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it's that time of year

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

thank you mr. postman

today i received more good mail than bad.
doesn't everybody want one of those kind of days.
i love to get wonderful stuff in the mail.

i had won a giveaway from "in the garden".
thank you skeeter for such a very thought filled and
from the heart gift to this gardener.

there are three packets of seeds, morning glories,
violas, and sweet pea. also included is this wonderful plaque
depicting a vintage seed packet. i think this will go in my potting shed.
i am still thinking about where is the best place to put it.

i love it!

then at my standing lunch date with rachel, she had received this
in the mail from esty. esty is an online shop for all kinds of artistic handmade goodness.
it is a little bag for items for your lunch or i put my
sunglasses in it. it is adorable rachel thank you so much.

today i got my seeds for the herb and veggie garden. i ordered them from
south carolina foundation seed association affiliated clemson state university.

how exciting!
i love the simplicity of the packaging. i can't wait to open each one
and plant them in the ground. it feels very ambitious to have so
many seeds in my possession. i will need lots of energy and time.

also today i got some books i had ordered online.
both were recommended by sherry @
i haven't even cracked them opened yet but i can't wait to read them.
but i plan on drinking something hot and peeking into them tonight.
i bought an extra copy to share with my daughter rachel.
"a guide to green housekeeping" shows ways of doing natural cleaning
and using what you have on hand. "roses love garlic" is
another companion planting book that i wanted to read.

by the way, rachel my daughter is thinking of starting
her own blog. i highly recommend it maybe you bloggers
could give her some encouragement.

happy rainy spring day!


lola said...

Go for a blog Rachel. I for one would read it. Just as I love to read your Moms.

Skeeter said...

I am glad to see the prize arrived safe and sound! Now you have tons of seeds to plant so you better get ready! :-)

Gail said...

marmee, You've had a bountiful day! I love the simple packaging on the seed wasted ink.

Rachel, it's a lot of fun to blog and you can take your time and keep it private until you are ready...

tina said...

The postman was very good to you Marmee! Great you got the prize from Skeeter. It was nice of you Skeeter!

Rachel, blogging is very fun and a great way to keep in touch with one another. It need not be public either. Go for it!

Darla said...

You did have a great day! Lovely things here, love the simplicity of the seed packs too! C'mon Rachel and join the fun, you will never believe the wonderful people you can meet blogging until you experience it for yourself!!

ShySongbird said...

You will be busy planting all those seeds, I bought some yesterday and am looking forward to planting them just as soon as the squally showers and high winds die down here.
Rachel will find once she takes the plunge she will soon become hooked and will encounter so many nice people. Good advice from Gail to take time until it feels like the right moment, I did that.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Lots of seeds, you're gonna be busy. How sweet to receive those nice gifts from Skeeter. I can imagine huge bouquets of sweet peas in your house later this spring.

Rachel, I hope you give blogging a try.


marmee said...


i had rachel come on and read all of your comments. i think it might of worked. thank you.

marmee said...

the gifts made it here safe and sound, thank you again, i love them.

marmee said...

dear gail,
i can't remember ever having so many wonderful things arrive on the same day. couldn't have planned it that way if i tried.
thanks for encouraging rachel!

marmee said...

yes indeed, i enjoyed all the goodies in my mail yesterday. garden bloggers are the most generous people!
i think rachel might just be convinced to start after all the encouragement from all my blogger friends. thanks.

marmee said...


it was a great mail day around here. i don't know if i have ever had such a good mail day. loved it.
thanks for sharing with rachel the reason why we are all hooked on blogging, cause of all the wonderful people.

marmee said...

love how you said you'd be
"planting them just as soon as the squally showers and high winds die down here."
we have been having some of that same weather but have to wait to plant until after the last possible freeze which is in the third week of april.
i am kinda glad because we still have quite a bit of preparing going on.
thanks for your encouraging words for rachel, i think she might take the plunge now.

marmee said...

you must have some faith in me. i hope to have a big bundle of sweatpeas in my house, wouldn't that be just wonderful. i have never grown them but they look amazing.
thanks for giving rachel some encouraging words.

Cheryl said...

Hi exciting, so many seeds. I to get overcome by it all when I see the packets staring back at me....but it all gets done once we start.....

I am sure you will enjoy the books....I have a Readers Digest Green housekeeping is great and I use a lot of natural products......

I will definately visit Rachel's blog, just let us know if she decides to take the plunge......

marmee said...

dear cheryl,

it is all very exhillirating to see what all we have planned on planting. just hope we can keep up. dh and i do this together so i know i have a great partner.
i thumb thru the cleaning book last night but haven't had much time yet to see what it is all about.
thank you for being so sincere about rachel and her blog. i will have her read everyones wonderful encouraging comments.

Susie said...

Marmee you did have a blue ribbon receipt of mail didn't you. How fun! Of course how busy you will be with all those seeds.

Tell Rachel she needs to bite the bullet and start her blog. She will love it and meet so many wonderful new friends.

Meems said...

Ahhhh... good mail just got gooder with seed packets to open! You have become quite the winner of blog drawings these days... good for you. And this was a fun one, too. Bloggers are the best.

So many great seeds and nice to have another resource for them ... didn't know about Clemson.

Let me know about your new books - they both sound very informative and practical.

WE are a blogging family so Rachel might as well join the group. Not sure how she'll have time but then again... who does?

Speaking of --- there's a little one calling me to get out of bed...
hugs and love,
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

marmee said...

i never heard it put that way but i like it.
"Marmee you did have a blue ribbon receipt of mail"
i did have a most wonderful day of mail. usually just get bills and advertisements.
i thought i was being conservative when i ordered my seeds but with that amount of seeds, who knows.
i am just glad dh is there to help, he is into the veggie garden as much as i am.

marmee said...


that mail day was the best especially cause i got my seeds, a gift and books about gardening. i loved it.
our public station npt had a special on clemson and the man behind it. a retired dr. of horticulture. i was very impressed with his simplictic approach to organic gardening and since their climate and ours have similarities i thought i should try them.
still haven't had a chance with the books but i am going to try to today.
i will have rachel read all the comments and hopefully she will want to give it a try. i think she needs something of her own, just for her. thanks for encouraging her.
hope you enjoy your day with ebear.
happy spring!

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
We can green clean together! How very fun. I think your daughter will enjoy the book too. I would enjoy reading her blog. I like to read the younger women's point of view.
A cup of tea and a good book are perfect for a rainy spring day. My "Roses love Garlic" is rather dog eared. I also have highlighted in it! LOL...nice to have them as reference.
Your seeds look wonderful. I love seeds. I love having big baskets filled with them! Never do I have enough seeds. You will enjoy growing all the different veggies and flowers. Spring is an exciting time of year.

So many treats! Perfect mail day.
I too liked Susie's comment..."Blue ribbon receipt". A keeper!
Enjoy your gardens.
My husband gardens with me too as much as possible. It does make it more fun and manageable with two keeping at it!