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it's that time of year

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

most unusual

these creatures recently took a turn about in my garden, too!

the one with the bug eyes seemed to be the leader at least part of the time.

but as soon as the yellow-haired one made a loud shreeking noise there was all kind of attention paid to the little one. running and scurrying around to seek what could stop the noise. they were quite affectionate with each other, too. anyone out there willing to identify these most unusual visitors? i would be very grateful to find out how to keep the little yellow-haired creature from making those horrid shreeking sounds.

the little one seemed quite
taken with my puppy.

newly planted lantana (only 50 cents)

my other garden visitors are very special to me!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I hope I can help you identify the garden visitors. The tall, lithe, blue-clad bug-eyed creature is known as "beautiful woman" and is very rarely seen in other's gardens. However, we did spy a similar one in Meems garden earlier this year, minus the smaller yellow-haired one.

This miniature blondish creature is just an immature "beautiful woman", who will grow to similar height and appearance as the older one, but it does take a lot of time and attention. Unfortunately, the horrid shreeking noises are part of the maturing process, and will probably not stop for another few years. They like to draw attention to their selves this way, especially in the freedom of an outdoor garden where they are familiar with their surroundings.

It is so nice you have provided the yellow-haired one with creature comforts it can thrive on, like dogs and riding things. You will notice as they mature, they are more taken to reclining on garden chairs.

I really enjoyed the rare photos of these wonderful visitors to your garden. And I should have added, they pose no danger or threat to your beautiful plantings. They simply enhance and beautify the gardens they grace with their presence. You are so fortunate to have them visit you so often.

marmee said...

thank you for your most eloquent observations on these lovely creatures know as "beautiful woman" . i will be sure to do what i can to enhance the attractions so they will visit often. especially since they pose no threat to my vegetation.
the little yellow-haired one flits and flutters around from thing to thing. it is a very fascinating creature to watch. i did rather enjoy having and photographing them in and around the garden.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I can't identify the creatures but they would be welcome in my garden. Very lovely, both.

tina said...

Gigi, That is such a nice comment! Lovely visitors indeed!

marmee said...

r & l - this indeed is a rare breed. but i loved having them visit and you too.

tina- glad you came by to see the new creatures in my garden!

Meems said...

The BEST kind of visitors! And oh so lovely they are.