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it's that time of year

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

new lens

finally i was able to get a new lens....i have
been without my older lens for closeups for over a year.
i have been taking all my photos with a zoom lens...a
sigma 70~300 mm 1:4-5.6 telephoto zoom or a
small 35 mm nikon coolpix.(which i do love and carry with me
even when i forget to put back the memory stick.)

i actually got two lens....

first a very retro lens...a diana+ plastic 38 mm super~wide.
i bought it online at photojojo. they have some cool stuff.
like the bowling bag for a camera carrying is cute but too
small...i know i ordered it. your camera fits but no extras or extra lens.

the diana lens has a fuzzy sorta of quality.
i need to take it for a spin outdoors...but it has just been way too cold.

this gives you a very old fashioned feeling.

my other lens is also new to me;
a tamron DiII AF 18~200 mm f/3.5-6.3 XR
LD aspherical (if) macro
i also bought this online through amazon.

what does all that mean...i have no idea.
what i do know is i will be able to take close~up shots without being so far away.
i love getting right over a flower, butterfly, insect, or any other living creature.
i also love very up~close and personal face shots. which i haven't been able to take in so long.
the shots that follow were taken as soon as i took the lens out of the box and put in on my
canon eos digital rebel...of course i will need to read instructions...hehe.

i am so very excited to have this lens.
some of kids were waiting on dinner so they became my willing subjects so
mom could get back to her real job of taking care of them.

ethan micah

david michael II

ethan, david tickling poor little abbey.

abbey lynn

as soon as the weather cooperates i will be outside with my new lens.
i hope to be taking some brilliant photos for you to enjoy or at least some decent ones.
happy january days.


Darla said...

Congrats on your new one would have known, your photos are always beautiful....the kids are just precious!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Uh-oh, you have been bitten by the photography bug. The bite results in an incurable disease:)

I buy all my camera stuff on amazon too. My local stores don't carry one tenth the variety amazon does. Beach camera is a good place to shop online too. I'll check out photojojo, thanks for the recommendation.

Have fun with your new stuff.

marmee said...


thanks i appreicate your kind words. with so many children...we mothers seem to learn to be adjustable.
happy january.

marmee said...


i got bitten long ago...but my budget doesn't always keep up with my desires. i took photography in high school, mostly to get in the dark room with my boyfriend, but taking photographs is such a different business with digital options...i am still learning so much.
happy warmer days in january.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Congrats on getting the new lens... Can't wait to see pictures!!! However, you already take wonderful pictures --so can they get any better?????? Hard to believe.

Great pictures of your kids....

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee.....i await with anticipation for what is to come.

I am glad you are excited about your new toys. I wish I felt the same....I hate getting anything new for my camera. I really find all this technology so difficult. I am but a simple soul.....

Have lots of fun on your voyage of discovery....

Love your children....especially sweet Abbey

Gail said...

Marmee, What fun and I totally get how the bowling bag came home to you! It's so cute. Have fun shooting macro! It's the best fun and there are almost always surprises ....the tiniest little spiders and other critters!


teresa said...

Lucky girl. I need to do the same thing. That looks like a very versatile lens. Thanks for the info and happy photos!ps. cute kids!

Gail said...

PS I just read that you and meems are going to Buffalo! I am wonderfully excited. I am laughing to think that I have to go to NY to finally meet you face to face! I do hope we can meet before that~~gail

marmee said...

betsy...don't forget to check out three~sixty has a couple of pictures from the new lens already. you can get there from my sidebar at the top.
i still have yet to take it outside and get some good photos...too cold.
hugs to you on this january day.

marmee said...


i love new stuff but don't love the time it takes to learn how to use it. i want it to work with ease and it usually doesn't. but i loved my previous lens and it would not adapt to my digital camera with being worked on. this just made sense to me. i read up on this lens and its suppose to be really great for not having to change your lens....which i really don't like doing.
i believe you and your new camera are starting to get along and you're feeling more comfortable with it. the last batch of photos were so amazing.
thanks for all your encouragement.
happy january.

marmee said...


yes, meems and i are coming to buffalo and we are both very excited to meet you and so many others.
i would love to see you before then maybe while you are in recovery...we coud try to meet at the loveless cafe' sometime.
just let me know.
the bowling bag will be a great little purse for abbey or if i am going to just run out real quick with one camera.
happy january.

marmee said...


i think this will be my go~to lens.
it does sound like it will be very useful. i will let you know after i have had it a while.
happy january.

joey said...

With your fine eye and new lens there will be no stopping you, Marmee :)

ShySongbird said...

Ooh, a new lens, how exciting, you will have such fun! And you have made an excellent start with the photos of your lovely family :)

Camera bags always look bigger in the photos than they do when they arrive, Unfortunately, I know from experience!

Anonymous said...

This is too exciting, Marmee! Love that header shot, is that with the new lens? The kids photos are wonderful too. How fun! Can't wait to meet you and Meems in Buffalo! :-)

marmee said...


thanks dear.
hope you might be thinking of going to buffalo in july...would love to meet you.
happy january.

marmee said...

thanks for your encouraging words...i love taking photos of my family.
i really should buy those types of things on the was so cute. but i will put it to good use for something else.
happy january.

marmee said...


it is fun to get a new lens to work with and figure out.
the header shot was not taken with the new lens but my older telephoto zoom lens. abbey was making me a flower out of kentucky blue grass.
it will be my pleasure to meet you in buffalo. can't wait either.
happy january.

tina said...

Lucky you! I bet you are having tons of fun with the new lens. And a very Happy New Year to you!

Skeeter said...

Congrats on your new lens! You will have so much fun playing with it once spring arrives. I like the pic of the hand prints on the snow covered table! And the butterfly has me speechless. What a wonderful gift for the cold days of winter....