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it's that time of year

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Friday, March 27, 2009

all manner of flowers


my son, jesse and i went to the nursery today.
we were enjoying this rainy cool spring day.
so many wonderful things i have never grown.
only seen in faux flowers or books.

this is a ranunculus.
i used to have a vase of these that were faux.
i loved them and now i get to plant the real thing.

purple and white
rocky white/purple wing
jesse and i were there to buy more frizzle sizzle pansies, but alas
they are out and the grower says no more for this season.
i am glad i got some about a week ago. so still needing something for
the container out by the mailbox, jess saw these and said he liked them.
(i am trying my best to get anyone in my family hooked on gardening.)
this is actually one of jesse electives for homeschooling and he has been
helping in the garden quite a bit.

majestic giants II

majestic giants II
white blotch
periwinkle vinca

next we are going to try vinca. i know some of you
have said it takes over. i am okay with that seeing
as i have such a huge yard.
great for erosion control on banks and slopes.

pirate's patch

this is a native plant.
first one of many i hope.
once we read the name of this jess
said this is a must. i like that attitude.
purple flower
jacob's ladder

this is the one and only purple jacob's ladder they had. so i got it.
i love the way the flowers are reaching beyond the foliage.
it looks like a fern to me.

hartswood ruby
spreading shrubby stems form low cushions of
evergreen foliage that is displayed for months.
that red flower on the right is the hartswood ruby.
red columbine
i have always wanted columbine and i love red.
so into the cart go two.
double spurless flowers are a favourite of hummingbirds.
clear crystal purple shades
i had white alyssum at my other house and i loved the way it spread out.
these have an amazing fragrance.
bicolour alum root
this dark leafed beauty has ruffled edges and a lusty
burgundy colour on the bottom of the leaves.
the purple peeks from the edges as you sashay by her.
it attracts both humming bird and butterfly.

the cherry tree in full bloom.
no blooms on the dogwoods yet still just buds.
have a happy day in your spring garden.


Jarlin said...

Amazing pictures. I love flowers.

Keep posting.

Darla said...

Wasn't it nice to have Jesse shop for flowers with you? I love it!! Great picks by the way, some I have never heard of but will love learning from you. Our Dogwoods have already bloomed and shed the petals now they are leafing out beautifully!!

joey said...

Happy, happy post, Marmee, and lovely photos. I see many favorites like columbine and Jacob's ladder. You are a wise mother sharing the gift of gardening with Jesse and way ahead, well into spring, with your cherry tree in bloom. I'm off to the nursery myself today since it's too early & cold to work in the garden. Happy weekend!

Cheryl said...

Hi have bought some lovely plants there.....I love Vinca, it does not spread too rapidly here but like you I have plenty of space for it and it is good ground cover....

Jacob's ladder is one of my favourites, such a delightful colour, don't you think....and viola's always paint a pretty picture.......

I shall enjoy watching all your lovely plants grow......have fun planting them....

It is wonderful that you are trying to involve the family....gardening is such a wonderful therapy......

Your garden is going to look gorgeous.......

Susie said...

Marmee you got some beautiful flowers there. How nice Jesse helping you out. He might find something he truly loves.

marmee said...


thanks for stopping by "things i love".

marmee said...


it was so nice to have jesse with me and he had lots to say.(which is unusual for him)
i am still learning, seems there is endless choices.
how long did your dogwoods last? i love when they bloom.

marmee said...


hope you enjoy your nusery trip, how could you not. we have had windy thunderstorms today so no planting for me yet, but soon.
going to the nursery with jesse was a happy time for me.
it's my first time for j/ladder and columbine. i am happy to be able to plant them both.

marmee said...


i want some maintenance free ground cover that will just take over. we have a periwinkle vinca in fl that was completely different. i am not sure how that happens.
what colour is your j/ladder? they had several other types but this one is so lovely.
something about pansies and violas make me happy and think of spring/fall.
i am still thinking about where to plant all these beauties, the weather has been stormy, windy since i got them. i keep thinking i really need to plant them in the right places where the dogs don't trample them and the have time to get rooted.
i too find gardening theraputic and hope my children might too. this world can be full of stressful. jesse is a kindhearted soul and easy to be with.

marmee said...

thanks dear susie,
i would love it if my children shared in my passion for planting and watching things grow. i am not always the best teacher just wanting to do things myself but i need to try to show him some of the fundamentals. he seems to be willing too.

Meems said...

So many glorious blooming plants and what fun to take Jesse with you. He will remember these times and learn from them... such good things to share. I do love that last plant with the pretty foliage. I can't wait to see where you put all these beauties. Too fun getting to go to the nursery after a long cold winter!!!

Frances said...

Hi Marmee, I love that you are trying to hook the family on gardening. Sounds like you have succeeded with Jesse, if the term *must have* is in the vocabulary! It all looks grand, I have the vinca too, including the yellow leaf form that is more showy. Under shrubs and daylilies it is a good choice. Spring without columbines of all sorts is not allowed here either. That red is fabulous, as are all the choices. Hooray for spring!

Gail said...

Marmee, Happy Sunday, it is chilly and cold, but still a day for enjoying that the storms passed over pretty rapidly. You've found wonderful plants for your garden! I didn't know ranunculus came in white and purple...having only seen yellow, red and a deep orange color! Lucky you to have a son interested in gardening and nursery shopping with you. I always wished our son would want to garden... he is a biologist/ecologist working in the invasives field! Vinca is beautiful. Please, you don't need to buy anymore
->I can give you any and all you need...seriously! I dig it up everyday!

I hope your day is warm and cozy...gail

marmee said...

jess and i did have fun that day. i'm taking it slow with him so i don't burn him out. plus who doesn't love putting a larger plant into the ground. i ususally buy the 6 packs.
all those plants are sitting safely inside the potting shed waiting on more amiable weather. still trying to decide on where some will go.

marmee said...


things have changed so much since moving out here to leiper's fork. we are all adapting well to the country life and i believe the kids even the grows ones love it out here. my oldest, rachel says this is where we always need to be. jess is definately enjoying being here and learning about vegges, flowers, taking care of trees and a large piece of land.
there is so much opportunity to do different things than when we lived in the city. chopping wood, having a large firepit, riding tractors and dirt bikes, trimming trees(lots of trees), getting to experience hawks, owls, geese, coyotes, deer, etc...
i think we were meant to live like this.
thanks for the info about the vinca.
i am so excited about the columbine. i love the delicate flower and stems.
have a wonderful end of march.

marmee said...


thanks for the offer of vinca. i will see how these do and let you know. i might want some just so i can meet you, lol. really we do need to get together one of these days.
today is cold and somewhat windy here. i am glad the storms went thru quickly. we have no basement here so tornados are always a bit of a concern.
i don't know anything about ranunculus except i love the look and the kids thought they looked like a miniature peonies.
have you ever grown them? and do you have any advice? they came with no info. i thought i would put them in a container but i don't know how fast they spread or whether they need full sun or partial sun. i don't usually buy something that i don't know or have some info on but i have always admired ranunculus and they didn't have many.
today i am sitting by the fire after breakfast with the family, blogging.
have a wonderful sunday at the end of march.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh you are a kindred spirit..I love love love flowers and nature..
Smiles, Deena

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Gardening with your son is a treat and a treasure. Will you grow herbs too? Will he keep a planting/ gardening journal?
I love that gardening is part of his education...practicle learning and time so very well spent.
You are a great mum!

marmee said...

love that you came to visit. how sweet of you to say we are kindred
spirits. hope you are having a fantastic spring.

marmee said...

yes he will help in the herb garden. i would like him to learn along side of me what they are good for and how to use them in many ways. i had not thought of a gardening journel but that is an excellent idea. thank you for asking. jesse is a very easy going son and i really enjoy him being home and around to learn these wonders of life, like gardening.
happy spring day.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love the plants you picked. It will look so beautiful. I love the columbine, so many colors now and they are all lovely.

Sharing gardening with your son is great for both of you. I used to garden with my Dad and my Grandmother but I have to admit, I didn't come to really love it until I had a home of my own. Then I looked back on all the things I'd learned in my younger years and was very glad.

marmee said...

i am very happy with the selection of plants we got. i was able to plant the columbine today. it was a beautiful day.
i have fond memories of working in the yard as a youngster along side both of my parents and it is good to have your children learning and putting their hands in the dirts with you. jesse, david and abbey were out there with me today.

Thistledew Farm said...

Loved the pictures and loved shopping with you! Your garden is going to be beautiful - if you have time to get it all planted!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Marmee--We use the Periwinkle for a ground cover in several places in our yard (where we can't mow).. It is hardy and so pretty with those little blue flowers this time of year. I did a blog recently and included some of our Periwinkle.

When the Pansies die out --usually in July here (when it gets hot), we replace with Vinca (which looks like Impatiens--but is for full sun). It does well--and you can get several colors. And of course we plant Impatiens in the shady areas.

Great post. I love your flowers.

marmee said...

thistledew farm,

i got the last plant in the ground today. we are having torrential rain right now and i am hoping i won't find my newly planted stuff down the creek. i am so glad you came by.