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it's that time of year

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

my sister, my friend that shadow but i put that undue pressure on myself. we are quite different and those differences are to be exercised to the fullest and enjoyed.

i am not sure i could have ever come to appreciate this without having moved to another state(physically and emotionally). i have grown to understand that it is our different qualities that make us more compatible. we balance each other out. you can't have too much of the same thing without tipping the scale.

thank you , my sister , my friend for some of the most precious days i will always have tucked in my most special, sacred memories.

i was treated like a queen(i do have a bit of a diva in me). a beautiful guest quarters made me feel right at home.

the food was, as always, better than a five star hotel. made with fresh ingredients from the garden, and the perfect spices and herbs only a seasoned cook would use. then a simple beautiful presentation from the artistic chef, herself.

the company was an unexpected treat of very relaxed sharing, laughing, revisiting old memories and of course catching up.

thank you my sister, my friend for always being there for me and inspiring me to be a better person. i deeply love you and love what you bring to my life. i always learn something very insightful about myself and my world after being around you.

i am still trying to take it all in and hopefully fully process it.

thank you my sister, my friend!

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garden girl said...

Hi Marmee, thanks for visiting my blog! So you're Meems' sister! She's one of my very most favorite garden bloggers.

I can so relate to this post and the one Meems posted on Walk Wisely. I have three brothers and one sister. My sister and I fought like cats as kids. As adults we've been very close, and are the best of friends.

I have three daughters, and while they really got along well as kids (compared to my sister and me,) it's now as adults that they've really become close. It's so heartwarming to see what they mean to each other and what good friends they've become.

Gail said...


What a wonderful tribute to your sister. It's so wonderful to have asister! My sisters and I are very different from one another, but share a love of gardening. This past spring our mom got very sick and rather suddenly died. It was of course devastating, but the gift in the loss was a renewed closeness among the four of us.

Thank you for stopping by my blog...I spent a bit of time visiting yours and I see you have a splendid garden, yourself...I am thinking you and Meems are more alike , at least in good garden taste and design!

Get me echo garden girl...meems is one of my favorite bloggers, she is kind and enthusiastic; and it is a visual treat to visit her garden.


marmee said...

garden girl,
thanks for checking out my blog! my sister's amazing skills has spilled over into writing eloquently on her blog - - i am not suprised she is one of your favs. her garden is truly delightful to walk around in and a real labour of love.
it's great you have stayed close to your siblings. it is such an important relationship that is not always easy.
as meems mentioned, i have 6 children. two of which are grown and share a deep bond. it is a pleasure to watch them grow as they have their own families.

marmee said...


i'm so sorry your mom has passed. i am sure you miss her. meems and i are both very close to our mom and treasure that relationship very much. i am glad that you were able to draw strength from your sisters.
thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. i was definately influenced by meems to start a blog as a way to keep up with her/her daughter and my mom.
what is funny about meems and my reconnection is that there are a lot of things we have in common (more than we realized). our passion for the garden is one we are able to share, talk about endlessly, and enjoy each others views on the blog. it's great seeing we have quite a distance between our dwellings.
as i told garden girl, meems has an amazing talent for gardening and she loves it and it shows around every corner in her yard.

Amy said...

Hello Marmee - thanks so much for visiting and introducing yourself the other day. So neat to meet Meem's sister!

By the way, I love Victorian farmhouses. I wish we had them here, but no such luck. Everything was built to recently.

Arissa Mae said...

GOOD POST! So fun to hear the two sisters and sides. And great to see you when you were here. Come back soon, ya hear!

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by for a quick look see! You & Meems seem to be inspiring others to appreciate their sibling relationships more - and also reinforcing your own with your blogspots. I enjoyed your Florida visit too, brief as it had to be. Most especially, since I had the pleasure of hosting my granddaughter (your youngest) and my great-granddaughter (your own granddaughter). Nothing like the young ones to re-energize your love of life itself. Everything is fun, funny and exciting to them and it can be contagious. I know this is a departure from the gardening purpose, but after all we are talking about "growing" and "tending" and "cultivating" more important "plantings" than just flowers, weeds, and veggies ;-) You'all come again now anytime, you hear!

marmee said...

oh thanks gigi for your lovely comments. it was my pleasure to share my most precious seedlings with you. i know abs thoroughly enjoyed herself. she loves spending time with you. like i told meems we should make it an annual event. but this time with more time on the tailend to spend with you. i definately felt like we had no time.(i did enjoy the massage however). thanks mom!

marmee said...

glad you stopped by. i will try to post a picture of the house sometime soon. i meant to tell you i am married to a canadian from ontario so we travel up there quite a bit, love the beauty of the vastness.

it was great to see you and spend time w/ e-bear. what a delightful child. very fasinating to watch. you are doing a great job. hope to see you again soon.

Meems said...

such nice words and great commenters! :-)I think our whole family is blogging now... well not quite but there are a lot of us sitting around on our laptops in separate dwellings entertaining virtual relationships...

It is pretty amazing that you started your first veggie garden this spring and I started mine too without each other knowing we were doing it. You know you have to shut me up because I will talk about gardening every minute if someone doesn't change the subject on me... you were good to listen! I've missed you already this week. I had to float around in the pool by myself this afternoon and "read" gardening magazines. tee-hee.

marmee said...

i keep hinting to my older children to get on and read the blogs but really i want them to leave comments(hint-hint). definitely everyone around here has the computer bug. the boys and dave play online games together and abs has her webkins world.rach has her work but she has yet to have much free downtime.(i remember those days like they were yesterday. oh yes they were yesterday).

i miss you already too!i 'm sure it was devastating floating and reading about your fav subject.

Rach said...

"All the lights in the House are on,the back yard's bright as the crack of dawn. The front walk looks like runway lights. It's kind of like noon in the dead of night." -Trace Adkins' song
I feel like everyone is back home now we can turn off the lights and go to sleep.

Anonymous said...

goodness- I have just thoroughly enjoyed reading comments from like 10 of our family members, it truly is amazing being able to connect with each other in this virtual world in between the (very much enjoyed) "real" visits. I love that you and Aunt Cindy had such a great time and bonded in new and exciting ways! I love you both so much and I also know how deeply I love my sister and the bond we have. Just visiting with her for a few hours the other day when she came to get Gwyn was refreshing yet at the same time it makes me miss her so much and the closeness of living in the same town, or city. But, I loved having you hear, twice in the same summer was awesome! Thank you for coming and sharing my life with me, even though it can be hectic and busy sometimes with all the animals in my life-about 50 I think! I love you so much mom and I highly value your opinion!

marmee said...


thanks for coming to the blog with your limited free time and commenting. we are all home now and everything is right with the world. i love you my little lamb. and love having you in my daily life.

thank you, too, honey! i know those animals and baby and hubby keep you very busy from dawn to night.i loved having the time with you and baby G. i wish it could be more often. i am so proud of you and your sister for the moms , wives, hard working women that you both are. such strong work ethics is nice to see. most of all, i love that you both love God and it shows in your daily lives.
we can all hope for closer relationships and put the effort forth to make it happen.
i love you my precious star!