it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Friday, March 20, 2009


spring has arrived and i won't hear any more of winter's fury.
this is the time of year when hope is refreshed.
new life is aching to break forth from the frozen ground
foraging birds are in preparation for beginning their families.

i love this time of year!

photo courtesy of the internet.


Meems said...

Okay, I might have been last on the previous post but maybe first on this one?
YES... spring is here officially and that means the earth will respond... right? No more of winter for you.

(And this is the time of year I am grasping onto the last bits of any cool weather with all my might hoping it doesn't turn too soon.)

Isn't it always the way? LOL
Love those pretty flowers in the photo. Where/when/ is that?

Deb said...

Happy 1st day of Spring! Lovely photo.

Cheryl said...

Yes Marmee, spring is here, it is official.....and what a beautiful photograph to welcome it.....

marmee said...

it is fun to be the first isn't it. rare for me. i was thinking the earth under me needs to respond for sure. we are having lovely days of cool temps but the sun is shining and then at night it is still quite cold. i took my growing sprouts outside today for some warm sunshine.
that photo is from the web i put that at the end of the post right under my name. i love how bright it was and that is what i was feeling but didn't have a photo to show it, that is the first time i have done that.

marmee said...

happy spring to you too. those flowers just show what i am feeling inside.

marmee said...

thank you cheryl, i am so glad we are heading for the warmer weather where the sun shines a whole lot more. it does bring me hope.

Skeeter said...

Be sure to check out "In the Garden" today... Your a winner!

marmee said...

thank you so much i will be so happy to plant these new seeds in my garden. the plaque is so cute i will think about where that should go.

Susie said...

`Me too! Spring is the most wonderful season! Happy Spring Marmee!

marmee said...

happy spring to you. i was going to tell you try lemon balm next year when the winter blues are getting to you. just add it to a hot cuppa tea.