it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Thursday, December 31, 2009

a silence

Well, All hope seems lost
On this bleak Winter's day
No leaves on the trees
And the sky pasty grey

The birds are all huddled
Somewhere far away
Oh! Where is the sun
On this cold Winter's day

But something is stirring
I see two
My heart starts to quicken
And i don't feel as blue

By Hundreds then Thousands
They come to my door
Their knock, it is silent
Yet, i cannot ignore...

Their call, So I bundle
Then step into the yard
My mood it is changing
It wasn't that hard

The first snow of Winter
Has brightened my day
Mr. Sun, just stay hidden
So i can go play

I'll make me an angel
Or a snowman named Matt
Back inside for a moment
To get him a hat

My tongue it lies waiting
To taste winters fare
My heart is unburdened
I've nary a care

The birds come to visit
There's plenty of seed
The song they are singing
Is just what I need

The night brings a silence
The moon casts it's glow
For Winter's much better
When frosted with snow

~david green~

happy new year's eve.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Marmee, You have a very creative hubby... What a gorgeous poem... And your pictures add so much also. THANKS for such beauty!!!!

Happy New Year!

mothernaturesgarden said...

Love the poem and your lovely photos.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

This is a lovely post! Happy New Year!

Darla said...

Just beautiful!!

teresaq said...

Great Poem and sentiments. There is nothing like a snow covered day when all is white and new. Happy New year!

marmee said...


i do have a very creative hubby...he has been writing songs and poems all of our married life.
we make a pretty good team...don't you think.
thank you.
happy january.

marmee said...

mn garden,
thank you...glad you enjoyed.
happy january.

marmee said...

robin's np,

happy new year to you. thank you.

marmee said...

wishing you and your lovely family a happy and properous new year.
happy january.

marmee said...

still waiting on our first snow...we have flurries a few times but nothing yet.
happy january.

Gail said...

Fantastic post! I loved the photos and the poetry! Happiest of New years to you and your wonderful family. gail

marmee said...

thank you dear gail,

it was actually a lot of fun combining our efforts to make a post.
happy january.

Rose said...

Lovely, Marmee! Beautiful images and Hubby's poem fits them just perfectly.

Wishing you all the best in 2010!

fairegarden said...

Hi Marmee, I am so glad I scrolled down to catch up with you! The poem by your darling is just the best ever! You have illustrated it perfectly as well. It expresses the season and the way we feel about it here in Tennessee.
Best wishes for 2010 to you and yours. Do stay warm for these next few shivery days. Maybe we will get that cheering snowfall described so well in the poem. :-)