it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Friday, December 12, 2008

first snow

the boys jesse, 17 and ethan, 18 went out to play in the first snow.
they were showing their mama, me some love.
sweet boys!

oh the first snowfall of the winter
Was a day that we all waited for
When it drifted to and frost
Why you should've seen the snow
It was near seven feet or more
By the old barn door
Oh the first snowfall of the winter
What a joy for a boy to behold
In each house you'll find a sleigh
That was waiting for this day
And of course, down the road a hill
For each Jack and Jill
Every winter breeze that scurries
Sets the snowflakes up in flurries
It's the good old sentimental season
when Folks put runners on their surreys
And forget about their worries
When a man becomes a boy once again
Oh the first snowfall of the winter
Jingle bells bring us spells ever dear
Under wintry skies of gray
It was snowing all the day
And it showed no signs of stopping
Every kid with eyes of popping
Will soon be belly-whopping on his ear
On the first snowfall of the winter
Oh the first snowfall of the year
The first snow of the year
Is just about the best snow
Well I'll say any snow
Is a pretty good show
song by the carpenter's


Darla said...

How "cool" is that? I love seeing all of these photos of the snow. I have some in a box that you add water to, guess I'll have to bring that out. I adore that first photo. Didn't you love watching the boys in the snow?

Susie said...

I see you got the snow end of that front that moved thru. We only got the sleet but south of us they got the snow. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics with us.

Loved your "icy" heart.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Our timing is perfect. I did photos from our first snowfall with a poem today too. There is something about that first snow. It changes our familiar landscape into something you hardly recognize. It muffles sound and creates an eerie light at night. Magical.

That heart is so sweet!

joey said...

How lovely, Marmee. The first snow is magical ... heading north to the cabin where we have over 2 feet, hoping we can make it down our steep driveway!

marmee said...

yes very cool darla, the first photo is our outside table dressed with magnolias and berries in my hugh watering can, now covered in snow. the boys were actually playing in the dark but they had a blast, like little kids again.

marmee said...

susie, yucky that you only got the sleet. we are still covered in snow this morning but the sun is shining and it might warm up a bit.
the boys were having fun with my snow covered vehicle. they were writing me little sweet messages.
try to stay warm and have a beautiful day.

marmee said...

marnie, i will go see your snow soon, there is something about the first snow. plus here in tennessee we don't always get a really nice snow that lays on the ground and covers everything. it is magical.

marmee said...

have fun in your 2 feet of snow, it's just inches here but a nice coverage. be safe on that driveway, we are pretty much staying home this morning due to ice on the roads. going to the cabin sounds wonderful.
i have been meaning to ask you about your book. when is it to be published, i would very much like to read it and maybe get a signed copy, since i know the author, hehe.

tina said...

It is so fun! We got none here and I am amazed how much you all got. Enjoy as it will not last long.

marmee said...

i know it won't last long, so we have to take it all in for the short time we will have it. maybe you will get some snow soon.
have a wonderful wintery day.

Thanks For 2 Day said...

Hi Marmee,
Oooo, I want some! We are still in 'bland' mode here in northern VA. and I am so hoping for a nice snowfall for Christmas! My son (almost 12) wants to go sledding!
I enjoy the photos you post, all the birds and of course the Christmas decor. Have a great day;) Jan/ThanksFor2Day

gigi said...

these are such 'cool' photos! (pun intended) it looks like you dusted everything with powdered sugar! so serene and peaceful - like still paintings! as i look out my window at the sun shining and the breeze blowing through the palm trees, it is hard to imagine everything blanketed with snow. we are experiencing a 'cold front' with temps in the mid-fifties ;-) may even have to turn on the heat tonight - brrr!
the poem was so fitting to your post too. gives one a flight of fancy to another dimension! very nice! and of course, the heart on the window sends lots of love to everyone who reads this blog. thanks grandboys! love you too!

marmee said...

i am glad you found your way to "things i love". snow is definitely one of the things i really love. we don't get it here often but it was a nice one this time. maybe you'll see some before long. thanks for enjoying the photos and the rest, you are welcome here.

marmee said...

yes our first wonderfully white wintery day was fun and the kids got out of school too. it is beautiful when the snow comes and lays on everything.
we did wrapping and decorating and they played out in the snow of course.
abbey has her first performance tonight at the grand gala of nutcracker and dh took her. so i am home wrapping some more.
i hope you are enjoying your balmy christmas season.
the boys were so cute being so sweet.

Rose said...

The first snow of the year is magical, isn't it? It creates such a quiet and serene landscape. I've been in Arizona for the past week, where there is no snow, but it seems so many other parts of southern U.S. have gotten snow early this year.

marmee said...

it is a beautiful sight when snow covers the land. we still have patches a few days later. it has been really cold for this time of the year. have a safe trip home.

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

It is amazing how far south the snow had already visited. I hope it doesn't mean a very long winter for you. No matter, you can make a visit down here and warm your heart right up.

Love the captures of your "first snow."

marmee said...

yes meems i have been checking on flight times for my winter visit. just waiting to find the right one at the right price. it was fun having a first snow so early, the kids really enjoyed it. they took some of the pictures for me. they are so sweet to help me. it's 57 today so much warmer but overcast and windy.