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it's that time of year

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

where it all takes root!

this is the packet that my sunflowers started in.

these beauties were my inspiration for my wildflower garden.
i just planted these. i could not wait for my veggie garden to be completely harvested to make room for the pumpkins so i put a load of dirt in an old wheelbarrow with a flat front tire and planted these seeds. i am hoping this works. i have little seedlings popping thru already.

i thought it might be interesting to show where all the plants start out. this is my potting shed and the potting bench just outside the shed. this is a part of the detached garage. all my plants and seeds pass through the shed either to be planted in pots or wait for the right timing to plant in the garden. i love having this
shed and my workhorse the bench. i just hose it off after planting. when i bought it , it was bright yellow (which i did not like) so i had it painted and distressed in a deep forest green. i keep all my supplies in the shed and bird seed for the feeders. as you can see a bird house and a bat house sit, waiting, on the bench until they find a permanent home.
my farm house is made to look old and has many antique doors and this antique door was added to the potting shed. it makes me smile everytime i walk thru it to do some gardening.
the door has numbers across the top and i can only imagine what it's original use was. i think that is one reason i love antiques so much because of the history they have and how many lives they have touched.



Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee....tku for dropping by my blog...we have a lot in common....I live in a 400 year old is lovely to hear that you like antigues....I love the look of your potting shed, it looks as though it has always been there....delightful

We also have the same thoughts in our garden....I feed the birds....have bats in my loft and I grow will be a pleasure to visit your blog.....have a lovely weekend....

flydragon said...

Great looking potting shed. I've always wanted one of those but since I live in a condo and have very limited garden space I'll have to be content just looking at yours.

marmee said...

that is great we like have many would be fun to sit and chat about the things we love in the garden. have you posted a piture of your home? i just did a few blogs ago-take a look. we live on 7.24 acres and are still trying to decide what to do with the land.
i have so enjoyed having a dedicated place for my gardening stuff. you come and enjoy as often as you's like!

have a great weekend. i'm off to plan a one year old's b-day party.

CA Girl in 10-OC said...

This is my first year gardening here in TN and I've already harvested my pumpkins :x I just smashed last year's Halloween pumpkins (from Gentry Farms) into some tilled soil around March. Did I plant WAY too early????

Anonymous said...

I think it is funny (not ha, ha but different) that my two girls like antiques so much, and I (the Mom) like things modern and spiffy. If something looks like it needs paint, I want it painted asap. Maybe because I was raised when things were already old, and the modern revolution was in full sway. We did go too far to the other side of the pendulum with plastic chairs, flowers, and neon, but the modern influence in furnishings and design still appeals to me more. Still, to each his own. Happy Gardening!

DP Nguyen said...

Hi Marmee- Good luck with your fall crops and the pumpkins! Your potting shed looks realyy neat!

marmee said...

ca girl,

where is leiper's do you live>?
are you part of the garden club?
i have yet to's so funny you smashed your pumpkins coz the first one i harvested this year came from my compost pile from last years pumpkins. i believe july is the best time to plant them here, but this is my first year as well.

marmee said...

it is funny how that works out but i love modern as well. remember ethan and jesse's room? well now i like to mix it all up. but my heart is always fond of the little bit beaten, paint scraping off in layers look too!


thanks! i know for one thing it won't be as hot while pulling the weeds.

CA Girl in 10-OC said...

I'm north of the villiage near Kingsfield. I haven't joined the Garden Club yet! I probably should as I could use all the help I can get :)

marmee said...

ca girl

we live south of the village off of southall on carl road.
wow that is cool. yes i am going to get around to joining the garden club sometime.
do you come into town to eat - i love the backyard cafe'
good luck with those smashed pumpkins.

CA Girl in 10-OC said...

Hi Marmee,

I think you live next door to my friend Harriet. Small town! LOL I do like the Backyard Cafe and now I want to try the new candy store! We also get over to Puckett's for lunch sometimes. My friend SWEARS by Barbara's over on Old Hillsboro out by Grassland, I have yet to try it though.


Meems said...

I've always dreamed of having a potting shed and a potting bench... yours is perfect. Love the old door too... it is fun to imagine what the antique door has seen over the years and it makes one wonder all the stories of those who have passed through it.

Anonymous said...

Your potting shed is so inviting! The color you chose for it is perfect.

The door is fabulous, I also love old stuff like that.

marmee said...

i do live right next to harriet!
she's a great neighbor. well if you want we should meet for lunch sometime. we can talk kids and gardening. either back yard/pucketts. i noticed on your profile you have five darling souls you care for. i have 6 and hubby i care for.
been to barbara's lots of times with whole family. it receives mixed reviews from our clan.

marmee said...

i have enjoyed having it. although the mice like it, too.

i am glad you like the colour. thank you. not only do i like old doors, i find them so irresistible i have to photograph them. thus this post! lol

tina said...

That is an awesome potting shed and bench! You are close to Nashville and I had no idea! Sounds like you have the ideal garden too-7 acres is alot! Wish I had more than what I have.