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it's that time of year

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

nutcracker baby mice

here's our princess getting ready to go to her
performance for the nashville nutcracker ballet.
this is her backstage waiting "patiently" to get dressed
they have people to help them get in costume.
there are not supposed to be pictures of her
in her costume but i found these in her ballet bag,
probably taken by a backstage mom chaperone.

she is getting her head piece on which "the princess and the pea"
contends is very itchy.
this is after her performance that her dad and i watched.
she was adorable and did a great job being a baby mice.
it is traditional to get your dancer flowers on the night of performance
when you are there to watch them. so a dozen red roses tied up with pink it is.
she also picked a baby lamb from the boutique.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

She looks so pretty. You must be so proud of her.

marmee said...

yes thank you hh gardener,
you are welcome here at "things i love". she is a doll and enjoying it so much.

Susie said...

Marmee I bet you looked just like that when you were her age didn't you? The Nutcracker is such a great ballet. I bet she did a wonderful job!

tina said...

Ahhhh, too cute and sweet. A good bonus to find some pictures in her bag too.

Darla said...

That little face looks more like an angel to me!

Rissalee said...

Congratulations to the cutest baby mouse I've ever seen!!! And that dance form!!! Impressive!! Wish I could have seen her. Lovely flowers too; I'm sure she deserved them!!

Gail said...


She is lovely and the first photo clearly show her perfect ballet pose! I could tell right away that she was a dancer! How proud you both must feel!


marmee said...

susie, she and i do have some similarities especially in expressions but she is her daddy's girl all the way they look alot alike with their round faces and freckles.
nashville reprised the nutcracker this year and added a lot of historical elements from tennessee. all the scenery and costumes, it was quite nice.
abbey did do a wonderful and we were and are so proud. it takes alot of practising and sticking with it.

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

Marmee, An absolutley adorable baby mouse.That little mouse so loves to perform I'm sure she was in her glory on that full scale stage. What an experience for her... and congrats to her for sticking with that grueling practice schedule (and you, too).

Love that ballet pose in her cute knit dress. :-)

Cheryl said...

Dear Marmee.....such a pretty must have been wonderful to watch her.....

Dad looks proud and what a lovely idea to give the roses......

Michelle said...

Aaw! You must be so proud, she looks beautiful. I am loving the wreath header, it looks lush. I just wanted to pop by and say that I hope you all have a wonderful and peaceful christmas with your loved ones,
Winter wishes,

marmee said...

thanks tina, yes i was pleased to get the photos. i tried scanning them into computer but could not get them any bigger, the quality wasn't great but i wanted the great grands to see her in costume.

marmee said...

she was an angel last year. somehow the little mischvieous mouse is far more fitting this year! lol

marmee said...

sorry about the name the other day i just didn't pay attention.
thank you she is just precious in her costume. she has good form, her teacher loves her. she knows the flowers come so when i said we have something for you, she said where are the roses. she is a character!

marmee said...

we indeed are proud of our littlest princess and her perseverance in dancing since she was four years old. she is now seeing a little glimpse into what rewards she might be in for if she keeps it up. thank you for your kind words.

marmee said...

thanks she is soooo cute on stage, her part was expanded this year so she makes several entrances and the audience loves it. there were many very cute childrens roles but i really like her in the ears and kilt.
if it weren't for dh help i wouldn't be able to do it. he is with her tonight at performance chaperoning and i am at home blogging, er i mean cooking a meal for when they get home.
she is loving her little knit top and i do too. i have washed it but let it dry flat. are you enjoying yours>?

marmee said...

thank you. i am sure i was beaming in my seat. it feels great to watch the one you love accomplish something they love.
dad was very proud and a great support to always help with her practises and chaperoning. it helps she is youngest and there is a nine year spand between her and the next youngest.

marmee said...

thanks mich,
i am so glad you popped over. she was precious and we loved watching her so.
i bought that wreath from our local garden center and added nandina berries and the ribbon. i have had it since thanksgiving and it still looks great welcoming us in our backdoor.
have a happy and blessed merry christmas with poppi and riley!

reiner girl said...

she is the sweetest! I so wish i could have seen her! I am so proud of her! I love you. Tell Abs I bet she was marvelous with a capital M!

joey said...

She's beautiful, Marmee ... how precious! What could be lovelier ... a perfect evening.

SweetAnnee said...

She looks happy with her performance and she is SOOOO cute.

I know how much fun it is to watch your babes..
I miss it. but I have grandsons so I can watch sports!!

smiles..and Merry Christmas

Roses and Lilacs said...

What a darling. I've never seen a prettier mouse;)

marmee said...

thanks reiner girl,
i will tell her what big sis said. she has a full schedule this weekend and then she is done. her and dad are going to watch it on friday eve. they have two children's cast so she will see the other one perform.

marmee said...

how right you are, it was a lovely perfect evening. we took her to dinner after with just us three, which is very rare. she ate up all the attention.

marmee said...

we do so enjoy our last little one, seems you have more time to take it all in. when the other 5 were smaller it all seemed so rushed and a little blurry. we also have 4 grands we get to go watch and love seeing at our home. life is good!
have a very merry christmas season and day.

marmee said...

thanks marnie,
of course we think so too!
up on stage it was hard to pick her out, lol! but afterward we asked her where she was in lineup and we knew which one she was.
merry christmas!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

From someone who raised three sons, I never got to enjoy a precious little girl in the Nutcracker. However, my hubby's daughter used to dance in it when she was little.

Great pictures. She's ADORABLE and I know you are proud.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Loved the photos, Marmee. She's as pretty as can be!

Q said...

She is darling! Nice to have a Christmas mouse in the house.
I remember when my daughter was in dance.
They do grow up too quickly!
Enjoy each minute.
Happy Holidays,

Rose said...

Your princess looks adorable, and certainly the cutest baby mouse I've seen!

marmee said...

i have three sons and three daughters. we(dh and i) have done it all. from ballet to hockey, soccer and volleyball etc...
it has been fun and such a full life so far. now we get to see the grands doing all their stuff too.
we are extremely proud of her and have loved helping her accomplish this thing she loves.

marmee said...

thank you, glad you enjoyed.

marmee said...

i like having that kind of "mouse in the house." hehe
they do grow up quickly. my oldest turned 30 on thanksgiving, it is hard to believe.
i am always reminding myself to slow down and enjoy the moments, to really breathe them in and take note.

marmee said...

thank you i love that she is working so hard at something she loves and now get some reward from it.