it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Friday, August 8, 2008

augusty day

old church in downtown franklin

today was a beautiful day! the air was full of cool breezes and warm sunshine. so going for a drive seemed to be the thing to do. rachel and i got in the viper and just drove. no kids! no husbands! just us, the sun, and the wind in our hair. we drove like we were going somewhere but in truth it was our little get away. we drove around franklin(our quaint town) and we rode on the natchez trace parkway(a beautiful highway of parkland). here are some of the sights we enjoyed.
famous ole factory(use to make porcelain stoves) now it houses various antique shops, paint pottery, fun places to eat, and shop etc...
beautiful old church doors
side view of another small old church

bridge on natchez trace parkway

getting ready for the drive
on the natchez
my lovely passenger, rachel

on the parkway
main street downtown, franklin


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely area you live in - so many broad, open spaces cushioned around quaint towns. And to visit it all topless in the summer sunshine - what a treat! Love the girls only idea too. Nothing helps restore your perspective like a little space for just females to be together. No kids, husbands, or pets - no responsibilities, no 'have to do' lists. Wish I could be there, but of course you only had a two-seater ;-)

marmee said...

ok, for sure we would squeeze you in or at least give everyone a turn-a thirty minute rejuvenation!we do have such great places for such drives. wish you were here to go with us!

Anonymous said...

Grams you do love fast cars, I remember some of the sports cars you have had. Was the teal one a firebird? Riding in the Viper was a short getaway. And mom didn't drive too fast so that I could relax. The day we went driving there was a coolness in the air almost the feeling that fall was coming. I love that feeling. It is as if something new is in the air. Something new, exciting and fresh. The Natchez Trace is a beautiful place to drive, I can't think of another place like it. It attracts all kinds of motorists and people wanting to enjoy the outdoors. And it still seems to be peaceful and true to nature. Thanks for the ride mom, next time can I drive?

Meems said...

Cool breezes?... are you kidding me? The only cool breezes around here are from the a/c vents unfortunately. I do recall ironically hubby and I took a trip to W. VA. August 8-12 in 2002 and a cool front had moved through. It was absolutely beautiful up in the Appalachian Mtns. for us during that get away.

Sounds like a fun day for the girls!

marmee said...

rachel, thanks for coming along for the "ride"! it was refreshing and you make a great passenger so let's keep it that way. hehe

meems we were just as taken back by the cooler(80's instead of 90's)
weather. it was such a respite from the heat we were all a little giddy!