neighbours driveway.

now back to the garden...the front yard view to the left
of meem's driveway...doesn't that little grass path
just beckon you to see where it leads...
another hidden treasure... a bromeliad that is the
shape and colour of a flamingo.
to the left of the driveway...where the live oaks
stand majestically with the sun setting...

...highlighting the ti and ginger plants.

upon closer inspection past the frosts damages...
xanadu has some new little green leaves.
...persian shield has all new growth at the very edges...

containers abound in and throughout
...this one has impatiens buds...

...the silvery leaves surrounded by green are
lamium white nancy.

...impatiens blooms...

then several varieties of azaleas enjoying the presence of
just the right evenings and warmer, sun filled days.

another pathway at the back of the house
leads to a raised brick patio with seating
...all the sights from there lead to the back yard.

a lovely green watering can is waiting to be used.

meem's gorgeous over sized angel winged begonias got
totally bitten by the frosts. fortunately, she had intuitively
pulled some of the large stalks of the greenery and put
them in water to root then cut and reproduce.

this is all that is left of her beautiful begonias...

but they will come back and she will once
again have a most wonderful patio plant.

the back yard is full of vignettes of plantings...with
seating placed for strategic viewing.

there are many bird feeders and places for them to refresh.

the best thing is although many things were lost
to the freezes...there is already new growth at the
base of a lot of plants...signs of new life were all
around us unfurling...holly fern...

australian tree fern fiddle...

there is always a new day in the garden...
a new day to plant...prune...process...produce
...a new day of pleasures awaits...


Darla said...

Her gardens are quite the inspiration. I have that Queen's Tears Bromeliad too!

Susie said...

Her garden is certainly amazing!

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee......I have just been catching up with all your must have had a wonderful time......Meems garden is indeed a paradise and the peacocks, whilst a nuisance, add a certain charm. So many plants I could not mention those I love as it involves too many.....

I bet you miss the sunshine......and of course your family.......

lola said...

Hi Marmee. I know you enjoyed that beautiful garden. I'm always amazed how she does it all. It always looks so wonderful.
I'm north of her but my gardens is nothing to compare & not too much is coming out now. 2 daffies. Both different.
Supposed to get around freezing by tomorrow morning. Stormed this a.m., around 60º now. Wishy washy temps is what causes so much sickness.

Meems said...

Dear Marmee,
You do flatter me too much with all these glorious reviews of my garden. You have certainly made the rather sad state of it at the moment seem much less pitiful than it feels to me. I will come back here when I am tempted to pout about all the work I'm doing to help restore the damaged areas.

It is interesting how your eyes captured some views I've never bothered to put anywhere on my blog... for lack of even noticing them.

Of course those peacocks are getting way too much blog attention... maybe that's why they keep coming around. Camera hogs!

Miss you...

P.S. -- Darla -- thanks for the I.D. on the bromeliad. My neighbor gave those to me and I have oodles of them now ... never knew the name.

marmee said...

i was definitely inspired while there. she works very hard in those inspirational gardens.
i really loved the look of that weeping bromeliad.

marmee said...

she has been hard at work in those gardens for almost 30 years.
when i got married 23 years ago i had my wedding there hoping to walk down an aisle of white wooden chairs to a white arch filled with flowers. it would not be possible now because of all the planting beds. you could wind your way around the aisles.
my wedding did take place but inside what is now her dining area because on the dot of seven o'clock when we were supposed to be outside in a more plain garden but still beautiful, there was a huge storm that blew over all the white wooden chairs and white archway with lightning crashing and rolling thunder.
all i could think about was how was i going to pay for all that stuff that got ruined.

marmee said...


i did have a most wonderful time with meems, she is also a very gracious host towards her house guests. i felt very blessed to get to stay there and just relax by myself.
it was so nice to see what all was blooming in her area at this time of the year and of course the weather was so nice.

marmee said...

meems is a hard working woman even at her hobby. it shows up in the fact that everything looks so nicely done.
i have returned to quite the cold weather so it is actually making me appreciate that trip even more.
we had such a great time sharing, talking gardening, and so many other subjects. it is in the mid
30's here and windy. the sun is shining though the only redeeming quality.

marmee said...


people might be getting tired of me gushing over your gardens but they are so impressive. you have worked so consistly and hard to get them to this point though so you deserve a little praise from your very admiring sis.
maybe if we stop talking about those bright blue birds with the very incredible tail feathers. they might get the hint and move on.
miss you too meems.i already miss the warm weather too. it's in the mid thirties here while the sunshine is directly overhead so it is going to be a cold night.
all i can do is dream about gardening now. and of course blog about yours, lol!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning Marmee, it's good to see recovery from the frosts. I hope that was the last unseasonable cold they will see. It is such a treat to open my browser and see this tropical paradise. Then I look out my window and shiver. You tow have a wonderful weekend.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
It is wonderful to see your Sis' gardens. It must be a joy to be able to share with her your love of gardening.
I can tell by the way you write your sister is important in your life. Hard to be apart too.
Meems gardens are beautiful but the relationship you two have is beauty, the blessing nad the delight. I miss my sis. Hugs to you and yours.

marmee said...

good morning marnie,

i am actually back to my home where the temps are are freezing.
tonight we are to be in the low twenties. i know i have to face the fact i have a long winter here. that is actually why i planned my trip at this time of year to get a reprive from the cold, sunless days.

i didn't post it all while i was there trying to take it all in.

marmee said...

you are right to say my sis means alot to me. we have had times of closness and then times of life is too busy. but hopefully with the help of blogging we will be able to stay in touch plus we are making an effort to visit as well. it is so important to have that family connection. who knows you better than your sis?
i am sorry you miss your sis, it is a longing nothing else will fill.
i so enjoyed being in the warmth of the fl sun and seeing meem's garden with all the new beds and all that was blooming, it is in
high contrast to what is going on around here.

Gail said...


Meem's has a beautiful eye for design and you have a marvelous prose style. Add your wonderful photos and the result is a lovely post. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and then through the comments found out your probably now funny wedding story. Have a beautiful Sunday...maybe we'll get a bit more of that promised snow! gail

marmee said...

old man winter is not finished with us yet, gail. although i really wish he would dump some snow on us.
yes my wedding story in now more funny than tramatic. it really turned into the most intimate wedding because we were encircled with our friends and loved ones. our jewish photographer, cried the entire time and our photos were anything but good. it's all just in our memories now.
meems is like the interior decorator on the outside with her gardens, she knows how to place everything to be pleasing to the eye and draw your eye through the garden. i am so happy you enjoyed the post, it has been my pleasure to try to capture her landscapes and describe them acurately.
photos can never really articulate the beauty.
hope you are having a wonderful weekend.