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it's that time of year

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Saturday, February 13, 2010


my third pottery class.
we were told to bring in a piece of pottery we owned and liked for inspiration.
something that spoke to us or moved us.
that is my tiny pitcher on the left.
i picked that up a long time ago at an antique store.
i adore hand painted pitchers...not sure why i just do.
now it is here to give me something to aspire to.

as with anything new...there are the fun aspects and the challenges too.
also a whole new lingo to understand....wedging.

collaring, coning, trimming,
opening up the clay, pulling the up the walls....and so on.

this has been an interesting process....all the while learning more about myself.

i made these four graduating bowls so far.

this week we also learned about putting handles on your pottery.
that is my piece on the back, left.
it is quite the process, not as easy as one might think.

there are 7 lessons in this class.
3 down, 4 to go.
it has definitely been worthwhile.
there are so many types of art i want to try.
1 down, an infinite amount of other things to try still to come.
happy days in the dead of february winter.


Darla said...

these look wonderful!! I know it has to be fun to learn new things like this, good for you!

ShySongbird said...

They look great Marmee, you seem to be learning so much so quickly. It really does sound (and look) great fun!

Rose said...

Oh, what fun! I am really impressed by your pieces, Marmee. Many years ago, my best friend Beckie and I took a pottery class, but we made them by hand, not using a wheel. Our results were not very professional-looking, though. Our husbands had quite a few laughs at our expense:) But we did have fun, and I still use a couple of the better pieces I made. A great project for this long winter!

marmee said...

thanks! it is great to stave off the winter blues too.
happy february.

marmee said...


it does feel like we are learning a lot but at the same time repetition is what gets you understanding the process.
happy february.

marmee said...


i think having the wheel proably makes it easier to make pieces more centered with the centrifugal force. the wheel, once you learn how to actually use it gives you a perfect place to base your piece. i am hoping that after i glaze them i will still like them and be able to use them like you are doing.
happy february.

Muhammad khabbab said...

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