it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

holiday happiness day 9 ~ 12 days of christmas

as many of you know...i am joining my sister, meems @ hoe and shovel in posting from the garden or outside decor...the 12 days of christmas.

i love vintage...antique....things with a history.
so when it comes to decorating adding those type
things in the christmas decor just comes naturally.

antique apple orchard pickin' ladder adorned with greenery.

an old pair of snow shoes standing on a black antique chair
just inside the backdoor.

a wrought iron gate usually covered with
a vining plant now holds a live wreath from
last year...saved and dried naturally...for a very
rustic feeling it evokes

an old snow sled hung just outside our back door
made more beautiful with a live fraser fur wreath.
and just opposite that are some carefully place antique oars
leaning against an old ceiling tile with the best rusted green patina.

next to my newly planted violas a
completely rusted milk can with just a
portion of a piece of vintage fencing.

happy christmas dressed in vintage.


Susie said...

Nice decorations Marmee! I too like the way the dried out wreath looks. Can't believe you were able to save it.

marmee said...

thank you susie,
i hung it up in my potting shed all year...i like the way it turned out.
happy december.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Great Vintage Decorations, Marmee. I love the old sled and snow shoes... The dried wreath is amazing also.

Thanks for sharing.

Meems said...

So you, Marmee, with all the vintage placed in just the right spots. You inspire me! Your big ole farm house is the perfect backdrop to pull it off beautifully.

What a fabulous idea to save the wreath.

Happy Christmas days!