it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

ahhhhh spring

every wednesday i have a lunch date with my my oldest daughter,

we eat at jeffrey's grille near her work in spring hill.
it is our time to connect and talk about any and everything.
children, work, husbands, life, gardening, joys, and struggles.

this time is so important for us. where we lunch is next to a vast piece of historic land. battles were fought there and now hay is harvested here. these beautiful trees were in flower. i went to the nursery after and found out they are a magnolia called anne.

i would like to plant at least one of these in my front yard.
it was a cool spring day...pretty perfect in every skys...sun shining...lunch with daughter...visit a local nursery...hubby and sons were in the garden preparing the soil.


Roses and Lilacs said...

This was my father's favorite tree. I remember the one we had at the old home place (not sure if it was the same named variety). It is bound to be a beautiful addition to your garden.

Darla said...

I wish my oldest daughter lived closer so we could have lunch together. Sound wonderful...building beautiful memories. Beautiful trees.

Susie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day Marmee! I planted my first saucer Magnolia this past year and it bloomed great! It's not the same cultivar as Anne. Actually I'm not sure which one it is but the blooms were gorgeous!

Brad & Esther Pagh said...

Nothing like a beautiful girl next to beautiful flowers!

I love my mom and my sister!

tina said...

Beautiful magnolia! And the fact she has a name is all the more special. A beautiful addition to your garden. Lunch with your daughter weekly sounds pretty special.

joey said...

It's a heavenly time when magnolias bloom and a heavenly time when we spend time with grown daughters. Your beautiful daughter resembles you! I see mine usually twice a week and she often joins us with friends at the lake. As you know, these precious moments are 'as good as it gets'! We are very fortunate, Marmee :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee....these are special and treasured times....a mother and daughter thing......time to connect in a busy life....

Magnolias are beautiful trees....they do not do well in my space....the soil is too heavy.....also our spring frosts damage the blooms.....

I hope you can find one to suit your garden....with those blooms, it will be something to look forward to every spring......

Meadowview Thymes said...

marmee--you are so lucky. My daughter lives in Washington, DC. I would love to have lunch with her like that! :)
So glad you found something pretty--the Arboretum was full of these trees. Beautiful blooms!

marmee said...


that is cool that you remember your father's fav tree. i really like this and the size is doable.

marmee said...

darla, i treasure these times together, i have another daughter in fl. i don't get to see as often.

marmee said...


what is a saucer magnolia? i left lots of magnolias at my last house and i really miss having them. they were hugh trees too. glad yours is blooming.

marmee said...


hey sweetie. i miss you and wish you were here to have lunch with us
too. we just have to happy to see each several times a year until things change.
doesn't your sis look beautiful?
she outshines those blooms.

marmee said...

dear joey,

i do love when magnolias bloom and i love to cut them and bring them indoors, their scent is heavenly. i left alot at our other house.
i still go and cut some though.
this oldest daughter and i see each other several times during the week too but usually with other family around too so having this lunch time with just the two of us is so great. i am so glad you have your children close.
happy march day to you.

marmee said...

dear cheryl,

having the mother/daughter time is so essential to my well being.
i know you treasure your time with your girl and her babies.
i found two kinds of magnolias that i would like to plant. the anne magnolia in this post and one called the teddy bear.
i had to leave several very large magnolia trees at my other house. we had planted them when we first moved to tn about 9 years ago and they were quite beautiful.

marmee said...


i have another daughter in ocala, fl. i really miss her and wish she was here to have lunch with her sister and i. i do see her several times a year but it is never enough, as you know.
i haven't bought my trees yet but hopefully soon.

Rach said...

I feel so special. I love this post.

It would be very cool if Estee could join us every week but then again maybe I like my time alone w/ you.

marmee said...


you should always know you are special whether you feel it or not. you are loved by me and so many others. i do so treasure our time together to chat and munch on bruschetta.

lola said...

I think it's great that you have a "standing date" with your daughter.
Your magnolia is gorgeous. I have one that I believe it's name is Jane. It was given to me by a friend. This yr it bloomed the first time with 2 blooms. They were like a maroon color. I was very pleased with the blooming.

marmee said...

yes lola,
we definitely enjoy our standing date together.
i haven't gotten the magnolia yet but i am thinking about it. so happy yours is blooming.

ShySongbird said...

Beautiful Magnolia, gorgeous shade of pink and lovely to spend quality time with your daughter.

Meems said...

How did I miss this? sorry. Absolutely perfect day! Love it that the little ones are already taken care of and lunch stays on the schedule every week... so good for you two. My neighbor across the street has one of those magnolias... it doesn't bloom so well... maybe not enough sunlight... not sure. I did see one at the native nursery and almost bought it.

I have a sneaking suspicion one (or two or three) may find their way into your garden this year. Hmmmm... I'm thinking of the perfect spot.

That gorgeous girl is prettier than any flower!

marmee said...


it is a very lovely shade of deep pink in bud and lighter when blooming. my daughter and me love to spend that time together.

marmee said...

maybe you missed it cause it had been a while since my last post, been busy out in the garden.
i was thinking the magnolia probably likes it a little cooler and the ones i have seen have been in full sun.
dh and i went to the nursery together today to get some doweling for the martin gourds he hangs close to the veggie garden. of course i showed him the magnolias. i did get a small tree called the teddy bear of magnolias. it is dark green with a brown underside. i transplanted it into a larger container until i decide were it is going. i may post about it...just maybe.
you'll have to let me know where you think would be the perfect spot.
rachel and i have been doing this well over a year and we love it.
have you and arrissamae started going yet?
love and hugs!

Wendy said...

Beautiful pics, beautiful day. Nice to lunch with your daughter. I used to lunch with mine until her babies came along. Now we lunch in her home. I treasure my moments with my daughter too.
I hope you find a nice magnolia tree to plant in your garden. I love the beautiful pink colour of its blooms.