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it's that time of year

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

home again, home again, jiggety jig

i have just returned from going to florida for a mini vacation! i am going to talk about my trip on a later post. this is about what i came home to in tennessee. well...

...the welcome home was met with tears and laughter. the tears came when abbey jumped into her daddio's arms and said "i missed you soooooo much". then the laughter came from just recalling all the things we had done and the fun that had been had.

i arrived home to a freshly cut lawn, clean sheets(hug), and a group of beautifully appointed antique lawn chairs. wow! all of that and a clean house too! thanks, honeybunny, you have done good but here's where you'll be saying man i wish that was me.


my love, gave me a beautiful card with the perfect words.

this is what it said...

i remember how i felt

the first time i saw you.

there was something about you

that i couldn't forget.

maybe it was your eyes

or your irresistible smile--

all those things that i have since

come to know so well.

but whatever it was,

i remember that it drew me in

and took hold of me

in a way i couldn't ignore.

now when i look at you,

i see someone who's become

so incredibly important in my life.

yet there are still those moments

when i feel the mystery, the charm,

the same invisible power

pulling me to you--

just as it did when we first met.

And in those moments,

i can't help myself...

I fall in love

all over again.

i love you,

card by

suzanne berry

more tears followed after the reading of those words and hugs ensued. i am truly blessed and it was a great coming home!

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