it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

the single reason i started a veggie garden

i know this may seem silly but when we first moved to the country i thought i need a garden for this most beautiful of veggies. i load up on them in the fall and place them in strategic places to enhance the scenery around the house and porches. so what better than to grow them myself. here "tada!" is my first one although not planted it grew from my compost plie.
more will follow...


Meems said...

marmee: well you might have had one single reason but now you have so many other things growing to keep you busy. The pumpkin growing thing is a great idea since it is fun to use them everywhere in the fall for decorating. I really like the one you have featured here with its mottled colors and tall stem...
side note: you have really caught the blogging bug ... and that new laptop is getting a very good breaking-in!

marmee said...

it is true i have caught the bug for blogging, veggie gardening, and wildflowers too! it is so much fun! right now i am outside on my patio table overlooking the wildflowers and vegetables(dave is weeding) and i am blogging. what more could a girl ask for, "water sprintzer please, with a twist of lime."
i am so excited about my multi-coloured pumpkin. even though we are slap-dab(another tribute to our hertiage) in the middle of summer it makes me think of the coolers days around the corner of september.
meems thanks for helping find my new toy. don't think i would've attempted it on my own. i am in tech heaven.