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it's that time of year

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

snowy days


we had a bit of sunshine today but it is still so very cold.


we like so many participated in the great backyard bird count.
held february 12~15.
we have had so many birds at our feeders with all the snow.
yesterday we saw an eastern towhee for the first time ever.
quite exciting but not really any good shots of him.

we are all looking forward to spring...even buster brown.


Darla said...

The Bird Count was fun. There are all kinds of interesting patterns and tracks in the snow huh? I never really thought about that part of snow....

Susie said...

I love the snow patterns in your pics. That one looks like a miniature ice skating rink.

marmee said...


yes! abbey is fascinated with finding tracks in the snow.
we did enjoy the bird count.
happy february.

marmee said...

with so many days of snow you start to notice the more interesting patterns.
i love the ice rings too.
happy february.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning. I've been counting birds too:) We had fox tracks here the other morning. Following bunny tracks.

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the swirly patterns in the ice.

Lisa Q

Gail said...

Marmee, You've captured beautiful winter shots...Don't you love seeing the different creature tracts...I've id-ed possums, raccoons and bunnies along with the peahen and small birds. The sunshine is calling me outdoors~Have a good weekend. gail

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee

Bird counts are so important. I completed mine for the RSPB at the end of January. It is always so exciting to see a new bird at the feeders. Does not matter if you could not get a good photograph, you knew he was there and that is all that matters.

Like you, we are having a very cold winter. It will be good to feel warm rays again.......and see new growth appearing.....
Have a lovely weekend....

marmee said...


good evening, funny about the tracks we all know where that fox was headed.
happy february.

marmee said...


thank you...i did love that swirly pattern.
happy february.

marmee said...


it is always fun seeing the different tracks and wondering what they are doing and where they are going. sooooo glad the sun is shining.
happy february.

marmee said... see new growth is the most exciting sign of spring being just around the corner. yippeee.
the sun is finally shining on us this weekend...i am revived.
happy february.

Q said...

It is snowing as I type. Snow covering the morning ice. We are coming near to Spring....soon the winds will shift and the sun will shine brightly.
I have enjoyed my quiet reading time this winter. I have done lots of studying...lots of learning and healing.
These have been blessed snow days.
Stay safe and warm,

Rose said...

I love all the patterns of the snow in your photos, Marmee. But as pretty as they are, I am tired, too, of winter. Sophie (our Golden) is still enjoying playing in the snow, though:) Aren't the bird tracks fun? I'm always wondering which bird has made them.

joey said...

Looks like here today, Marmee! Winter storm warnings and all schools are closed ... since both parents work, grandboys on the way over, yippee!

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

I love your photo of the little bird prints;-) Snow was 'fun' but it'll be nice to see it go! I did the bird count as well, but still haven't posted about it. It's always a joy to see our feathered friends in the bleakness of winter!