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it's that time of year

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dreaming of april

is anyone else in awe of how fast march has slipped through time?
it has been but a blink of the eye and now it's going.

so we bid it goodbye, or as they say in france, bon au revoir.
all things being said i am glad to welcome april.

it is the month of easter, it is the month of major planting
here at dash home farm. we will be putting all veggies in the ground
come the 22 of april. the wild flowers will also be planted around
that same time. still there is some preparation being done...

...when the weather cooperates.

mr. cardinal sits in the high branches and declares his love very vocally.

the cherries are almost finished comes and goes so fast.

i did see this dogwood blooming in downtown
i thought i would share it...mine isn't nearly this big...and
not yet blooming.
mr. goldfinch is happily spying the niger seed from the iron gate.

panies are blooming in regal purple.
red clover covers a great deal of the open fields...
they say red but it looks purple en mass.

the teddy bear magnolia has a bud on it.
i re potted it for now until i find it's permanent home...which could require
a lot of work...more tilling in the front gated area.

my weed shield is the discussion of much debate around here
at the farm...some like the idea and others think it is silly.
i am not planning on planting through it like some suggest.
it's just here temporarily until i can sow the wildflower seeds.
to keep the weeds at bay.

but the birds are having a walk about on it...tiny footprints
in a photo taken by abbey.

~click to enlarge~
***as with any of my photos***

frizzle sizzle pansies are doing well.
the sun is setting on the last day of march
it will be a good month to be in the watch new things
being anticipate new growth from the ground and enjoy
family gatherings...and some can be outside...yippee!

farewell march.


joey said...

Happy April, Marmee ... lovely photos but my heart went out to Abbey's bird walk-about capture, exactly what I hope to do this glorous spring!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for April! The weedshield is interesting, hope to hear how well it worked for you.

Susie said...

Those sky pictures are pretty! Love all those colors. I'm so glad it's spring and all the glory it brings with it.

Roses and Lilacs said...

It's good go hear the cardinals calling agian, one of my favorite sounds.

What a pretty dogwood photo. I miss them. Such lovely trees, the graceful shape and the blooms.

Happy April first to you too. I hope it's a great month for everyone to get outdoors.

Unknown said...

This is a special month! Love your photos.........the sky is gorgeous!

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee....March did indeed pass with a blink of the eye........years pass so quickly now.....but I know you, like me, treasure each new day and give much thanks that we are here to enjoy it....

I am so excited to see the wildflower meadow when the time is right......they are one of my most favourite things.......

Beautiful sunset....may you and yours see many together as your gardens begin to grow.......

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee....just popped over to read the words of Dreaming of April......they are absolutely beautiful.....tku for bringing them to my attention......

Q said...

Happy April!
Your sunset photogrpahs are fantastic!
April is a fine month here too. March did seem to zip right by, as doa ll the months anymore!
April can be so very beautiful!
Happy planting.

Gail said...

Hello marmee! March was certainly interesting! The weather and then there were all the experiences, opportunities to grow I call them! Lovely photos...aren't the cardinal a wonderful deep red right now! gail

marmee said...

joyful april to you joey!
thank you i was feeling the same way about abbey and her captures. she just loves being with me and trying to show me that she can take photos with her mommy.
we will all be out there snapping away as soon as we can.

marmee said...

i am so happy it's april, the weather is in flux but at least we have some warm and sunny days. i will let you know about the weedshield. i have lifted some of the corners and planted and i was happy only finding minimal sprouts that i easily raked.

marmee said...

the sky was angry that night susie with gusty winds and it was changing rapidly. i love seeing it over our farm.
spring is a wonderful, glorious time of the year to celebrate life.

marmee said...

the cardinal's are trying to impress i think. the dogwoods are so very nice to have blooming mine is still shut up tight.
we had torrential downpours yesterday and it is very cool and damp here today. i had several new plants wash out but i am hoping to get them back in the ground today.

marmee said...

thank you. we are all so happy to have some warm days mixed in with the cool damp ones. happy spring to you.

marmee said...

dear cheryl,

how right you are, each and everyday is a treasure. i love that we are at least having some warm, sunny days to be outside. yesterday flooding and torrential rains washed out some of my newly planted stuff but i will replant in the next day or so. it is very cool and damp today. the ground is saturated.
my wildflower meadow is just an experiment this year so we will see. i am not quite sure what i am doing but i wanted to try it the most simple way this year with all the other expanding we are doing.
dreaming of april is one of my all time favourite songs. when i lived in fl i just didn't quite have the appreciation i do now with the seasonal changes.
i love capturing the sunsets over dash home farm when they are so beautiful it reminds me of being at the beach and it feels a little more like home each time.

marmee said...


we are so happy to be into april around here. being able to anticipate planting and having warmer sunny days brings hope. the weather is still in flux but at least there are those beautiful spring days where you can be outside most of the day.
if you get a chance read the lyrics of "dreaming of april" on my sidebar. the song is beautifully written and sung by "out of the grey". one of my favourite songs ever. now living in tn i understand the meaning even more.
happy april spring day to you.

marmee said...

dear gail,
not just march, my last two years have been very stretching for me. i have had many opportunities to grow and still am. i laugh in the face of challenges and am willing to be taught new things. lol! if only it could come with less of a price. sie la vie(such is life)
i love listening to the cardinal's trying to impress his mate.
have a wonderful spring day with all our coolness and dampness.

Meems said...

Hi Marmee,
I've been taking a blogging break this week (of sorts)- so I missed this post earlier. The sunset photos are stunning and I know in person they are even more stunning. What a wonderful you have from the back looking out on the fields to the horizon. Spring has found you and the buds and blooms are coming out on que. The cardinal photos are my favorites (I think) - but the sweet pansies are reminding me of the difference in our climates. They would be wilting here.

Yes, March came and went and April will do the same before we know it. Telling self: Must make the most of each day!

Happy day, Marmee. Hope you are getting all that rain stored up for summer will be here without much. Your ground is going to be happy for it now though. Good prep for the garden.
Hugs and Love****
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel