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it's that time of year

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Monday, December 1, 2008

winter whimsy

winter is high stepping in tennesse today.
we are having snow flurries on and off.

i will embrace winter this year.

leaves gone...check.

welcome sign out...check.

potting shed window dressed...check.

apple orchard ladder changed for the new season...check.

wreath with holly, nandina, magnolia, cypress ready...check.

soldiers at attention...check.

santa at backdoor(with presents of course)...double check.

birds shining brightly...check.

well things are getting in order to welcome winter with it's whimsy...
still i have a whole lot more on my list.
but at least with my welcome mat...ur...i mean...welcome flag out...
all is not lost for inviting winter.

i will embrace winter with all it's beauty and whimsy.
thanks meems!


Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee.....

Love this post....check

You always manage to make me feel happy.....check

Love your whimsy....check and double check.....

Darla said...

Double check box D! You are way ahead of me. Very pretty so far, can't wait to see more.

tina said...

Checking his list...twice-you are well on your way Marmee!

lola said...

Great post. Love the pics & the music. All is ready.

Susie said...

You've done great with your decorating Marmee. I really don't do much decorating outside at all. Shame on me I know.

I do however, share your love of Enya. Her music is so relaxing and wonderful!

Anonymous said...

What a whimsical post today Marmee. :) Are you checking your list, checking it twice?

Wendy said...

Love your decorating, especially the golden birds. The wreaths are so pretty and colourful. A great start to the winter!!

Thanks For 2 Day said...

Hi Marmee,
You have reminded me that I'm slightly behind schedule here! I like your start to winter. It's a clever post too! Jan

marmee said...

my friend cheryl,
thank you very much, it always means alot to me that you love what i do. my sis meems suggested that winter does hold whimsy and it hit me it can.

marmee said...

just getting started, it takes forever. but i love it or else i wouldn't do it.

marmee said...

thank you tina, it is a great time to decorate and i sometimes go overboard.

marmee said...

lola, thank you so delighted you love the changes! it is fun to get ready for christmas!

marmee said...

susie, you have to decorate outside you are a gardener. it is fun to use the things you already have in your yard.
plus i have 6 children and now 4 grands, too. they love it all.
my inspiration for enya was a new christmas cd, dh brought home for me today from her, and winter came.
i couldn't find the music online though so i just did some of her older stuff. i listen to her every night as i drift off to sleep. zzzzz!

marmee said...

so glad you came by my sis, meems said i should consider winter having beauty and whimsy. so that is what i am trying to do. i struggle with the darkness of the days of winter but gail had a post today saying that it brings us that much closer to spring, which i do love.

marmee said...

one must convinced onesself that it will be okay in winter. shhh! don't tell anyone i said that. but i am determined to be alright even in the winter months. i am glad you liked the wreaths, i made a few for some friends, too. it was cold and damp while gathering the branches but i still enjoyed it especially since they loved them so much and i will get to see them when i come over their houses.

marmee said...

jan, so glad you came by to "things i love". it takes me a long time so i try to get started right after thanksgiving, but no rush. it is in the doing that is such pleasure.

Dani said...

Everything looks beautiful and ready for winter.

marmee said...

thanks i am feeling more ready for sure.

Meadowview Thymes said...

What a pretty banner! You always have such pretty pictures--I really enjoy them.
Snow flurries? How perfect for this time of year!

Gail said...

Everything looks ready for the holiday and delightful for all of us! Have a great day Marmee!


Meems @HoeandShovel said...

Marmee, Where is the comment I posted two days ago on here? Very wierd. Came over to see if anything was new and I can't find my comment. Sooooo... let's see... it was a long one. I'll just have to post what I'm thinking this morning.

So many pretty things. I adore your almost life-size soldiers which I do remember from the other house in Brentwood. The switcheroo on the ladder is perfect, too. The wreath on the potting shed is nicely placed. You will enjoy seeing it all season as you come an go through the back drive and doorway.

You've got a good start on welcoming winter and I'm confident you will find all the winter whimsy as the season unfolds to make your heart content.

I'm just getting started down here- none too eagerly although it is cool enough to put one in the mood. It's just that I'd rather be digging. Oh, the dilemmas of a gardener.
Love you... loved this post.

gigi said...

i've been wanting to comment but find i too am busy trying to bring in the holiday spirit to my inside/outside surroundings! i have my tree decorated, yeah!! and dh is coming home early today to finish the outside decorating! even trying to keep it 'real simple', it is a task! every year i try to simplify more & more - i have a lot to get rid of (old stuff)! i am inspired to blog, but your creative blog blows my mind and tells me i am not a blogger!! love this post, the music background, and the pics. almost like a visit to your home, thanks for sharing with us. and happy winter!

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I too will celebrate winter. It can be a very lovely season. Your decorating is very pretty.
The wreaths are fantastic.
Looking forward to cocoa and hot spiced cider!

Blossom said...

Looks like you are well on your way to welcoming winter! All of these photos were so lovely...and lucky girl to have a potting shed with it's very own wreath!


marmee said...

it was a nice way to ring in december, today my dh said he had bits of hail coming down on him as he was out and about. quite chilly, @ 33 degrees.
i am glad you like my header,thank you. i bought that wreath from my garden center and added nandina berries and a ribbon. it is hung just outside my backdoor where we come and go everyday.
happy winter days to you!!

marmee said...

oh gail, if things were this easy i would be well on my way. but there is much to do still. it was hailing here earlier today so it is very cold and damp. i still need to do alot inside but that will come. between thanksgiving and christmas was shorter this year and i am feeling the difference.
happy winter day to you.

marmee said...

meems, it happens to the best of us, that comment disappearing act.
i love my soldiers too. they keep watch for me so well and all the children love them. they tower over them and they think they are grand. i got those the first year here in tn at a place called temptations. which it is full of, so i've been staying away. lol
i love live wreaths so they are a must and delight me upon arriving and leaving. i think my potting shed desires alittle highlight and i see it from my haven in the sunroom everymorning. it cheers me.
it is very cold here today and damp. the kind of weather that makes you want to stay in and get cozy.
we were actually planning our christmas tree cutting exertion today but when dh saw hail he decided that would not be pleasant, picking a tree in freezing conditions.
our weekends are packed full with nutcracker and alot of week night practises too. sie la vive!
so the tree will have to wait.
i am not so inclined toward the garden in this season of cold. but i think, plan and read about it, instead. have fun decorating!

marmee said...

gigi, you know i am only a short plane trip away, fly fly fly away to my home. hehe! i only wish it were that easy.
thanks for loving my stuff on here. it has been so much fun being creative on here, sharing with others, and keeping family up to date on the goings on around here.
i am glad you got your tree up we haven't yet. we were supposed to go today to a tree farm and cut ours down but it is freezing cold and we had hail earlier today. between homeschooling and nutcracker practises and soon performances it has been quite the buzzing household, not to mention all the normal stuff, cooking cleaning, shopping for gifts, etc...
i hope you are enjoying all that comes with the christmas season, it seems like time speeds up right about now.
i agree with trying to simplify. either i'm getting older or something, coz nothing seems simply, lol!
last year i had a garage sell and had a whole hugh christmas section and i still have to much. plus i can't remember where anything is, between the house in brentwood, storage, the attic and the garage. i am hopeless looking for certain things that are alluding me.
where is that manager scene thingy anyway?!

marmee said...

dear sherry,
i am delighted that you love my decorating, it is another passion of mine besides nature, the garden, the creatures...i love it all. i read awhile ago about how you stav off the winter blues with a spa trip, right? i had a massage right before thanksgiving and one planned just before christmas. my mom had given me one for my bday and i love this new girl at an aveda spa. they use all natural ingredients. it has helped and i look forward to it. plus i am planning a trip to fl in the beginning of the year sometime, with sun and relaxation in mind.

marmee said...

i truly am a blessed woman/girl. i love my potting shed and therefore think it deserves alittle christmas attention. thanks for coming and enjoying my photos, i love sharing them. happy winter season!

Rose said...

Marmee, Winter should feel very welcome at your home with all these lovely signs to point the way. I enjoyed your earlier post about the magic of fall so much, too! Each season does have its own beauty if we just look around us.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
I do go Spaing! You will enjoy Florida. Will you stay with your sis?
I am going to the day spa today for a pre-holiday spruce up. My esthetician started me on a different product line, Eminence. Oh my goodness it is heaven sent. They do have a web site if you have a minute to look at their line. The Stone Crop body lotion is divine! I did not know stone crop was sedium. (I just might have to make some of this lotion myself next year.) All the products are made with organic ingredients too.
I do not mind winter anymore. I put on my silk long underwear and am comfortable.
Enjoy these busy times.

marmee said...

rose, you are kind to say these things and i am looking with new eyes at winter this year. have a wonderful winter day.

marmee said...

i definitely think you have a handle on these winter days with going to the spa. i used to reserve that only for when i took a trip somewhere but i realized that was silly. besides this year had less traveling and more home stuff.
when i go to florida i will stay with my sis, meems and probably my daughter esther who lives in ocala.
i will take a look at your stone crop lotion. it sounds interesting. hope you enjoy your day at spa. it is so rejuvenating to spend a little time on ones self. i did learn thru dh tragic burns to take time to nurture myself and be healthy for those who need me. it is essential!
have a blessed and happy winter day!