it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Saturday, February 27, 2010

blue sky, bare branches and buds

the sunset yesterday gave way to more sunshine with
nearly cloudless blue skies today...glorious.

it is still very cold and the wind has a bite to it that makes
your cheeks wish they were covered.
still i have to be thankful for the one thing i miss most in winter....sunshine.

so i walk about the farm, closing my eyes at times to really try to
soak in the rays of heat from our sun.

at once i feel the promise of spring and warmer days ahead in the
near future....there is a hope in the air.

everything looks more distinct and beautiful with a blue backdrop.
i see buds....buds...yes, a sure sign of winter breaking away and giving
passage to days of leisure walks in the sun, times to plant seed, days of
feeling the earth in your hands.

reading poetry comes to mind on a open quilt...spread wide for reclining.

i will admit it....i struggle over the long winter days.

i wish i wasn't so affected by the weather.

now with the possibilities of what seeds are to be
placed in the thoughts soar.

i miss the garden, the warm dirt in between my fingers.

i miss the anticipation of newly planted seeds breaking forth
verdantly through the landscape.


i miss green....leaves, grass, bushes.
i miss blue....skies, pools, beaches.
i miss colours of the rainbow....pinks, yellow,
reds, whites, oranges in the petals of flowers.

i need the sunshine for inspiration.


even the brown garden in it's disarray now holds promise, hope.
there will be fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs in these very spots.

we are taking steps toward spring...buying seed, planning areas of plantings.

soon we shall be free to spend lots of time outdoors...
thank you spring for being close by.
good~bye ole' man winter.


Deb said...

Such a gorgeous sunset! I love the photo of your sweet cat enjoying a little sunshine on that beautiful weathered & chippy painted chair ♥

ShySongbird said...

How lovely to see the blue sky! We had torrential rain yesterday evening and today is dull! dull! dull!! I too have that hunger and longing for sunshine...I need it, it doesn't need to be hot, just nice warm sunshine. it changes us, opens us up, like flowers I assume. Everything feels different when the sun shines, this has been a long and hard Winter and we are ready now...

Beautiful photos and words Marmee, stay strong, it is coming... :)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Marmee every day with blue skies have been so welcome this winter. After so many gray days the sunshine almost blinds one. ;-) Ahhh, but buds are even more to enjoy. Wonderful pictures.

Meems said...

Even on the coldest days sunshine and a blue sky inspire us to dream big and work hard. It is amazing how the sight of green can cheer one's soul so instantly. Glad you had a crystal clear day to set your gardening heart in motion once again. Beautiful photos also to remind you when next the skies are grey.
hugs to you, dear sister... soon blue skies will be the norm (let's hope). Meems