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it's that time of year

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

my haven

welcome to my sunroom! come in and sit with me a while. this is an antique door you must venture through.

this is where you will find me with my new laptop!
yes that is a lavender couch, purple is my favourite colour!

bronte' jane is one of blogging buddies.

she will find me no matter where i am. then plunk down,
just to sit with me and keep me company. she is a chesapeake bay retriever, 6 months old and mischief maker extrordinaire.

i feel compelled to surround myself with things of beauty and sentiment.

this is a very large birdhouse. until recently it had 5 finches in it. and one canary. i love seashells! having been born and raised in florida i find i am drawn to them.
of course, being the garden soul that i am i have to have greenery!
botanicals are a must!
comfy seating for guests!

this is where i let things happen.

things in my imagination, from my garden, photos of people i love, and things in my life that mean the most to me!
all this and i have 6 windows that let the sun shine in and give me spectacular views of birds feeding & bathing.

also, i can keep an eye on my wildflowers and the hummingbirds!
it is a retreat, a haven, the place i love to sit, read, write and let my imagination play.
i love being in my sunroom and i have enjoyed sharing it with you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your sunroom haven with us. It's nice that you have such a nice view while you are blogging or just relaxing.

tina said...

And your enthusiasm shows too! Lovely haven. Now what happened to the birds in the large cage?

Susie said...

Girl, I just wanted to kick off my shoes and sit a spell! Thanks for showing off your sunroom. It looks so comfortable and welcoming.

Anonymous said...

Love your sun room & the view is great. Sounds like heaven. I would be out there all the time.

Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing your sunroom....I have had such a lovely time wandering and looking at your treasured bits and pieces........for me the sweetest is that beautiful dog with the big eyes......

flydragon said...

Thanks for the interesting tour. Isn't it a great feeling to love being where you are, as you evidently do!!

TC said...

You say you like purple, then surely you'd enjoy growing lavender (but you may already have it).

I enjoyed seeing the things you love. Some we have in common.

DP Nguyen said...

What a beautiful place you have there. I love all the antique-looking things that you have in your home. It is very inviting!

Roses and Lilacs said...

A lovely, comfortable place to relax and a good friend to keep you company.

That birdcage is wonderful. I would love to have diamond doves in a cage like that. I can imagine my cats with little wire cutters and pry bars;)

Anonymous said...

i feel i must ask - where is Maggie? she has given up her space for Bronte' Jane? i find this hard to believe, unless there is a sadder story here ... can you talk about it?

lovely room which i have had the pleasure of sharing with you on rare visits. nice to have a little haven of your own, and such a lovely view inside & out.

Meems said...

I want to sit there too! (that was my whiney voice) ... always lovely surroundings and a great view to the beautiful outside... a MUST in my world too.

marmee said...

thank you everyone for coming by and visiting with me in my sunroom! it has been my pleasure to share it with each of you. i only wish you could all come at some time physically and sit with me. we would talk about gardening and life with coffee in hand. i sorry i'm so late in saying hi but have had no sunroom time.
my birds, tina, are all dead. the canary passed after about 6months. then, one day i came home to find the finches all acting poorly. two were still alive and acting ok. i removed them to a different cage and put them in a different place. sadly, they died the next day. i have them buried in my garden under a very large cement angel. i have had birds for years and never had such a thing. it has made me a bit leary of replacing them.
i did plant lavender, tc, this year in my wildflower garden but i never saw any results. i will try again next year
don't concern yourself with maggs. she is alive and well(14yrs now). she has become a little more interested in time to herself. she can not hear as well and i find her staying in the same place for hours. she doesn't hear me moving around as much so she doesn't follow.
that's funny about your cat. ours, hopey, used to be less intrigued by the birds but is always careful to watch for our three dogs. especially the chief mischief maker.

Gail said...

Wonderful space and very inviting! I would get nothing done if I had my desk facing the garden, instead I go to the porch and sit and watch the birds.

tina said...

That is so sad Marmee!

TC said...


English lavender, the hardiest and most commonly grown variety here, requires full sun and sandy soil with above average alkalinity (have your soil tested if you are not sure about its pH level). This variety is very easy to grow.

marmee said...

well my laptop is portable so i take it outside too! but with the heat it's much better in the sunroom with fan going and a cool glass of something.

thx for the tip on the lavender! my soil is nothing like sandy.
and thx for coming by.

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Love your purple couch. I just finished reading ManicforMosaics blog and she did a huge post on the color purple. Have a happy holiday.

marmee said...

thx i can never get enough of purple.
glad you came to visit
come back anytime!

Unknown said...

I simply love the things that you surround yourself in--- every object is so beautiful! thanks for the view of your sun room.

marmee said...

thank you for having a look-see. i love sitting in there, it is a little bit of an unwritten rule, leave mom alone she is in the sunroom.