it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Friday, August 1, 2008

zoo date

the three girls

red river hog

david and elle

african elephant

giraffe pose

getting cooled off in the zone

mom & daughter

on the carousel

a day of fun and extreme heat was had by all.


serious/silly/me said...

good to see everyone, if only in pictures! :o)

Meems said...

Whew! You are braver than me heading out to the zoo in the dead heat of summer. The fam looks like they had a good time in spite of it... and I love the animal photos.

marmee said...

they all say "Hi"

meems, we went early and left by noonish. they just can't wait until the end of summer to go. we promptly went swimming to cool off. thanks

Anonymous said...

I love your zoo pics, especially that elephant one-I love it and I have to say I have a special love for the african elephant b/c I saw it in real habitat (in Zimbabwe). I also love your hibiscus pics-it reminds me of Georgio O'Keefe, who I really love (you know). I love seeing pics of everyone but it just makes me more sad that I am not there with everyone! I love you all!

marmee said...

hey estee',
we wish you and grace had been with us too but it was soooo hot. when you come up in october maybe we can go. i loved the whole savannah part of the zoo.
i loved those hibiscus, they were beautiful. i love you thanks for comingby

Anonymous said...

MOM, You promptly posted those pics after our parade at the zoo. The zoo was fun. It was great to get really hot especially after being indoors all week. I enjoyed being outside with nature. Later that night the girls and I drew our own version of a zoo on the sidewalk with chalk. It was abstract but isn't that the best art...haha. I loved the bird pictures you took. I really enjoyed looking at the elephants and giraffes.

marmee said...

hey rach, it was fun and that sounds so creative making art on the sidewalks. let's go again once it cools down.