it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Sunday, March 1, 2009


somehow, snow makes winter
seem okay.
plus the sun is shining...making
everything sparkle just a bit.

i am always fascinated how these white flakes make
even the ordinary objects seem more beautiful.

i love seeing nature with a white backdrop.
it makes everything pop.

birds are plentiful and feeding voraciously.
it seems like they can't get enough.

snow has blanketed our sunday with beauty.


Susie said...

Well you got lots more snow than I did. It is pretty isn't it? Of course, that's easy for me to say living down here.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee......I love your photographs and they are truly beautiful.....but I am happy without the snow.
I hope it stays with you for as long as you want it.....

Love the little bird house by the way.......

tina said...

It is beautiful today. Nice and sparkly for sure. But cold. I am glad spring is on its way and very near.

joey said...

Yes, white covers the gray this time of year but I think I've seen enough :) Happy March, Marmee!

Gail said...

Hi Marmee, It looks like you got a little bit more than a little bit this time! Ours was lovely and then gone...once the sun woke up. We just didn't have our fair share of snow this year...but you've caught it's delightful beauty the few times it fell! Have a good day and let's hope it doesn't get as cold as they say it will! gail

Wendy said...

Nice that you can see the beauty in snow. I'm tired of it, but it does look pretty.

marmee said...


we get snow so seldom, it is pretty.

marmee said...

since we only have snow at seldom times i can deal with it and i prefer the white to all the brown and grey.

marmee said...


i agree the cold and the wind outweighed having the snow. it is going to be so nice in about a month and 1/2.

marmee said...


i know you get way more snow than we do so i know you are tired of it. i too am tired of the cold.
it won't be long.

marmee said...

it didn't last long here either but i did watch it fall last night. it still excites me, silly i know.
aren't you just so tired of the cold?

marmee said...


i am sure you get tired of it. we just don't have it enough to get tired plus me being a fl girl i didn't even see snow until i was in my twenties.

CA Girl in 10-OC said...

Such beautiful photographs!! Too bad the snow didn't last longer. Oh well, maybe one more storm before spring really hits?

Roses and Lilacs said...

You're getting your share of snow this year. Somehow we missed this one. It went south and then up the east coast. Can't say that I'm sorry we didn't get any here.

marmee said...

ca girl,
i am so ready for spring. i need the light and warmth. your snow pictures were wonderful too.

marmee said...


the kids always enjoy the snow especially it happens on a weekday, no such luck this time.
it's still is so cold here there is snow on the hillsides and shady areas.

lola said...

Quiet lovely, Marmee. You have some snow, we just have the cold. I'm ready for warmer weather but not the summer heat. I love the snow & think it to be so pretty. In a way I miss it a lot. The melting & mess not so.

Carrie said...

I found you from Clay & Limestone, sooo good to find another TN blog!

marmee said...


i am so ready for some warmth and lots of sunshine. i am getting cabin fever but am going to start some seeds tomorrow and that'll help.
i love seeing snow too! it makes everything seem so crisp.

marmee said...

i am delighted you have come to "things i love"
welcome to blogging.

Rose said...

A blanket of snow makes everything seem magical, doesn't it? As you say, it makes winter more bearable. I think you have had more snow lately than we have had up north. That's ok, though, I am ready to see some green:)

Meems said...

Hi Marmee,
Oh, you are SO right. Snow. Beauty. White. Sparkle. Sunshine. It all just goes together so well. Much better than just cold and dreary. Give me some beautiful snow with my cold weather! (You know I'm not talking about down here but if I lived where it got cold-- give me snow and sunshine with it!)

What a treat winter's last hurrah has given you!

marmee said...

about seeing green, i enjoyed getting to see green down in fl at my sis, meem's house and garden. i probably need to plan a few more trips down there during the winter months, maybe i should become a snowbird. i might be a bit young for that though.
the snow is all but melted now just a few spots in the shade have bits of snow.

marmee said...

i was wondering if that snow equates with coming in like a lion for march? i think it helps that it snowed. i mean bear the winter more with the white stuff making it more beautiful.