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it's that time of year

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

thank you

in the world of generous the last few months...i have won two give aways.

a big thank you goes to sandy at
for a wonderful handcrafted, hand painted recipe card.
she is incredibly talented and good at so many things.

the other big thank you goes to jane at
for her generous bundle of fabric and pendant.
abbey is going to learn to sew with these beautiful pieces of
andalucia by patty young. she is more than excited.
jane also has a store
that sells beautiful and unique fabrics.

thank you both sandy and jane for being so giving!


Unknown said...

You lucky duck you! Looks like Abbey won too! Enjoy your nice gifts.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee there are many kind and generous people in the blogging world.....we are very fortunate to be part of it......enjoy your gifts.....

Meems said...

Marmee, You got some things. How very fun. I love fabrics. I don't sew but fabric always intrigues me. So many colors and designs. It is so fun to match and put together. The stack you won looks VERY designer savvy. Fun stuff.
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

tina said...

Enjoy your nice gifts!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful gifts indeed. I love the pendant with the fabric. And that recipe card is precious and classy.

Susie said...

I know anything you win from Sandy is going to be gorgeous. I won a giveaway of her's in Dec. In it I was given a beautiful ornament among other lovelies.

That fabric is really pretty. Abbey will definitely have a good time with that.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww fabric---a weakness I have. I have yards of it. Don't know what I will do with it all. If my hand doesn't ease up I may not do anything with it.
Congrats on you good fortune.

Anonymous said...
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Roses and Lilacs said...

Nice! So many generous bloggers giving wonderful prizes;)

Rissalee said...

i look forward to seeing the crafty things you do with all that cool fabric.

marmee said...


i do feel like a blessed woman. now to pick what to do with the fabric. abbey already has ideas floating around in her head.

marmee said...

i do think this is a great community of generous people.
i am excited to have these fabrics to teach abbey to sew. she is very creative and has some great ideas already.

marmee said...

i did get some things, some very nice things. i wish i could be clever enough to think of a good giveaway. they are fun.
abbey has already decided one is going to be a skirt and the other is going to be a handband. i bought her a machine and we have done a few lessons.

marmee said...

thank you it is always fun to receive something.
hope you are enjoying this warmer weather we are having today.

marmee said...


haven't decided what to do with the pendant yet, do you have any ideas? i was very pleased to receive these beautiful things just for leaving a comment.

marmee said...

yes i think sandy is very talented indeed. she is always creating something special. i need to try the recipe still.
abbey is so excited to have these fabrics to start her sewing with. she's got great ideas for some of it already.
have a great weekend.

marmee said...

i seem to have a weakness for all things beautiful including fabric. i have done alot of sewing in my day. not so much anymore but with these lovely pieces i know it will be hard not to. i am going to let abbey create her own sense of style and make her own decisions of how she would like to use the fabric. maybe a future post.
have a great warm weekend.

marmee said...

marnie, somehow i knew i was going to win the fabric so that was so cool when it actually happened. i am going to thoroughly enjoy abbey creating with these special fabrics.

marmee said...

abbey has been looking and already decided what to do with a few of those beautiful pieces. so once we get them done we will have to show everyone.

Rhonda said...

Wow..great wins! I think I need to enter these giveaways more often. LOL

marmee said...

hey thanks for coming by"things i love." yes you should enter giveaways/they are fun and easy.
love your dreamhouse in middle tn. it looks lovely.

Gail said...


Bloggers are the best! The fabric is lovely and Abbey will have such fun learning to sew; I do think that pretty fabrics will encourage her creativity even more.


marmee said...

gail, they do seem to be good folk. abbey is already for me to start. she is very excited about the lessons.
this weather was heaven today!

Anonymous said...
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