it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

victorian farm house-we call it home

let's ditch the plans we made
rest your lovely bones
and just stay home

catch a black and white matinee
spoon-fee these new daydreams
and just stay home

we'll eat your favourite pie
ice cream on the side
lie here a la mode
and just stay home!

exerpts from:
over the rhine
trumphet child


Anonymous said...

"Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home"

So, the day before you are escaping it, and the next day you are embracing it! We women are such a strange mix! Our life centers around the heart of our home, even if it all seems more than we want to handle some days. Other days, it is the comfort that meets all our needs and more.

Home, sweet home!

marmee said...

i know gigi this is a little look into my soul. one way one minute and another the very next. i never really want to escape from home, it's more the realities of what home requires. thanks for your wisdom!love you, mom

Anonymous said...

I hope you do call this wonderful Victorian house home for many more years. I think you are very blessed to live where you live in the home that you live. You only have my permission to move if you move somewhere with acres and acres where you can live the life we all dream about.

Meems said...

It's a lovely farm house. AND it has a white picket fence! I know how it feels to want to be home... it is my favorite place to be.

marmee said...

rachel i know you love this house and don't like anything to change so hopefully we will be here a long time.

yes it is a little cliche' meems having a white picket fence. i always thought i wanted one but...
i feel it needs so much work and landscaping. i'm not sure i am up to the task.