it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Saturday, March 21, 2009

walking into spring

signs of spring are all over
my soul is replenished.

it is time to prepare for planting.
this will be a house of flowers.
buds and blooms are starting to emerge
showing signs of new life swirling around the farm.

cherry trees and dogwoods are about to burst forth with blossoms.

green is the newest colour on the spring scene.
we are trying something new this year.
this is where my wildflower garden will grow.
after tilling, weeding, amending, and tilling some more
i laid down newspaper, brown paper bags.
i watered them thoroughly and then covered with this black mesh.
i am hoping to prevent weeds and also encourage worms until i can plant.
the veggie/flower potager is still expanding with lots more work to be done.
being able to plant something is just necessary for my spirit.
i did buy a magnolia called teddy bear.
i am partial to the ones with deep green foliage and a brown under side on the leaf.
also i couldn't pass up these two types of pansy for some instant gratification.
delta pure violet and a new one for me frizzle sizzle burgundy.
isn't she beautiful, isn't she lovely?

pure violet looks good next to the bright green bugle.
on the frizzle sizzle the leaf and the flower have these ruffly edges, very feminine.

when the weather is nice it's so good to walk.
so straight away into the woods we go.
our neighbours own 16 acres to the right of us.

it's me, abbey, hubby and the three dogs today.

exploring the woods is always fun.

abbey is an outdoors kinda girl.
she loves nature.
we saw this lovely hawk soaring above our heads.
she loves animals.
this is maggie our camera shy dog.
no flash is needed outdoors.
she is a mutt of 14 years.

she loves taking photos.
abbey and bronte' checking out the creek.
dh and the chessies.
buster loves his frisbee.
our dogs love the exercise.
abbey runs ahead to see if she can find any footprints.

deer have been here.

coyotes too.

it time to head home for a little bit of a warm up.
it is still cool here.

from the back of our property we can see home just ahead.

i am hoping you all are enjoying spring as much as i am.
have a delightful, lovely spring weekend.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gorgeous, Marmee. I would have loved to have some LAND somewhere (when I was your age). Your area is absolutely amazing. Isn't it just great to get out and walk now that it's Spring???? George and I worked in the yard all day and we're 'pooped' tonight!!! ha

Your daughter is gorgeous... OH and by the way, I am enjoying getting to know your Florida sister, Meems. Both of you are just SO creative.

Have a great Sunday.

Susie said...

Hey Marmee, I am looking forward to seeing your wildflower garden. Sounds like you did a great prep job on the bed. I like the fencing you have around it.

I enjoyed your photos as always. Abbey is so cute!

Meems said...

Oh dear... so much to see... so much to say today, marmee. Great photos that give us some fabulous views of your gorgeous piece of earth. so many wonderful changes in the wildflower garden and the veggie garden... it is coming right along. Preparation is SOOOOOOO worth the trouble in the long run.

Oh, to have cherry trees and dogwoods blooming... so wonderful.

That Abbey is just a doll... and gets cuter with each passing day. So nice to "walk" the land and grasp the beauties along the way. Your grass is really nice and green already. I LOVE, LOVE that last photo glimpsing your farmhouse just over the hill.

Very fine spring introduction, marmee... take it all in... even that cool air while you still have it. :-)
hugs and enjoy your weekend.
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

TC said...

I loved visiting your farm! Y'all have a wonderful place Ms. Marmee. We're still waiting for what I call "true" spring here. It's when new buds and new growth are obvious everywhere you look, not just in the tucked away microclimates of the landscape. I bet you're really excited about the new garden plots! I would be too.

Gail said...


What will you plant in your wildflower garden? I can't wait to see! You have a good eye so what ever combinations you make will be perfect! I like the fencing and it will keep out the puppies for sure. Thank you for a delightful glimpse into your neighborhood and sharing your special family time with us. Have a delicious week! Gail ps lucky you to have the acreage and sun for a magnolia!

Jayne said...

Hi marmee! What a beautiful home you all have and what a lovely blog. Thanks for stopping by my Journey Through Grace.

P.S. I live in Northwest GA, just south of Chattanooga. :c)

Rose said...

A beautiful site for a walk, Marmee, especially when everything is greening up and showing signs of spring. I love the area for your wildflower garden; can't wait to see it in bloom. And the sizzle-frizzle pansy is delightful--I'll have to look for that in the garden centers.

marmee said...

thank you betsy, i am loving having the space and the land. it does make me feel a freedom that is so different. i feel so blessed to be living the country life. it has taken some adjustments but i just keep wanting to simplfy now that i am here. dh and i have been working regularly out there so yesterday we did other stuff.
our youngest is also such a blessing. she came as a gift after a tragic accident with my hubby. she infused us with life and we are grateful.
i am delighted you have found meems at hoe and shovel, she is such a great gardener and a wonderful woman. you will learn alot from her or at the very least be highly inspired.
have a wonderful sunday, too.

marmee said...

hey susie,
i can't wait to plant the wildflower garden and the wildflower field. i love things wild and natural. that fencing with the dogs is a must otherwise we would have a trampled mess. it has two entrances on either end and i will have a slate walkway. last year it got covered up but in may i took photos of my son and his girl on prom night in there.
i love sharing my life and photos so i am delighted that you enjoy them. abbey is a precious girl with a wonderful sense of adventure and joy about her. she is a pleasure to have.

marmee said...

you are more than kind, our piece of God's green earth is a huge blessing. we are enjoying the thoughts of our expanding gardens. today is so pretty and dh is going out to work but i have senior pictures to take of jess and our friend brittani. rach is coming to help, we are going to start here on the farm and then go into downtown franklin.
preparing the soil is so important. i just hope we are doing enough with this clay. it is so different than fl dirt/sand.
my main concern is conquering the weed issues we had last year. we are trying to be a little more diligent and i am thinking about a living mulch like the companion gardeners do.
the trees are just starting to bloom. dogwoods aren't yet, but they are full of buds. i only have a few small ones.
abbey loves our walks together. she had camera in hand and lots of energy. she has been working with bronte' on her manners and doing a very good job.
this farm living has had a huge impact on her and all of us, in a good way.
i love walking back towards the house because the hills are just rolling enough to block the view of the farmhouse for a while and then it slowly comes into view. very lovely.
i am loving the sun shining and the warmer days. time to be outdoors and enjoy every minute that it is so close to perfect.
love and hugs ;)

marmee said...

our farm has been wonderful and we are trying hard to let the land speak to us as to what to do with it. we have a lot of big plans but are trying hard to take it slowly instead of rushing in. spring is a teasing season with the ebb and flow of coolness, coldness, rain, sunshine, and warmth. i like it much better than just straight cold.
yes we are very excited to be planting more this year.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee....I took every step of that beautiful walk with you. My spirits were high as I watched the hawk....and abbey and the dogs held my daughter has a wonderful softness about her......

I cannot wait to see the wildflower meadow....this is going to be so beautiful....I am so excited for you...

Love the new additions....I have magnolia envy....
and the pretty pansy is a delight......

marmee said...


we haven't really decided what all we are going to plant in the wildflower but soon, soon. i am thinking of added some features in there first and then going around those will help me decide what to plant. i have to have the fencing to keep all the dogs out and little ones too.
i am glad to share my what i have been blessed with.
enjoy this warmer weather.

marmee said...


i am delighted you have come to visit "things i love".
we took a cabin in n. ga back in sept and enjoyed that area very much.

marmee said...

this is a wonderful area to live in we are loving it here and enjoy walking the property very much.
i am so happy that it is almost planting season. we are spending lots of time preparing. i've never seem the frizzle sizzle before but think i will really love it in the garden.

CoachK said...

Everytime I visit your blog, I get such of rush of memories from my childhood in Pennsylvania. I remember the excitement of spring. It always held such promise. We lived out in the country for many years and I can remember the walks and hikes in the woods and being so part of nature. You are blessed! Thank you for the memories.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I can't beleive how green everything is. Please take lots of photos when the dogwood bloom. I miss them more than anything else.

marmee said...

i like thinking about all of my gardening buddies when i take a walk. we enjoy seeing the new life of spring, buds, blooms, grass...i want to take it all in...breathe it. photos make that possible.
abbey is a precious treat in my life and gives me perspective. i treasure her opinion and the way she looks at life. simply, sweetly. i am a much better mother at this age but not as much energy.
have a wonder spring week.

marmee said...

i love that feeling of rushin memories if they are good. i am happy you find that here. fl is very different than up here but it has it's charms. i am living a very blessed life and i try to be thankful everyday, with much gratitude on where i am at this point. happy spring to you.

joey said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely weekend, Marmee. I can see why Abbey makes your heart sing ... she's adorable and very photogenic! Lots going on in your working beds ... expecially anxious to see your wildflower garden (wished you lived near, I have much to share). You are ahead of us with swelling cheery and dogwoods but once things start popping here, my gardens will be glorious (as was my weekend)!