it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

still snowing


Betsy Banks Adams said...

Here too, Marmee... We've had snow off and on since Wed. night... IF it had have been heavy (which it wasn't), we would have gotten some real depth... As it is, we eneded up with maybe an inch and a half total.... Too cold to enjoy it though!!!!

Great pictures.

D said...

No snowing in the PNW but this is our third day of being fogged in. I think I prefer the snow.

Darla said...

Beautiful photos!! No snow here, heard it snowed in Ocala though.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Happy New Year.
Your photographs show the beauty of your snow. The male Cardinal is perfect!
I am looking forward to having a cup of tea and catching up with you this evening. It is bitterly cold here. Our blanket of snow is about 12 inches deep.
I am off to enjoy your posts and your other blogs!

Cheryl said...

Hi snowed all day here yesterday.....and looks like it is going to stay for a while. We have had snow on and off since mid December, most unusual.

Cant wait for spring, can you??

marmee said...

hey everybody,

it finally stopped snowing but it is still so cold...ugghhh. iguess it is the dead of winter...and yes cheryl i am dreaming of spring...every day.

Lisa said...

We still have snow here in N.Ga! It is freezing cold; I haven't been out in 4 days. But, busy in the house! We will welcome spring and working in the garden.

Lisa Q

Meems said...

No snow here Marmee, but there was ice falling from the sky yesterday when I was trying to cover my plants. AND the birdbaths were iced over this morning. The garden is beginning to look pretty bleak and tonight will be the worst yet... 25 degrees for several hours. Crazy for central Florida.

The depiction of snow on the evergreen and the garden accessories is delightful. Abbey has a promising "eye" for seeing through the lens. Mult-talented little one! Hope you all are staying cozy...

Rose said...

Lovely photos, Marmee! The red cardinals are such a welcome sight in this weather--they stand out in contrast to all the white. We had quite a snowfall, too, this past week--about 6 inches--which closed all the schools for two days. And it has been extremely cold; just filling up the bird feeders requires a major bundling up. Stay warm!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Marmee, good news on the weather. The whole eastern 2/3 is in for a warm up. I'm ready!!!

Pat said...

Marmee...Sooo Beautiful! I love your new blog look. Very, very pretty!