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it's that time of year

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

there is no place like home but family is the next best thing

being away from home is always a little hard.
but being with your family feels so good.
my vacation is over but the time i got to spend with
my family and friends is forever etched in my memory.

a little bragging is about to ensue so i have fairly warned you.

my daughter esther has always loved every living creature.
so when a baby goat on her farm was rejected by it's mother
it was only natural for her to adopt it and bottle feed it.
now "ariel" the baby pygmy goat thinks she belongs to the family.
this goat follows them around wherever they go.

it is the cutest thing.

along with being an animal lover, esther is a wonderful wife and mother.
her little girl, grace, my blue-eyed grand is as charming as she is beautiful.
grace is an articulate 2 year old with manners that emily post would be proud of.
she was very excited to have her marmee with her.

we had a grand time being together...there was lots of laughing, singing,
playing the piano, pretending, reading, and of course snuggling.

esther also has quite the eye for doing things with a flare.
her home is very inviting and she has captured the essence of
her unique sense of style. she made this table top for grace
at christmas, it is so adorable.

i love you esther. thank you for your warm welcome into your
home and letting me spend time with your family. i loved being with grace.
she was a riot that first night together and she is so much like her mother,
in all the right ways. i love that sweet little grace that she is abundant with.

when she put her arms around my neck and said," i just love
you so much marmee." i could have melted.

then i got to spend some time with two ladies that have
meant so much in my life. mrs. brooks and carol.
there isn't enough room to even begin to write what that means.
carol and i were best friends in jr and high school and have remained friends
through college and between us, 9 babies.
she is a very accomplished woman and a very involved mother.
it was great to see you after so many years of just christmas
card photos. i really enjoyed catching up.
mrs. brooks has been so instrumental in my spiritual development and just all
around being a better person from her wonderful example of being an exemplary
woman of strength and courage. you are one of the few of my role models.
thank you for your love and support of me and my family all these years.
it was so great to spend some time with you on this last trip.

my mom, gigi and esther(taking the picture) lunched with us in the
outdoor eatery, grill smith. we all had a lot of catching up to do.

gigi had everyone over for dinner on sunday evening.
my mom is an excellent cook.
she made a chicken tortilla soup with all the fixings.
it was so good to have her yummy homemade food.
there is no place like home.
we played games with the family and laughed.

thanks mom and chuck for having such a nice gathering at your home.
unfortunately i didn't have my camera so no pictures.

meems and marmee saying good bye on the last morning.
i had a wonderful time meems at your home. you made me
feel welcomed and i got to relax and be treated special.
you are good at that. thanks for everything...the room to myself,
the trips to the beach, starbucks, your incredible cooking...

...having the family over multiple times...
sharing your precious family with me.
making each day so nice.
i had a very happy, relaxing, tasty, warm, welcoming vacation.
thank you esther, gigi and meems!

i love you all!


Darla said...

Man! What's not to love here? Wonderful post from a very thankful one.

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee.....I can feel the love for your family oozing from this post....we are alike, I adore my family, they are my world.
We are so fortunate to have found the world of love in the arms of those closest, many do not.
You had a wonderful time....quality time....special memories....hold them in your heart until the next time...then new memories will be made.......

Take care.....

lola said...

What a lovely, loving time with your family. I know it will be a cherished memory for yrs to come.

Maday said...

Oh my ... Grace looks so cute and Esther beautiful as always. I'am glad you had that time to spend with them!!!

Meems said...

Those captures of beautiful Grace are just spectacular. She is every bit adorable and living up to her name... gracious, kind,and loving. It was MY treat to get to see her and Esther for a little while.

We certainly fit in as much as possible in one week didn't we? It was great fun packed with memories to keep us until next time.

Being back home is the best after being away for even a short time. Glad the family survived- give them all a hug for me. *hugs to you*

Susie said...

And a good time was had by all!!! Looks like you all did have a wonderful time! Glad you made it back home safely.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I think these family get-togethers are so important in keeping the bonds strong.

Loved the goat!

marmee said...

so true there was not anything i didn't love. thanks!

marmee said...

i do love my family and like you count it a blessing,
"to have found the world of love in the arms of those closest."
when i was a young mother i bought a book about memory making and it has stuck with me. it is so important.
how is cornwall?

marmee said...

it was so good to see my family and make these precious memories.
i am a blessed woman.

marmee said...

so glad you came round. grace was very cute and very entertaining.
esther is a wonderful mom and i love seeing her in action.

marmee said...

the gushing is about to cease and desist, i promise.
i know you don't like all this attention paid to you but i have all these pictures, lol.
it was so nice to have our daughters together and their children. life just keeps cycling, and we are getting to the other side.
we did a lot of really great things and i so enjoyed them.
maybe a little more beach time will be on the agenda next time.
i still kinda wish i had bought that wreath from ginny's.
my family is acting so grateful to have me home, it's cute.
we've got ethan's b day dinner tonight, his last year of teens.

marmee said...

thanks i am glad to have had an easy travel time. we did have a wonderful time goes being with the family.

marmee said...

that goat was too cute. i want one but i did before i saw her.
after 40 years of living close to my family, i can say these times together now mean so much.
i really love living in tn but the whole family thing is hard. i am glad most of my children live here. we are all working on esther to entice her back to tn.

joey said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful life and family, Marmee! You are truly blessed :)

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
This vacation with your Mum,Sis and Daughter and Granddaughter just fills my heart with joy. The women in your life are special. I bet they took care of you! A real vacation for you with loved ones.
I would gush too...a family you can be proud of, a family that loves you just the way you are.
Thank you for sharing their warmth and love.

Gail said...

Marmee, I am very glad you shared you loving family with us~~ gail

Wendy said...

What a lovely family you have. So nice to share memories in the making. I am glad you had a nice holiday.

marmee said...


i have a feeling we are kindred spirits when it comes to being blessed with our families.

marmee said...

dear sherry,

i can't help but brag a bit about them all. they are all strong women and are such blessings to me. i'm glad you don't mind me sharing my wonderful support system. that's is what makes life beautiful.

marmee said...


i couldn't help myself, they all are wonderful, strong women, that mean so much in my life.

marmee said...


"memories in the making"
i love how you said that.
i read a book years ago called
creative memories and i think of it every time there are memories being made. it is so fullfilling to have these times together.

EstherLP said...


I was honored that you said all those wonderful things about me and my family. But very appreciative of you noticing the things I do strive to be. I am still working at it all the time though! Grace does amaze me every day by her beauty, charm, and intellect! I am overly proud to be her mom. I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together as well. I am so thankful you took the time to come down here and just hang, I love you. I am up for the more beach time, next time suggestion!

marmee said...


more beach definitely next time.
you are so welcomed honey, words can only express so much but my heart abounds with love for you.
it also swells with pride over what you are accomplishing as homemaker, wife, mommy,& hardworking horse trainer. i am so glad you are having some of your dreams fullfilled.
i really was happy to just be able to spend time without too many distractions, being there by myself was great.
i love you. see you soon right?

Deb said...

Such a beautiful post Marmee! What a lovely family you have.

marmee said...

thank you deb! i appreciate your sweet words.

Deb said...

Hi again Marmee
Just read your comment :-)
I found out how to change the comments line here:
You will find it under "Main Menu" - blog secrets & it's #9 "How to change the "comments" line of each post. I'm really computer challenged and even I managed it :-) Have fun!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a neat neat post, Marmee... Looks like you had a fabulous trip... That Grace is one gorgeous little gal.

marmee said...


nice to hear from you! hope you are well with all this cold yucky weather we are having.
i am delighted you liked the post. that grace is such a wonderful grandchild to have in my life.

Frances said...

Hi Marmee, what a loving and warm (and good looking!) family you have. That little blue eyed darling is a heart melter, even in photos! Since I am also a GG, as we spell it :-) it is always fun to hear about your GiGi, soul sisters as they say. HA

marmee said...


our gigi stands for great grandmother. how about you?
now everyone just calls her that.
my family is full of beautiful people, thank you for noticing.
i miss that little blue-eyed sweetie.