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it's that time of year

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Monday, January 5, 2009


we all went to the ice show together.

it is so cold in there you have to mentally prepare yourself.

cold like a meat locker.

the sun was shining outside, which made it easier to go in

to the frozen tundra.

jess, ethan with elle on shoulders, canaan, gwyn and abbey

ethan and his beautiful girlfriend, canaan

ethan and jess acting silly

the ice sculptures are quite amazing.

we are now part of the who-nation.

me and dh weren't hugging we were trying to stay warm, lol.

abbbey seems undaunted by the freezing temps.

the nativity is very beautiful and big.
the whole room is clear ice and lights shining behind them.
on our way out to get hot cocoa.
we all had a fun time and now we will thaw out just a bit.


Susie said...

Oh my goodness that looks so cold but yet so beautiful! What a neat show! Is this a yearly tradition for your family? Looks like you had a great time. Great photos Marmee and I like your new blog look!

Anonymous said...

That really looks like fun despite the cold. I'll bet my ggs would have a blast.
I did notice the loving smiles on the 2 of you as you were hugging & not to keep warm. Tee Hee. I know.

Meems said...

Brrrr... bet you were glad they provide warm woolies for the visits. Is this a Christmas show or do they leave it up all year? the nativity was really beautiful.

gigi said...

i remember our visit a few years back when we got to see the ice show with you - brrrrr!!!! even with heavy duty coats and gloves, it was totally freezing!!!! especially the ice slide we braved to slide down!! but the designs and effects are totally awesome! looks like a good time was had by all! fun times should always be a part of the holidays! at least all that ice was inside a building and not outside!

tina said...

It is all so beautiful-and cold too by the looks of it! What a lovely family you have.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Looks like lots of fun. We have our annual snow sculpture here sometime in January. I have to remember to get photos.

Unknown said...

So much fun!!! Great looking clan you have there, LOVE the freckles dotted across Ethan's girlfriends face. I think you and hubby were using the excuse of being cold to hug!!LOL. Great post.

Rose said...

This is beautiful, Marmee! I think Skeeter or Tina attended the same ice show and showed some photos on their blog--I remember being amazed at the Grinch sculptures. This is the kind of ice I like--sculpted and in a display, not on my driveway:)

Loved your bluebird family!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Even if it was cold in there, those ice sculptures are fabulous. Glad you got to see them--and get some great pictures.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee.......that post makes my ice photos look beautiful.......but it does look soooooo cold, and to be truthful I am cold enough.....

I am so glad you had fun.......

Anonymous said...

Truly a beautiful place for Whos and all things cold. Your family is very attractive.

marmee said...

we have been before(my mom,gigi, who is in her 70's went down the ice slides) but it has been the same show for a few years. next year they are supposed to change it up. we did have fun and went to get ice cream after, which sounds funny after coming out of the cold.
it took me forever to decide on a background this time because i would like to leave it for a while. i'm glad you like it.

marmee said...

hello lola,
the kids really do like it. but my 4 year old grand got so cold her mother had to take her out.
it's true we are in love and hugging is a byproduct. lol

marmee said...

this is just up during christmas, meems. we went near the end of it. it takes a long time to create the sculptures. they are right next to where the radio city music hall rocketts have a show. which i have been to several times. the nativity is so hugh. the room is all black with clear sculptures with backlighting. very breath taking.

marmee said...

gigi, yes fun should be a part of the holidays. we did alot of staying home,which is better on the budget. we went so late because it was half the price and just as much fun. the kids remember you going down the slide with fond memories. we were very glad that it was not so cold outside too. it makes a difference when trying to psych yourself to go in there.

marmee said...

tina, thank you for your kind words about my family. they are my precious treasures.
it is so cold you really can't stand to stay too long. they let you come out and go back but no one wanted to.

Gail said...

Marmee, Your family outings always look like such a wonderful time....I can feel the love and enjoyment in each photo! What a delightful family life you and DH have created.

This activity looks like fun! I wish I had known about it to take our son and his gf when they were in town. It sure looks cold!

Thanks for the tour!


marmee said...

yes get some photos of the snow sculptures, i am intrigued by the mention of them.
we did have fun even if it was freezing.

marmee said...

darla, i must confess to being in love and wanting to hug.
ethan's girlfriend is delightful. she reminds me of his mother, me. she has a little sass in her and speaks her mind. i guess that is what ethan is used too. but she is a lovely girl.
thank you for your compliments on the fam, they are easy on the eyes and my treasures.

marmee said...

i am with you on the ice being in sculptures and not on the roads or driveways. the ice show is amazing and so creative.
we are in for it tonight maybe, it is just above freezing and raining non-stop. the kids head back to school tomrw, if it isn't icy or snowing.

marmee said...

it is so much fun to see all the sculptures and they are bigger than life. so it is way fun for the kids. the kids where more obliging than normal, maybe they thought i wouldn't let them out unless i was all done taking my photos of them. lol!

marmee said...

the weather here has taken a turn to freezing rain, yuck. i don't like the combination. ice on the roads is never good especially when you have teenagers driving.
we did have a blast and everyone seemed quite happy. doesn't always happen in our big group of people. try to stay warm by your fire with your lappuppy.

marmee said...

flower garden girl,
welcome to "things i love." i am glad you came around to see my blog.
my family is easy on the eyes thank you for kindly saying so.
we had fun joining the who-nation.

marmee said...

good morning gail,
are you loving all this rain and cold? me neither! sitting by the fire this morning watching a grandbaby today.
i am sure your family would've enjoyed the ice show. maybe next year. i think it starts right after thanksgiving and runs until the first week in jan.
hope you are having a good start to 2009. we are taking it slow around here. kids went back to school today. with that maybe some normal scheduling will happen.
my family did have fun at the ice show. we had to drive two cars loads out there.

Skeeter said...

You took some great pictures of your happy family! I was afraid that the camera would die in the freezing cold so did not take time to snap too many pics. Where are the slide pics? I did not take the camera out in that room as we were having so much fun sliding and watching others sliding...

marmee said...

i did take slide pics but all were not so great. it was hard to capture them coming down at the right time. i did get some but how could i post one and not the others. so i left them off all together. the camera was acting funny in the cold so i would stick it in my pockets to warm it for a few minutes. it was very crowded when we went, was it when you went? some of my family doesn't like crowds including me. but it was fun none the less.

Dani said...

That looks so neat...but very cold!

marmee said...

it was so cold, i am not a cold weather girl but if you are dressed properly it is passible for a short time. i have learned if my feet are warm then i can bare it alot better.

Skeeter said...

There was a bus load of Senior Citizens ahead of us and that was all. They moved through quickly and we never knew there was a bus load ahead of us. I reckon it was a bit too cold for them. Although, i did notice a lot of them on the slides! I just hope I am that spunky when their age! We dont care for crowds either. We usually vacation during the off season to avoid crowds. Lines are not our friend.... lol

Amy said...

You took great pics of ICE! I actually work there during it's duration. It is kept between 6-9 degrees in order for the characters to maintain their shape. Towards the end of the season, though, they begin to shrink and the slides run a lot slower. About 40 men form china come in in Sept. to begin ks for it to all be completed. Those same men stay in Nashville during ICE's duration for maintance. I am hoping for the Peanuts theme for next year...that was one of the options on the list. From what I could gather out of the patrons, it seemed to win out of the runners up! And yes, the cold does kill the batteries in cameras, so next time you go in, keep the cameras against your bodies when you are not using them.....and the best days to come are Mon and Tues. for the least amount of people and wait times. Glad you all had fun!!