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it's that time of year

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Susan Branch - What's New

Susan Branch - What's New
i have been receiving mail from susan branch for a while. watching her BRANCH out to new adventures. anyway this b&b caught my eye for a girls weekend or longer get away. i know it is a long way away but i like to dream especially when it includes a b&b, the ocean, and getting away with friends.
check out: suite edna b&b at the bottom of the page.


Meems said...

For some reason I couldn't connect to the B &B link (will try again later) but I did get very lost in reading the Susan Branch site. Very enthralled with her journal (and tips)of train trips across the country. Hubby always 'says' he'd like to do that someday but getting him to commit to a particular time is less than easy.
Thanks for sharing this.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

marmee said...

try going to even if this seems impossible it is a lovely place to visit virtually. dave and i took kids on a train trip a few years ago from central canada to the western coast. it was amazing scenery and had overnights in some very unique places, jasper, banff, lake louise. we really enjoyed it even with kids. lol! i loved lake louise so much we have been back a few times. we hike, canoe and spend time in the spa. dave want to take the rockies trip one year.
let me know what you think of oldedna b&b.

Arissa Mae said...

anyone wanna share the tab on renting an italian villa? in umbria or tuscany? for like a month? enough time for plenty fo day trips and to be brown like the earth! lemme know!

marmee said...

ok this would take some planning but i would be in. rome, venice here we come.
(just to let you in on a little secret, venice is my next vacation destination).

Anonymous said...

Simple, unique and yet as complex as time. The more I get to know you, the more I fall in Love, over and over.
From tomato sanwiches to midnight stargazing, from creating meals together to scraping the edge of the atmosphere on a jet to
Europe. You are the essence of life and I find it hard to share you with the world. But like True Love, you always return with even more verve.
Your love of God's creation and his created is a window to your soul. Easily involved, easily hurt, easily pleased. You give it all and believe the best in all.
There could never be a better than you for me, so be yourself at all times, easily, for this is the you that others want to know.
I love the simple complicated charm of your heart and mind. Be You, always.

marmee said...

thank you dh for your most humbling words.
i love you
it is as simple and complicated as that.

Arissa Mae said...


don't mean to interrupt the love fest :o), but where's your usual funniness on Men Worth Marrying??? I'm missing your 2 cents' worth!