it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

happy fluttering and walking around

can you see me?

can you see me?

these are some recent visitors i have had the priviledge to observe. peeking through the greenery i found this lovely orange beauty on my favourite colour flower.

then this fellow was seen taking his place on the hammock. hey that is my resting place! oh he was just walking thru.

also this stunning yellow and black beauty came and lit on my wildflower!
how much fun is this and all from the comfort of my own garden!


flydragon said...

I haven't seen a walking stick in ages. I never see "praying mantis" anymore either. Do you have those in your garden? I also love your house in your previous post.

Meems said...

How funny we both posted on butterflies the same day! Your first orange beauty is a Gulf Fritillary and the yellow one is a tiger swallowtail... the praying mantis is amazing! Was he as big as he looks?

marmee said...

hey flydragon
i loved this one because he was so big! and yes we also have praying mantis. a few weeks ago i saw a tiny (like a speck) very green one. i had never seen one so small. i am glad you like the farm house, i'm still getting used to it.
i guess that was a good day all around for butterflies i watched them for a long period and just could be out there all day. thanks for the names on them i really should look them up. i did look up the walking stick and it is different than a praying mantis which i think is what you have a picture of on your site...