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it's that time of year

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dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Friday, December 19, 2008

my son and i

beautiful blue skies over dash home farm.

recently my son jesse and i were on our charming drive home.
when we saw the most beautiful hawk.
so we rushed into the driveway...ran in...grabbed
our cameras and headed back down the road...
...the hawk had flown.

however there are some other interests that caught our eyes.
these are some of the other wonderful creatures our road.
this heavy coated beauty lives two doors down.

this unlikey duo lives on a farm at the bend in our road.

isn't this the sweetest eyed donkey?
jesse was playing with the effects on this one.
here is one of our own creatures bronte jane, one of our chessies.

jess and i playing with different settings on the camera, having fun with jade.
she is a sweet kitten.

as night falls we appreciate the day we had together.

and look up to see we are being watched...

it has been a good day!


Susie said...

Looks like you guys did have a nice day together. Don't you just hate it when you see the perfect picture and you don't have the camera? We enjoy seeing the hawks too. They are such beautiful birds.

marmee said...

susie, we had fun together and the day was beautiful!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I see the hawk who lives on my lane just off the county road. Sometimes he's so close I can see every feather...and I never have the camera. Enjoyed your photos.

marmee said...

you have to take the camera everywhere. i used too and need to start again. hawks are need to try to capture your friend on your lane.

tina said...

Great for the good day Marmee.

Wendy said...

Nice to spend quality time with family. Loved your pics too, especially the little pony.

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee......
I so understand the frustration at missing the happens to me all the time......

I love donkeys....such sad creatures.......beasts of burden.......I used to feed the donkeys when I was a child, I always felt sorry for them. Yes your donkey does have beautiful eyes.

I love your dog and that is such a fantastic image........

You had fun with the camera.....I had fun looking at what you had captured.......

Always a pleasure to visit.....

marmee said...

thanks tina, we did have a great day.

marmee said...

i know wendy is that pony so cute. it makes me want one of course. one day we do plan to fence in part of our property and have horses. my dh wants percherons, big draft horses.
it will be fun!

marmee said...

i am determined to carry my camera with me on that road home. there is always some type of wildlife. i drive very carefully making sure not to be in there way.
life gets busy and i forget to bring the camera.
the donkeys we have as neighbors look like they might live the life of riley. they live on over 200 acres and seem to just eat and enjoy their life. i am glad for them.
we were having fun with camera, jess is still learning and seems to enjoy taking photos. i actuall like the one he got of me and jade. i like things a little unusal. it gives it a dreamy quality. i am not a fan of having my photo taken.
thanks for taking the time to come by in this busy season...merry christmas.

Sandy said...

What lovely photos!

I am so delighted you stopped by my spot and liked it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How wonderful Marmee to have a great day with your son... Love your pictures!!! We supposedly have hawks in our neck-of-the-woods--but luckily I've never seen one at our feeders. They are beautiful --as are all of God's critters!!!

david mcmahon said...

Those are objects I'd love to photograph, on a road I can understand would be very easy to cherish.

Miss Sandy said...


You are one of the winners in my Gingerbread Man Give Away! Email me your address and I will get your package in the mail! My email link is on the upper right sidebar of my blog! Congrats!

marmee said...

thanks went again and saw quick kids, very funny.

marmee said...

our hawks have plenty of fields to find mice and other things to hunt. i would like to capture an image of one though.

marmee said...

thanks for coming by "things i love". we have a very wonderful drive to our home and it is full of wildlife.

marmee said...

miss sandy,

thanks for allowing me to be a part of your give away. it will be fun to get a package in the mail that isn't a bill. thanks

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

Wonderful critters all and so fun to share the day and the camera fun with jesse. These are the things to treasure in our hearts!

Frances said...

Hi Marmee, what fabulous creatures are in your world! The donkey is precious, we love donkeys and my grown daughter Semi squeals with delight when she sees one! She would love this one too, the coloring is beautiful. Your little mouse is a treasure too! :-)

marmee said...

meems, thank you i do so love being in the country for the critters. i think i might be getting a pygmy goat soon, shhhhh! don't tell. estee's farm has one that was just born and needs a home. it is adorable. at least i could have an area of grass i wouldn't have to cut, lol.
what about your bunnies(you were thinking of) good for the compost, the grands would certainly love them too. your weather is conducive to outdoor bunnies. hey and i have empty cages, just a thought.
jess and i had a lot of fun that day. i love that he shares an interest in photographing.

marmee said...

i know how semi feels. i secretly do a lot of squeeling inside when i see most any farm animal. if you read my comment back to meems you would see that i am thinking of getting a pygmy goat. they are precious and i want to start with a smallish farm animal after all i am living on a farm.
my mouse is the cutest and i am happy to have that kind of mouse anytime in my house.
have yourself a merry christmas!

Anne said...

What a delightful day! It looks like beautiful country. I'd love to have ponies, cows and donkeys live down the road from me (actually, there are horses on a hill right off one of our main streets, but not close enough to visit and pat.)

Sue said...

Hi Marmee,
I have gotten behind in my blog reading. I'm glad you commented on my fire hydrant post, so I would be reminded to catch up in time to see the results of you and your son having fun with the camera and each other. I can't decide which pic I like best, but it may the close up of the donkey.

I like your other pics, including the ballerina ones. It sounds like you've been keeping busy!

Btw, I took my camera along today when we went out and about, and after we ate lunch in the mall's food court, I told my husband I wanted to take a picture of the carousel, He asked me with what? You should have seen me turn around and run as fast as I could, passing a security guy to grab my bag from under the table we had eaten at! I greeted the nice man sitting at the table, as he must not have seen my bag. It's probably good he had sat down at the table, so no one would notice a ditzy woman had left her bag there with her new camera in it.

Merry Christmas!

marmee said...

anne, i love seeing the wildlife on our long winding country road.
hope you have a very merry christmas.

marmee said...

that is funny about your camera but glad you didn't lose it so soon.
hope you have a very merry christmas.

Sarah Laurence said...

Lovely photos and what a fun cat. It's like having a real menagerie for Christmas with all of these animals. Happy Holidays!